Tony DiNozzo was in a bad mood that morning. He hadn't been able to get some real sleep in almost a week now and on top of it all it was Monday today. It had been the crappiest weekend he'd had in a long time.

"You are late." Ziva hissed from where she was sitting behind her desk.

The Italian shot her a dirty look and threw his backpack on the floor, before sitting down heavily in his own chair.

"Well she's right, Tony. You're late, again. And Gibbs is only on his first cup of coffee today." McGee told him.

"Bite me!"

"DiNozzo!" Tony winced when he heard the bark of his boss. The man didn't sound pleased at all. "This is the third time in two weeks you've been late. You're late again you can bring a box to clear out your desk!" The silver haired man strode past him, throwing his empty cup into the trash and then took his gun and badge from his desk, signaling the others to gear up.

"Maybe I should just clear it out now." The younger man replied.

Everyone went still. Gibbs walked the few feet over to where his now standing agent was. "Care to repeat that, Special Agent DiNozzo?" He growled.

"No." Tony said. "But I'd like to rephrase that. I'll clear out my desk now, Special Agent Gibbs." He stared right back into the cold blue eyes of his boss.

Ziva couldn't listen to all this any longer. "Tony, you have been late and that is it. Can we move on now?"

The Italian's head snapped to her. "Mind your own business, David." Then he turned back to the older man. "I'm done." He said and then walked out of the bullpen and up the stairs.