Meredith was excited and nervous for Jaime to show up all at the same time. Excited she could explain: Jaime was one of her best friends, and they hadn t hung out in a while. The nerves were what confused her. Shaking her head, she pushed away the thoughts and ignored the butterflies in her stomach, sifting through her movies to find her Lord of the Rings box set. The unopened mint conditioned one was kept in her room.
She had everything set up; blankets, popcorn, sodas, and the movie was ready to play, when she heard Jaime knock.
Jaime quickly drove to Meredith s. She loved hanging out with her. Meredith was her best friend, and just being with her made her smile. When she pulled up in front of Meredith s she took one last look in the mirror to make sure she looked okay before getting out of the car and knocking on the door.
Meredith ran to the door, swinging it open and launching herself at Jaime. Jai, honey, hi! she squealed, her arms wrapped around Jaime s next. Releasing her, she grinned up at her. Hi! she said again.
"Hey!" Jaime said, hugging Meredith back. She looked over and saw the blankets sitting on the floor, so she ran and jumped on top of them, grabbing a handful of popcorn.
Meredith sat down next to Jaime, using the remote to start the movie. "I know I've probably seen it a hundred times, but this movie never gets old."
"Yeah, I love it," Jaime replied. She thought Lord of the Rings wat okay, but she always told Meredith she loved it because she knew it was her favorite movie. "So what's up?" she asked a couple minutes later.
"Great," Meredith said cheerfully. She knew Jaime wasn't the biggest Lord of the Rings fan, but that she lied to make Meredith happy, and that made her love Jaime even more. "Oh, you know, stuff," she told her. Why were her palms sweating? Something was not right.
"Are you okay?" Jaime asked, seeing Meredith's sweaty palms. Meredith seemed nervous, but she didn't know why. "Meredith," she said, trying to get her attention.
"I'm great," Meredith squeaked, smiling at Jaime. She closed her eyes a moment, trying to get a grip on her thoughts. "Let's just watch the movie, yeah?"
"Okay," Jaime replied. Something didn't seem right, but she didn't know what. They watched the rest of the movie in silence.
Meredith resisted the urge to facepalm, knowing it would make her look even more insane.
She couldn't focus on the movie, instead spent the hours thinking of why she felt so nervous around Jaime. It was Jaime, her friend, the girl she had done show after show with. Jaime was gorgeous, she could sing.
No, wait, bad Meredith. It sounds like...fuck it sounds like a crush.
The credits started to play, and she smiled awkwardly at Jaime. "Wasn't that great?"
"Yeah," Jaime replied, looking at Meredith. "So do you want to watch the next movie, or a different movie?" she asked. She knew it was late, and she should probably go home, but she didn't want to leave. She wanted to stay here with Meredith.
Meredith glanced over at the window, noticing how dark it had gotten. "Maybe you wanna spend the night?" she suggested nervously. "Then you can pick the next movie we watch."
Sure! Jaime replied, getting up and putting 27 Dresses in. I m cold, she said, getting under the covers and curling up close to Meredith, smiling.
Meredith grinned, moving closer to Jaime and resting her head on her shoulder as the opening credits for the movie started. She attempted to remain calm, but inside she was freaking out. Cannot. Handle. Close. Proximity.
When Meredith put her head on her shoulder, it made Jaime smile even more. She wanted to put her arm around her. No, she would think I m crazy, she thought. Jaime had been confused about how she felt about Meredith for a while now. I think I have a crush on her Meredith fidgeted with her hands under the blanket. She didn't know what to do with herself. She wanted to hold Jaime's hand, touch her leg, her arm, something. But she didn't want to upset her. "Er, hey...Jai..."
"Yeah?" Jaime siad quietly, looking at Meredith.
"Do you think, maybe, you'd wanna, like,'re pretty."
God she wa suck a loser.
"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Jaime asked, shocked. She couldn't believe it.
"Well, if you think I'm saying you're pretty, then yes. If you think I'm saying I think you're ugly, then no," Meredith babbled, blushing.
"Oh. I guess I thought you were saying something else...," Jaime replied, frowning a little, embarrassed. "And you're pretty too. I think you're beautiful."
Meredith blushed. "Well, I suppose the undertones of pretty was that I think we'd be compatible and maybe we could go out sometime or whatever and...shit. Hi."
Jaime just stared at Meredith for a minute. Then she put her arms around her and pulled her as close as she could. "Okay," she said quietly.
Meredith froze, not moving as Jaime wrapped her arms around her. "Okay," she repeated. "Okay? Okay as in okay? Okay as in yes? Okay as in you'll put up with my crazy?"
"Okay as in yes. Okay as in I want to be with you," Jaime replied, smiling. It was like a dream come true.
Meredith grinned widely as what Jaime was saying sunk in. She squealed, unable to help herself, and flung her arms around Jaime's neck.
Jaime was so happy that she did something crazy. She leaned forward and kissed Meredith softly on the lips, but then quickly pulled away. Oh my god what did I just do, she thought.
Meredith smiled into the kiss, though it quickly turned into a frown when Jaime pulled away. "No, wait, come back," she said softly, running her fingers through Jaime's hair and smiling shyly.
"Sorry it's just...I've never been with another girl before. It feels weird..different...but I like it. I like being with you," Jaime replied, kissing Meredith again.
"I get what you mean," Meredith admitted, before Jaime's lips met her own. This was all so surreal. The experience was new and strange and incredible all at the same time.
Jaime moved her hands down to Meredith's waist and pulled her closer. Everything felt so different, but at the same time she loved every moment of it.
"We sort of missed the movie," Meredith whispered, her arms still around Jaime's neck. "Shame. I've never seen the ending."
"It doesn't matter. I'd rather do this anyway," Jaime replied, smiling.
"I feel faint," Meredith said suddenly. "You're too perfect."
"I'm definitely not perfect. If anyone is, you are," Jaime replied. "So what do you wanna do now?" she whispered.
"Well, you're perfect for me," Meredith replied, blushing. "Anything," she said. "I just want to be with you."
Jaime blushed and kissed Meredith again, more passionately this time.
Meredith leaned into the kiss, loving every second of it.
They kept kissing for several minutes until Jaime pulled away. "Well I'm hungry. Do you wanna go get something to eat?" she asked, smiling at Meredith.
Flushed, Meredith nodded. "I could eat."
"Where do you wanna go? We can go where ever you want," Jaime said.
"Anywhere?" she asked. "Have you ever been to that 24 hour diner on 4th?"
"No," Jaime replied, getting up. "It can be like our first date," she said.
Mere grinned. She grabbed her keys and headed for the door. Once it was locked and she and Jaime started walking, she grabbed her girlfriend's hand. "That means you have to hold my hand. That's the rule."
"Of course!" Jaime replied, kissing Meredith on the cheek. She smiled as they walked together, holding hands. It was all just so perfect.
Meredith suddenly felt nervous. "You don't mind, right? Like, this," she gestured to their joined hands, "in public?"
"No. I like you, and I want to be with you. Why should I mind other people seeing that?" Jaime replied.
Meredith grinned widely. Yup. You re perfect. Come on, it s this way. Nervously, Meredith lead Jaime out of her building and onto the sidewalk. She squeezed her hand tightly as the joined the crowd.
Jaime smiled and followed Meredith through the crowd. Eventually they got inside and sat down at one of the booths. "This is great," she said, looking at Meredith.
"You're great." Mere blushed. "I mean, yeah, it is." A waitress came over and took their orders. "I'm really happy."
"Me too. I never thought you liked me too. I've had a crush on you for a while now, but honestly, I wasn't sure about how I felt until tonight," Jaime replied.
"I couldn't figure out what I was feeling," Meredith admitted. "But you helped, cuddling under the blankets with me. I'm glad you did that. I would've taken ages to make a move otherwise."
"I felt so awkward doing that," Jaime admitted, laughing a little. "I just wanted to put my arm around you and cuddle with you, but I was so scared you didn't like me the way I liked you, and that you would think I was crazy."
"Well I already know you're crazy, babe," Meredith said sweetly, grinning. "Well, it worked out didn't it?"
"Yeah. It did," Jaime replied, smiling. After they finished eating, they started wakling back to Meredith's, holding hands again.
"Wanna get ready for bed?" Mere asked when they got back to her apartment. "I'm a little tired."
"Sure. Can I borrow some pajames? And are we sleeping in your bed or in here on the floor?" Jaime asked.
Blushing, Meredith went in her room to get shorts and a t-shirt for Jaime. "Well, uh, ya know, the, uh, bed will, uh, probably, you know, be more, er, comfortable."
Jaime quickly changed into the clothes Meredith gave her. Then she got the blankets from the living room and put them on Meredith's bed.
Meredith followed her lead, turning herself so she was facing her. "I really like you Jaime Lyn Beatty."
"I really like you too, Meredith Stepien," Jaime replied, putting her arms around Meredith.
"Good," Mere said sleepily, yawning.
Jaime smiled and pulled the covers up around them. "Good night," she said quietly, pulling Meredith close to her and kissing her softly on the lips.