Summary: Jake threw her away and now he is trying to correct his mistakes, but will she trust him with her heart again... or their son?

Fandom: Twilight

Rated: M

Pairing: Bella/Jake, Paul/Lauren

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, only the original ideas and characters portrayed in the following story.

Wish You Were Here


How could I have been so stupid all of these years ago? How could have I jeopardized something so pure and perfect because of my fears?

Maybe I should start from the beginning. I dated the most perfect man in the world and then he dumped me to move off to sunny California. I got so depressed from it, but guys come and go all the time, right?

Well, I moved back in with my mom in Seattle and one day in a bookstore, I reconnected with my childhood best friend, Jake Black. I was heartbroken from what my ex-boyfriend did to me, but Jake woke up something in me that I thought was dead and gone. He made my heart beat for him. That little shit snuck in and planted seeds in my heart. I fell hard and fast for Jake.

We did everything together and had common friends. When Lauren saw Jake, she would always make snide comments about how I always got the good ones. She even once told me to hold on tight to him because she was going to steal him from me. I'm not stupid. I knew Jake was a catch, but I also knew Jake loved me unconditionally.

Then came something else that was actually eating at me. We hadn't had sex and we had been dating for a good six months. I'm no slut, but I wanted to give myself to Jake in every way possible. Another thing that upset me was that he was FINE with us not having sex. What the hell?

One night, when Charlie, Renee, and Billy went for a weekend fishing trip, Jake spent the night with me and we had sex. It was absolutely beautiful. He was so sweet and loving to me. It hurt at first, but that was it. That is how it's supposed to be.

The next day was graduation, where Charlie, Renee, and Billy met us at. I was so excited until I was something that changed my world forever or better yet heard and saw. It was Lauren and Jake at the graduation party in Renee's kitchen. They were talking about me.

"Don't worry, honey. Just give me a few days and then we can be together. She is going off to college anyways." I felt the tears come down my face as Lauren and Jake saw me and I ran off.

That day was the last time I saw Jake and Lauren's faces.

Jake and I making love was a mistake, but not at the same time. He gave me the best part of him.

"Mommy!" I turned my face and saw my son, Howard Black who I call 'Howie', smiling and clapping his hands. "We are landing, Mommy!" I lightly giggled and kissed the top of his head.

Jake has never been told that he got me pregnant, but Howie always knew everything good about his dad. He always said that his dad was his hero. I had gotten information through Renee that Lauren dumped Jake right after I left. She did that just to get back at me. I never did anything to make her want to hurt me. Jake had constantly asked about me to Renee and Charlie, but they never mentioned Howie.

I had asked them to keep the secret until I was ready to face Jake.

After that party, Jake tried to stop me from leaving in the middle of the party. No one could stop me. I packed everything so fast that it made everyone's head spin. No one had any idea what was happening. He tried explaining it away, but I wouldn't listen. A good thing is that I got a good swing at him before I left when he tried to say 'I'm confused', 'You know I love you', or my ultimate favorite 'I couldn't help it'. Couldn't help it, my ass.

He was a cheating asshole who didn't want sex from me because Lauren was giving it to him. Lauren had taken away my sun, but I still had a moon. It was growing in my stomach. Anytime I got depressed, I would look at my growing stomach and smile. Jake had given me the most precious gift through all the torture.

"I see that, sweetheart." I hugged my five year old gently. He looked so much like his dad. It scared me sometimes.

After I gave birth, I changed my looks just to have a nice change. I went from the Mahogany to the blonde and changed my style, too. It used to be down to my bottom and now it was layered and to the bottom of my shoulder blades.

I stopped wearing the clothes that said I didn't care and got help from some new friends to change my style. The 'what to wear's and 'what not to wear's were the hardest part. I was currently sporting short shorts, a black vest and a brown leather jacket. For shoes, I had on a pair of combat boots.

I completely changed everything about my life to forget about the man who tore out my heart and put it in a blender.

When the plane, we got off and got into a cab, going to the last place I wanted.

I was going to La Push, Washington to introduce my son to his father.

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