"Morning beautiful."
"Good morning. Did you sleep well?"
"You were there. Of course I did."
"I love you."
"I love you too. I feel like last night was a dream."
"Last night was amazing. It was a dream come true."
"I get to marry you."
"I get to love you and be with you forever."
"We can buy a house. And get a dog." Meredith bounced on the bed in excitement.
Jaime laughed and hugged her. "Yes. Yes we can. And I get to wake up next to you everyday."
Meredith grinned, kissing her fiercely. "I love you."
"I love you more," Jaime replied, kissing her back and putting her arms around her neck.
"I love you most."
"I still love you more."
"You just can't let me win can you baby."
"No because I will always love you the most."
"S'not fair."
"Yes it is fair. Because I love you."
"I love you too."
"You are just so amazing," Jaime said, curling up next to Meredith, smiling and laying her head on her shoulder.
"Come on, love. As much fun as staying in bed all day would be, there are things to be done," Meredith said, stretching her arms.
"Ugh. Fine," Jaime replied, sitting up. "But only if I get to be with you."
Of course, baby. But I need to call my brother, and I think today might be nice to go, you know look at houses. That souns great. And I should probably tell my parents , Jaime replied. She hadn t even told her parents that she was dating Meredith, what were they going to say when they found out they were engaged?
I hope you re parents react better than mine did, sweetheart. She grinned cheekily. I m going to take a shower. Want to come? What did your parents say? Jaime asked, nervous. And sure, she replied, wrapping her arms around Meredith s waist and smiling.
Meredith kissed Jaime quickly, taking her hand and pulling her into the bathroom. Well, she started, pulling her t-shirt up over her head. My mother cried, and my father said to call him when I had straightened my self out . Jaime frowned. Well, just remember that I love you, and I always will, she said, hugging her and kissing her on the cheek. You are just so beautiful, she said looking at Meredith after she took her shirt off.
Meredith blushed, leaning forward to kiss Jaime quickly. Thanks, she muttered, stepping out of the basketball shorts she had worn to bed and turning on the shower. She reached forward, tugging on the hem of Jaime s shirt playfully. We should match. Jaime smiled and quickly pulled off her shirt, throwing it on the floor. Then she took off the shorts she had been wearing and put her arms around Meredith. There. Now we match, she said, kissing her softly on the lips.
I love you. I love you so much, Meredith said between kisses. I really do need to take a shower though, so stop distracting me. Turning around, she slipped off her undergarments and stepped into the shower, winking at her fiance before she closed the curtain. Hey! Where do you think you re going? Jaime replied, pulling off the rest of her clothes and following Meredith into the shower.
You re so perfect, Meredith whispered. Wash my back and I ll wash yours? "You're more perfect than I am," Jaime replied, kissing her. "Okay."
Not possible, she argued softly. Her hands, soft from the soap, slid over Jaime s skin, lingering near her breasts.
I love you, Jaime said, putting her arms around Meredith s neck and kissing her passionately.
This is extremely counterproductive, Meredith said finally. Stop distracting me, she laughed. We have a busy day. Okay, Jaime replied, smiling. So where do you want to live? she asked, after they both finished showering.
Meredith shrugged, drying out her hair with a towel and walking back into the bedroom. I want to stay in Chicago, I think. Somewhere residential, but not to far from the rest of the Starkids. Some place nice. Yeah, I don t want to be too far away from them, Jaime replied. I still can t believe this is happening, she said, smiling.
"Do you want kids?" Meredith blushed. "I mean, like, not now, but...ever?"
Jaime froze. She hadn't thought about that. "Maybe...yeah," she replied quietly.
Meres blush deepened. "I just, cause, like, house size..."
"It's okay," Jaime said, seeing Meredith blush. "So we need two bedrooms."
"I'm sorry love. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."
"No, you didn't make me uncomfortable, we had to talk about it eventually."
"It's gonna be hard," Mere said in a small voice.
"Mere, everything will be fine. I love you," Jaime said, hugging her.
"I love you too. Did you see the picture of the wedding dress I found?"
"Yes. I love it," Jaime replied, smiling and kissed her on the cheek.
"You'll look even more beautiful than usual."
"Have you picked a dress yet?"
"No. I haven't found one I like."
"Well maybe tomorrow we can go look at some dresses until you find one. I want everything to be perfect."
"Me too love."
"Are you ready to go look at houses?"
"Lemme get my shoes."