Ichigo grinned as the men shifted, watching Ichigo warily.

"Let Grimmjow go and you might see your boss again. Got it?" Ichigo growled, grinning cruelly.

They glanced at each other before one stepped forward slightly.

A shot echoed through the room and the men jumped in surprise.

The bullet hit the mattress next to Toshiro's leg, only centimetres from the frozen appendage. "I told you to let him go," Ichigo murmured. "Not to move."

Grimmjow stared at Ichigo. A crazy, violent Ichigo he had expected but he hadn't thought that Ichigo would be shooting. He had no idea that Ichigo even knew how to shoot.

"W-what the hell are you doing?" Toshiro screeched, struggling in Ichigo's arms. "Kill that man!"

The henchman paused for a moment before turning to level the gun at Grimmjow again but Ichigo made a sound in the back of his throat.

"Don't move, or the next bullet won't be through the mattress."

"He won't kill me," Toshiro cried. "Kill that bastard!" He glared back at Ichigo. "You're going to pay for this Ichigo and then you'll wish that you had of submitted to me when you had the chance."

Ichigo smirked, dragging the man to his feet as another shot sounded, the bullet embedding itself in the wall next to the henchmen's head. "Let him go, or I'll kill him."

The man watched him warily, glancing down at Grimmjow before he looked back to Ichigo. "It seems we're at a stalemate. Now what are we going to do?"

Gritting his teeth, Ichigo shifted Toshiro in his arm. "Let him go and I'll let him go."

There was no movement as they stared at each other and Ichigo chuckled, lowering his eyes as he laughed. Then his eyes whipped up and he tossed Toshiro aside, launching himself at one of the men holding down Grimmjow.

As he knocked one to the ground, his leg shot out and he pivoted on the spot, tripping up the next while following up with a punch to another's chin.

With only three holding down Grimmjow now, Grimmjow had a little more movement and he pushed himself up, head going into the face of one holding him down as he ripped off the tape.

"Take that you stupid fucker!" he cried joyously, making Ichigo chuckle as his foot flew over the tips of his hair, knocking back another of the men while Grimmjow rolled over, elbowing one in the groin.

One of the men tried to kick Ichigo, only to be blocked and punched in the stomach.

Another punched out, battered away by Grimmjow's arm.

Punches and kicks were exchanged, curses and cries shouted out as they fought.

At last, the men fell to the ground, panting and cursing.

There was silence as Grimmjow and Ichigo stood, glancing around, chests heaving in effort before their eyes found each other.

A grin broke out on Grimmjow's face and he laughed. "Fuck, I'm glad that's ove-"

Ichigo's elbow connected with his face, making Grimmjow double over, clutching his nose.

"What the fuck?"

Then Ichigo's long arms were around his neck, his face cradled into the crook of his neck as his knees went weak and he dragged Grimmjow down with him, sobbing into his blue locks.

"W-what? Ichigo?"

Ichigo's sobbing changed into breathy laughs as Grimmjow's face was moved, pulling him back so he could stare into his eyes.

"Grimmjow…" He kissed his forehead. "Grimmjow…" He kissed his cheek. "Grimmjow…" He kissed his lips before lowering his forehead against his. "You idiot. I thought… you shouldn't have gotten caught. How the hell did you let them get you?"

Grimmjow smirked, his own hands reaching up to cup Ichigo's face. "I could hardly help myself when they used bats."

Ichigo kissed him again. "You sure know how to worry me."

"Ichigo, I'm-I'm…" He laughed. "Fuck. I'm sorry about the whole thing with Rukia… I just di-"

There was a deafening shot before everything went silent, not unlike the moment when a door slams or something drops and everyone stares at each other to see who is was or to see who would do something about it.

Ichigo and Grimmjow gazed at each other before Ichigo gasped, hands clutching onto Grimmjow's shoulder as his head lowered, coughing, blood spluttering onto Grimmjow's shirt.

Grimmjow gaped, pulling him close as he swayed. "I-Ichigo!"

Toshiro laughed, staggering slightly on the spot as he held the fallen weapon. "If I can't have him, no one can."

"Fuck," Grimmjow cursed, clutching Ichigo to his chest as he gasped for breath.

Then another shot rang out. Grimmjow flinched, eyes closed as he waited for the inevitable shot, but it never came.

Instead he heard a strange moan and when he opened his eyes, he saw Toshiro, his mouth open in surprise as he held a hand over his chest, blood slipping through his cold fingers.

"What a mess."

Grimmjow glanced up in shock, blinking as he took in the sight of Nnoitra, his own gun levelled at the ivory haired man, one hand in his pocket.


Nnoitra laughed, haltering his gun. "Yeah, 'course it is. Why? You think I'm ghost. Anyway, fuck all that shit, get back to Ichigo. I already called the ambulance and police but you've got to keep an eye on him."

"Screw that shit," Ichigo snapped back as he shifted in Grimmjow's arms. "He only…" He groaned slightly, cursing his luck. "He only shot my arm… stupid idiot can't even shoot straight."

"Lucky for you," Nnoitra replied, stroking Ichigo's hair with the most surprising gentleness and affection. "You don't fuck around, do you Ichigo?"

"Just shut up already," Ichigo moaned, coughing as he straightened, smiling at the tall man.

"Oi, get your fuckin' hand off him already," Grimmjow cursed, shoving away Nnoitra's hand and hugging him close. "Find him a blanket."

Nnoitra laughed, grabbing a blanket from the bed and throwing it at the pair. "There're the paramedics," he said at the sound of sirens approaching. He grinned at the lovers as he sauntered down the stairs. "Now I'm off. I'll see you later, Grimm, Ichi… Have fun!"


Ichigo moaned as Grimmjow kissed him deeply, straddling the slightly smaller male's hips.

"Fuck, I'm so glad you're better now. Took you long enough."

Ichigo smirked as he bit down on Grimmjow's lip, hands on the broad shoulders as he shimmied further down the bed. "It was only a couple of weeks, surely you aren't that desperate."

Grimmjow growled as his hands travelled the expanse of the honey chest, rolling his hips into Ichigo. "Seems I'm not the only one…" One hand slid down the rolling muscles before hooking into the band of his tracksuit pants, pulling it down so his thrumming erection fell free.

Blushing, Ichigo shifted, hands moving to Grimmjow's chest. "Get on with it Grimmjow."

Grimmjow laughed, lips meeting his lover's shoulder while his hand grasped onto the rock hard member, stroking it and causing Ichigo to arch his back, a delightful little cry falling from his lips.

"This better?" Grimmjow teased.

Ichigo scowled, roughly grasping onto Grimmjow as well, tugging on him.

Grimmjow hissed and he kissed his boyfriend. "That's cheating."

Laughing, Ichigo sped up, the other hand trailing around behind Grimmjow's back, a single digit, slick with his own spit, pressing down into Grimmjow's entrance.

Grimmjow moaned, bucking forward into Ichigo's touch on his member. "Fuck I love you."

Ichigo's leg wrapped around Grimmjow's and he threw his head back as his finger thrust in and out. "Yeah, you should."

Growling, Grimmjow bit harshly into Ichigo's shoulder, thumb pressing in roughly to the sensitive slit of his erection. "Come on berry, don't make me force you..."

Ichigo gasped as Grimmjow quickened his pace, eyes fluttering closed in pleasure. "Grimm…"

He laughed, kissing Ichigo again while his other finger pinched an already raw nipple, enjoying Ichigo bucking underneath him. "Grimm…?"

His back arched painfully as Grimmjow delivered a sharp lick to his nipple, pushing him over the edge. Heat flooded his body and he released, his cum coating their naked chests.

Ichigo shuddered, head lowering to Grimmjow's shoulder, legs wrapping around Grimmjow's waist as his fingers quickened in time with his orgasm, the waves of pleasure tipping Grimmjow to his own climax and they lay, panting before they opened their eyes, staring into each other's eyes.

Smiling, Ichigo continued to move his finger inside of Grimmjow, making his shake and he laughed. "Feeling a little weak Grimm?"

Grimmjow chuckled, stroking Ichigo back into action. "Not at all."

"Ready yet?"

Judging by the way Grimmjow bucked into his hand, head bowed and his mouth open, gasping in ecstasy, Ichigo guessed it was a, 'yes.'

Grimmjow's eyes fluttered a little as Ichigo's hands navigated his hips, moving Grimmjow above him before slowly lowering him down.

Grimmjow's head fell back as Ichigo filled him and he pushed himself up quickly.

"Gr-Grimm," Ichigo moaned, pulling him back down roughly.

Grimmjow cursed as his prostate was hit head on, one hand stroking the length of Ichigo as the other held onto his shoulder for support.

Ichigo bucked, meeting Grimmjow's movements as they continued their hard and rough pace.

Moans and cries filled the air, the stirring sound of skin hitting skin fastening their desire. Ichigo's chest heaved, head falling back before he focused on Grimmjow's face, loving the hazy, lustful look that he took and he flipped him over in one movement.

"You're… you're amazing," Ichigo murmured, kissing him deeply as he continued to thrust into him.

"Ah," Grimmjow groaned out, nipping a nipple roughly.

Ichigo shuddered when Grimmjow met his movements, his gentle touch on his member teasing while his tongue rolled a hardened nub.

"I love you Grimm," Ichigo told him, moaning loud and long as Grimmjow licked the length of his neck.

Their pace became frantic, passion rolling like waves as hands tangled and fought, eager to be everywhere at once.

"Gah, Grimm," Ichigo whispered, breath hot and heady in Grimmjow's ear.

"Ah… Ichi," he muttered back, pleasure heightening when Ichigo struck a particularly hard blow, the bedhead slapping against the wall. "Fuck! Ichi!"

Ichigo plunged in again, his fingers rolling and tweaking Grimmjow's hard nipples, making Grimmjow curse aloud, back arching as he came along with Ichigo, both of them shuddering in each other's arms, kissing sloppily, hands hot on each the other's body.

The pleasure peaked, continuing as they began to slow before falling to the bed, laughing in satisfaction.

"Fuck am I glad you're better."

"Me too," Ichigo replied, kissing Grimmjow as he stroked a sweaty cheek. "I sure missed you."

Grimmjow smirked. "I knew you loved dirty stuff."

Ichigo's eyes narrowed and he smacked him lightly on the shoulder. "Screw you."

"I believe you just did."

Another kiss landed on Grimmjow's nose. "You're such a bastard."

Silence reigned as they just enjoyed each other's company. "I'm really sorry Ichigo," Grimmjow muttered, rubbing gently over the scar left from the gunshot wound. "I'm such an idiot. If I had of just believed you…"

"You did believe me," Ichigo told him sternly. "You were just jealous and that's natural. Though you were a bit of a jerk about it. Just forget it already though. It was my fault anyway."

"I can't believe you're going to his funeral."

"Why not?" Ichigo asked. "He was an asshole sure, but he used to be my friend. I'm not going to forget that."

Grimmjow kissed him, bringing his head to his chest. "At least Nnoitra isn't going to be charged with it."

Ichigo nodded against him. "Yeah, that's good. It's only because of him we're okay anyway."

"Not that I want to admit that," Grimmjow muttered. "Fuckin' bitch."

Ichigo laughed. "Rukia hasn't called again by the way."

"Why would she? When she answered last time, you told her Toshiro was back and the time before that, she heard us fuckin'. I wouldn't call back either."

"Well, I was just telling you so you don't get your panties in a twist."

Grimmjow laughed, holding a hand in his, thumb twisting the ring sitting on Ichigo's ring finger. "It suits you…"

Ichigo smiled serenely at it. "It should, I chose it after all."

"I quite like being married," Grimmjow told him with a chuckle.

"It's no different from going out," Ichigo retorted.

"Well, no, not really. I mean, we aren't even legally married. The only difference is the ring."

Ichigo kissed him deeply. "I have no idea why you decided to do this anyway."

Grimmjow smirked. "Why the fuck do you think? There's one thing that being married does and that's tell everyone who you belong to."

Ichigo growled. "Who belongs to you bastard?"

Laughing, Grimmjow rolled slightly to stare at the ceiling. "Now no-one bothers you 'cause they see the ring."

"Unless they like married men," Ichigo replied.

Grimmjow glared down at the innocent, brown eyed boy. "Who likes married men?"

He laughed. "No-one, just sayin'."

There was silence before Grimmjow growled, rolling on top of his lover. "You better watch yourself or I might just need to give you some instruction."

"Why? Afraid that I'll forget who I belong to?" Ichigo asked, biting on one finger coyly.

Grimmjow grinned predatorily. "You want me to remind you?"

"I might just like that," he replied, hands snaking around his neck into blue locks. "You better remind me well."


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