AN: Just a goofy little idea I got. I would say it's slash, but it isn't really, so... Well, you'll see. I don't own these characters.

How on Gallifrey was this even possible?

How many times had the Doctor tried –and succeeded- to keep his relationships strictly professional? How often had he made sure that there was no way that his actions and words could be misconstrued? He knew there was a risk, the great voyager off to see the universe. A little like those fantastic romantic tales of pirates and princesses, he supposed. But he never condoned that sort of behavior on or off his TARDIS, not now, not ever. And, yet, here he stood, his face inches away from a good friend, totally and completely confused. Not just any good friend, either. The Brigadier.

The Doctor wrinkled his nose a bit. The two had just saved Earth from certain destruction once again, along with another very dear friend, Sarah Jane Smith. A diminutive race of saber-toothed porpoises was ready to destroy the human population, and their only weakness seemed to be wood. Well, it was either the wood, or the fact that the wood was going straight through their intestinal systems. Whichever way it was, they were difficult to defeat. The trio was almost one bad spear toss away from losing the battle, but, sure enough, Sarah had astonishingly good aim. As the porpoises fled the planet on their giant ship of what looked like marshmallows, the whole of UNIT was entirely overjoyed.

That was when the Brigadier grabbed the Doctor by either side of his face and laid down an enormous kiss upon his lips.

The Doctor stood, wide-eyed, in a state of utter shock. Of all the reactions to have, this surely couldn't have been the most appropriate option. But, truth be told, the Doctor thought, it wasn't a bad kiss. The mustache would have to take some getting used to, to be sure, but he supposed it wouldn't be too difficult. He could live with it, he supposed.

As he opened his mouth to speak, however, the Brigadier let go of his face, reaching instead for Sarah's and giving her a kiss as well.

The Brigadier leapt away, going to give a congratulatory smooch to everyone in the vicinity.

Sarah laughed at the look on the Doctor's face. "Not disappointed, are we, Doctor?"

The Doctor smirked as he adjusted his hat. "Don't be silly." And, with a flip of his scarf over his shoulder, he gestured for Sarah to follow him back to the TARDIS, implying that they would do well to never speak of this again.