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Chapter I

9:30 A.M. It is a beautiful day upon Fukuzawa Yumi's arrival in Narita Airport, Japan. The sun shines brightly, casting down warm rays on her as she descends down the stairs of her plane. The brunette heir wore blue tight jeans on her bottom, a simple white shirt with a red jacket on top and rubber shoes as footwear. Her hair tied in pig-tails.

It's strange she thought. She feels so at home even though she was raised in England. Probably because Mom and Dad are born in Japan before they settled down abroad she reasoned out to herself. She looks up to the sky and remembers the conversation she shared with her family yesterday.

Yumi and her mother, Fukuzawa Miki, was having a nice warm tea in their backyard. A comfortable and silent atmosphere surrounded the two Fukuzawa ladies. After moments of silence, Miki suddenly spoke.

"Yumi, your Father and I have decided that you shall pursue your education in Japan."

Yumi almost spit the tea she just sipped but was able to hold after years of training on how to be a proper lady. "May I ask the reason behind your decision, Mother?" she asks tentatively.

Miki smiled knowingly upon hearing the response of her daughter. She smirked as she answered "I am certain you are aware of our reasons.." When she heard no response from her daughter, she took it as a way for her to continue "But since you asked, the first reason is that we want you to experience a life wherein you won't worry about being the heir of the Fukuzawa Corporation. We want to see you happily smiling and not wearing a mask as you usually do here since you firmly believe that we 'need' you to be perfect at all times."

Yumi just sat there stunned of what she just heard.

Miki continued "And secondly, isn't Todou Shimako-san there in Japan? Don't you miss her, dear?"

Yumi shifted uncomfortably upon seeing the teasing gaze and mischievous smile that graced upon her mother's pretty face. She blushed and replied "Of course I do, Mother. But I don't see any connection on why Shimako is one of your reasons."

"Oh really now?"

"Yes." With that, Yumi took a bite of her cake.

"Oh my, Yumi. I didn't know you were such a cruel girlfriend…"

Yumi choked. "Mother! Shimako is not my girlfriend! Yet.." Yumi mumbled the last part.

Miki laughed at hearing the response of her daughter. "Really now, Yumi?"

"Mother, please. I mean, I do like her" Yumi paused, not knowing what to say next. And so, she took a deep breath, chose her words carefully then stated "and I do think she's really kind and exceptionally pretty." Yumi was not able to finish her sentence for her mother spoke.

"So why don't you just court her instead? Wouldn't that make things easier for you and Shimako? Besides, I do think Shimako likes you very much as well." Miki stated casually.

Yumi, on the other hand, sat there speechless. Her face showed complete shock. She was caught off-guard of the words she just heard from her mother. "But" she started to say "That's just unacceptable! I mean, we're both girls! Wouldn't that be.." Yumi was cut mid-sentence by her mother, again.

"A disgrace to the family name?" Miki stated as a matter of fact.

"Exactly! That is why I can't and won't court her. Simply because I don't want to hurt any of you especially Shimako!"

"My, my. You have grown, my child." A voice joins the conversation.

"Yeah. I never thought my sister would mature just by being in love." Another joins in.

The two ladies brought their attention to the two newcomers, Fukuzawa Yuuchiro and Fukuzawa Yuuki.

"Father? Yuuki? What are you guys-" Yumi was unable to finish her sentence for Yuuchiro cut her off.

"The meeting finished early, my dear. Now, may I ask why you can't and won't court Shimako-san?"

Yumi blushed furiously for she was well aware that her father and younger brother heard the conversation she just had with her mother about a certain blonde beauty.

"You see, Yuuchiro dear. Our daughter here thinks that she is forbidden to fall in love" Miki responded to the question of her husband.

"Mother, this love of mine is not normal!" Yumi interjected angrily.

"And why is that, my daughter?" Yuuchiro asked.

"It's because I'm madly in love with a woman! A woman , Father! Mother! That can't be right, right?" Yumi answered back but froze and her face turned as red as a tomato after realizing she just admitted to her family she does have feelings for a certain Japanese beauty.

"Is it that strange, sis?" Yuuki joined in the conversation, seeing it as a way to tease and see the cute faces that his sister makes. "It doesn't matter whether you are in love with the opposite gender or not. The important thing is that you are happy. Love isn't always perfect, right? You just said it yourself, you are madly in love with her so what's wrong of having a relationship with her? I'm sure our parents understand you completely. Right? Mother? Father?"

Miki and Yuuchiro nodded their heads as a way of agreeing to the point made by their son. The truth is, they don't mind who their children choose to live with in the future as long as they are happy.

Yumi could not believe her ears. Was she hallucinating? She pinched her right arm. It hurt so that just means everything was real. She could feel tears threatening to fall from her eyes. She was happy for she knew that her family accepted her feelings towards Shimako. Now all that's left is to tell the person of her dreams. She stood up from her chair and gave her family a warm, big hug. She told them how grateful she was for having such a caring family.

"Aren't you supposed to be packing by now? I mean, don't you want to see your beloved Shimako-san?" Yuuki said, breaking the touching moment.

"YUUKI!" The whole household burst out laughing seeing a very flushed Yumi after her brother's statement. Yumi went out of the room to pack for her things right after she gave her brother a playful smack on his shoulders.

Yumi left the next day smiling brightly determined to express to Shimako her feelings.

I just love my family. Thank you, Maria-sama. Yumi silently prayed to thank the Blessed Virgin for giving her a wonderful family. Yumi left the airport and proceeded to her house. She quickly unpacked her things and settled in. She took a bath and went shopping to commence her plan of surprising Shimako.

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