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Chapter One: What Malachy saw.

Lesley closed her eyes as she thought about the events of the last day or so. Jake had been shot, had collapsed in front of her. She shook her head, she was right to walk away. Jake Doyle was dangerous. Ask anyone, she thought to herself. Even Malachy was detemined to kill him. And what about poor Des? Handcuffed to a hospital bed with no shirt on? No. Jake Doyle was dangerous. He was the one that would break my heart.

"Lesley!" She snapped her eyes open as she heard a familiar voice call her name.


"You alright?" The older man looked at her. "You were with him when the idiot got shot."

"Yeah." Lesley smiled slightly. "Thank you. I'm fine."


"Thanks." Lesley made to move away from the older Doyle man.

"You know something?"

"What?" Lesley had a feeling she was not going to like what Jake's father was about to say.

"He's a complete idiot."

"I know that." She smiled slightly.

"But he loves the bones of you."

"Malachy." She looked away, not wanting to hear the rest of what he was going to say. It was obvious he had seen the attraction between her and his oldest son.

"Oh I know. He doesn't deserve you and yes, he is a pig-headed, know it all cocky little creep but he does care for you." Malachy watched as she sighed heavily.


"Well, I just came to find you to check you were ok." He stepped back and watched the younger woman blush furiously. "Oh and to thank you for looking after that idiot son of mine when he got himself shot."

"I didn't."

"Oh he told me. You looked after him when that guy shot him and then when he managed to get the wound infected. I swear to God he has no idea of the danger he puts himself in. And the worse thing is Des thinks he's some kind of hero."

"Des." Lesley smiled. "Is one of life's innocents."

"Maybe." Malachy shrugged his shoulders. "In that case my boy really is an idiot."

"Yeah." Lesley smiled.

"Not for caring about you though. That's one of the brighter things the boy has done. Look, I've said too much. Rose waiting for me. Apparently Des has got himself hooked up with a doctor so she wants me to meet her. Heaven preserve me."

"A doctor." Lesley smiled. "In your family a medical person could be useful."

Malachy nodded and smirked before heading back into the hospital, leaving Lesley to think about what he had said.


"I don't understand." Des looked from Rose to Jake and back again. "The bad guy got arrested."

"Yeah. All three of them." Jake tried his best not to lose his temper. It wasn't easy.

"And you got shot."

"I noticed that."

"Jake." His step mother raised an eyebrow in warning. Des was rarely if ever malicious but he could be infuriating without actually meaning to be.

"But you are going to be ok."

"Yes." Jake smiled slightly. "I am going to be ok."

"Well then, why the mood?"

"I am not in a mood. Da," He stated as his father walked in. "Da, will you tell him I am not in a mood."

"But you are, son."

"Oh thanks." Jake sighed heavily before resting his head back on the pillow in defeat. Malachy and Mary smiled slightly at each other. Both younger men argued like brothers and both older Doyles knew there was no malace in it at all.

"Well, son." Malachy smiled as the others filed out the room. "You behave for the nurses here. Stay in that bed."

"I am fine."

"Yeah." Malachy nodded. "If not for my sanity for Lesley's."

"What?" Jake's eyes met his fathers'. "You spoke to Lesley?"

"Yea son."

"Why? Why would you do that? Tell me? Why?"

"Because you are alive thanks to her quick thinking. Her putting pressure on the wound kept you from bleeding to death." Malachy spoke seriously. "And because, quite frankly son." He paused. "The way you two are around each other is driving the rest of us insane."

"What?" Jake couldn't quite believe what his father was saying.

"No problem, son. You're welcome." He backed away towards the door. "Oh and Jake?"


"You even think about discharging yourself from this hospital I will kill you. Is that clear?"

He was out the door before Jake could argue. He rested his head back on the pillow, tried to ignore the fact that his relationship with Lesley was over before it had even started and that his father was probably right.


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