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Finders Keepers?

"Whoa." Des shook his head as he listened to the other three talking. It was clear that the police had to be involved now and he really couldn't see why that was a bad thing. Jake and Malachy seemed to think otherwise.

"Dad?" Jake rested both hands on the roof of the car. "You know who did this? Who's got Rose?"

Malachy narrowed his eyes and looked away. He knew Lesley and the others were waiting for answers and he had to tell them.


"Well?" Lesley rested her hands on her hips as she appraised the older Doyle. "Who?"

"About ten years ago. When Rose and myself had just met I worked a case."

"You worked hundreds of cases." Jake interjected. Lesley shot him a look.

"I know son."


"This one was bad. Really bad. You would have been not much more than a boy. Twenty maybe Twenty One." Malachy sighed heavily. "A bank robber decided he was not going to take kindly to being arrested."

"This was here?" Lesley asked "In St John's."

"Yeah. It made me wish we had never moved here."

"I remember this." Jake turned to his father. "Rose almost left you."

"Yeah, well after this she'll wish she had." Malachy looked at Lesley. He seemed to be silently warning her about something. She just hoped it wasn't about getting involved with Jake. It seemed Malachy had attracted just as much trouble in his younger days as Jake did now.

"No she wont." Des smiled brightly. "Look, who is it? Who killed James and who has got Rose?" Jake smiled slightly, glad that his young friend was able to cut straight to the heart of the matter.

"I told you." Malachy turned to Des. ""Declan Finnegan."

"And he would be?" Lesley was beginning to loose her patience.

"He would be." Malachy stated calmly. "The last man I thought I would hear from again. I put him in prison ten years ago for ABH and aggravated burglary. He is supposed to be in prison as we speak."

"But instead you think he has kidnapped Rose and killed a man in that pub." Jake pointed to the pub doorway.

"I don't think so son. I know he has."


Rose opened her eyes as she felt the muscles in her back begin to spasm. She had no idea how long she had been laying on the cold concrete floor but she had a feeling it was long enough for Malachy and the others to know she was missing.

"Wakey wakey Rose."

"Morning." She swallowed as she looked at the thick set man clad in denim jeans and a lumber jack jacket.

"Well, late afternoon actually."

"Is it?" She narrowed her eyes as the man sat down opposite her.

"Look, none of this is to do with you. Please, don't be taking this personally." Declan smiled as he watched Rose glare at him.

"Not take this personally? How can I not take being hit over the head, stuck in the trunk of some car and thrown in here personally?"

"Well, when you put it like that." Declan smirked. "I mean, this is nothing to do with you. Not you personally, more the man you married."

"Malachy." Rose closed her eyes.

"Ay, that's him. Ex copper, didn't think he'd have mentioned me. I'm just another crim but he's got me all wrong."

"So? You are not just a murdering crook? You think I don't know what you did to the bar keeper? My step daughter was supposed to meet me there. What if she had been around?"

"She thinks you left a message to cancel. Kathleen was never in danger."

"What do you want?"

"Malachy and Jake Doyle to look at my case. To realise Mal got it wrong."

"From where I am looking from I don't think he got it wrong. You killed a man." Declan narrowed his eyes as she spoke.

"They'll find you." He snarled. "And I will be ready."


Police tape cordoned off the area around the pub as Lesley walked away from the other detectives that had swamped the area. She sighed as she realised Jake was on the verge of tears. There was no sign of Des or his father.

"Hey." She smiled. Jake looked up.


"You ok?"

"My step mother has been abducted by a mad man. I'm just peachy."

"Jake."She leant against the car and stared at her feet. "The medical examiner sys the body has been there for a few hours now. That there is no sign of anyone struggling. We know Lesley walked in there of her own accord. I saw her with my own eyes.

"Yeah." Jake nodded.

"I wish I had stopped her. Called her name or something."

"Lesley." He turned to face her. "It is not your fault."

"Jake." Lesley looked away. "Everytime. Everytime we even think of getting together something really bad happens."

"Such as? And I want examples."

"You get shot." She looked at his shoulder. "Rose gets taken."

"That is not our fault." He touhed her face as he spoke. Lesley sighed heavily.

"Why does it feel like it is?"

"I dunno." Jake held her gaze. "I just dunno."

"It's like some kinda sign. From the cosmos."

"Lesley." He brushed a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. "You don't believe that. Do you?"

"I dunno." She sighed. "I really don't know." They stared at each other for a moment before another detective yelled across the street. Lesley sighed heavily. "I'm coming!" She yelled at the dark haired woman. Jake closed his eyes and swore under his breath. He knew in that moment it was probably always going to be a case of being one ste out of time.


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