Chapter 1: Prologue

ZEREF: This is my newest fanfic, 'The Loli Invasion', a collaboration by myself and my friend, Heretik. Now, may Heretik do the disclaimer.

Heretik: This fanfic is not collaborated in any way with Good Smile Company, Bandai, Sony, Crypton, Kaki-

ZEREF: [Whacks Heretik on the head] What the hell! That's not how you do a disclaimer! You're about to give everyone massive spoilers, you third-rate lolicon!

Heretik: GAH! [Faints]

ZEREF: Retard. Fine, I'll do the disclaimer. I don't own anything that can be related to anything that exists in the real world. This is purely a work of fiction. Please don't take this too seriously. Most things that appear in this fanfic have no connection to anything in the real world.

2012. The fabled year of apocalypse, predicted and believed by many. Despite mankind's best efforts to prevent it, it came. Beginning in March 2012, Japan was suddenly met with a crisis. In the middle of the night, a giant, towering tower was erected in the middle of Tokyo. Then, they came. The lolis. No one knew who they were, or where they came from; but the people knew one thing: They were in deep shit. The lolis attacked. They ate anyone that wasn't an otaku. As for the otakus, several things happened to them. The female otakus were injected with a loli serum, turning them into lolis and overriding their brain with commands from their superiors. The male otakus were captured and turned into slaves for various purposes.

Now, I hear you ask, what happened to the Japanese armies? Well, they were completely decimated overnight. With the lolis' extremely huge arsenal of moe weaponry, the armies were killed by sheer moeness and violence. However, all was not lost. The stronger-willed male and female otakus (and non-otakus who weren't eaten yet) who were able to resist the moeness of the lolis started the Resistance. They fought back bravely. But still, their numbers decreased, day by day. Some were dragged away to be turned into slaves, more lolis or be eaten. Those that were deemed too dangerous were K.I.A. And those who couldn't take it anymore actually threw themselves at the lolis.

Sadly, by the end of March, only one-tenths of the Japanese Resistance remained. Despaired, they broke up, living in safe houses in groups of 3 or 4, occasionally doing acts of resistance and raiding places for food. But all in all, their primary motive had changed from 'Overthrowing the lolis' to 'Survival'. It was around that time when the Queen, who resided at the top of the tower (known as Loli Tower), made a news broadcast. At the same time all around the world, all televisions changed to show the same image. Black hair, black eyes and black clothes. Her name was Kuroyuri, and she was the Queen of lolis. She said-

"Now listen, you pitiful humans. I am Kuroyuri, the Queen of lolis. I have taken over the whole of Japan, and I shall take over the world! As a display of my power, I shall now destroy a country!"

Kuroyuri pulled out a cute pink button labeled 'Random Country Destroyer' and pressed it. Instantly, Sierra Leone blew up in a giant, pink, mushroom-cloud of moe smoke.

"Now, all of you shall become my loyal subjects or you shall be invaded!"

Kuroyuri contemplated this for a while, then gave a big smile and said-

"On second thoughts, I'll just invade you all and take over the world! It'll be more fun that way! Ja nee~"

And with that, the loli invasion began. You know the proverb, the bigger they are, the harder they fall? Well, the loli invasion proved that. The next to fall was the United States of America, followed by China, then England and Russia. One by one, the most powerful countries fell to the loli invasion. Then, when the important countries were completely invaded, they moved on to the smaller countries.

As the armies of the countries fell, numerous otaku and non-otaku Resistances sprung up all over the world, only to be crushed and trampled on by the lolis. It seemed like it was truly the end for humans. But humans are humans, after all. Some of them have miraculously strong wills. Now, Yamato and I present to you, our struggles throughout this dark time. This, is a story of bravery, friendship, love, moe, and random humor. This, is The Loli Invasion.