So, this is the prequel to 'A Humanising Influence.' The "Sun" referred in the title does not mean Kero.

To Eclipse The Sun and Embrace The Moon. By Clow'd9

DISCLAIMER: Uzume is my own creation. I don't own any of the other characters and CLAMP are just too brilliant to be mad at because of it.

Chapter 1- Awake To Sleep

As he held the young woman, his oldest friend, in his arms Clow could not believe that he could find her only to lose her again so quickly.

"Uzume! Let me do something, I can-."

"No. It must be this way." The dying woman raised her hand to caress the pale face, a sad, regretful smile upon her own. "Please don't think that because I did not love you the way you wished that I did not love you at all. . .it just wasn't meant to be."

The young man took her hand and pressed a kiss into her palm. Though the younger by four years Clow Reed had always looked older than his childhood companion, he may not have acted it but the ageless quality of his family's classic features ensured the illusion of maturity.

Uzume was the sensible one, the serene one who only ever got into trouble when she allowed herself to be led astray by the mage's mischievous nature. All his life they had been inseparable. . .until things had changed, until Clow's love for her had changed into something different. Two years ago, soon after his twentieth birthday she'd disappeared and despite how far he'd searched he never found her, no one could find Uzume if she did not wish to be found and now she had come to him, now when it was too late.

"At least let me look at your injury. I can make you more comfortable." He reached for but she clutched her abdomen tighter. He didn't know what was wrong but he knew she was in agony. . .and she was going to die.

"Leave me be. You cannot help." She sighed, a pain filled resigned sound. "It's done now."

Clow felt his heart lurch as he took in her appearance. The white hair that had turned heads and the beautiful face that had held that attention had lost their lustre and the latter had adopted an ethereal melancholy. The soft locks were limp and ended at her shoulders where they seemed to have been shorn with a blade. Where was the girl he had danced with at every opportunity? Where had the happiness of her namesake gone?

"Where did you go Uzume?"

"It doesn't matter, I'm here now." Moving her head against the pillows she surveyed the unfamiliar surroundings. "I almost didn't find you. What made you chose England?"

The rain pattered against the mansion window. "It must have been the weather."

Uzume laughed then winced in pain. "Well. . .well it's still my home. . .you're here. . .so it's my home too."

Panicking at the sound of her voice fading Clow brought the glass of water to her lips and after she had obligingly swallowed a sip she looked at him affectionately.

"So what have you been doing with yourself my friend? Have you made your Cards?"

He managed to look a little shame-faced. "No."

"Why not?"

Clow allowed old frustration to show through. "It's still the same old problem of harnessing both Sun and Moon energy."

Uzume quirked an eyebrow, looking instantly younger. "Why must you harness both?"

"For balance."

"Yet there is still no balance between the two?" He shook his head. "You need some way of diverting the conflict. . .channelling the energy in a manner that suits both forms."

Clow smiled. She made it sound so simple. . .and maybe it was. He spoke again wishing for her pragmatic counsel. "Also I. . .it feels like something should come before the cards but. . .but I don't know what."

The women smiled slightly and looked away. "It'll come to you. . ."

Clow bit his lip.

"Why did you go away?"

But Uzume was gone once more. . .

**************************End Flashback****************************

After the death of his friend Clow waited only to bury her. She had no relatives; his own parents had been the only one's to care for her so the mage wrote only one letter to the only other people he knew who would mourn the same loss as he.

In their youth the pair had made many plans, the Clow Cards were one of them. Uzume's powers did not go beyond what little her pagan practices afforded her but her aura was the strongest Clow had ever encountered and nothing could stop her from supporting her friends' own superior abilities even as they continued to grow and cause concern to those closest to him. His teachers soon found he surpassed them and if it hadn't been for Uzume's grounding presence his power might have begun to control him rather than the other way around.

With her help he had made plans for a set of fifty-two cards, each with a personality of their own but ever since she had vanished he had concentrated on mastering divination and precognitive dreams. Anything that could help him find her he had studied until exhaustion but now he would put their plans into action. A few supportive words from Uzume moments before her death had been all he needed to set ideas in motion. From those words he created a new magic device, a construct that would enable him to harness both Sun and Moon as no magician had yet managed. It took a lot of his magic to create the tiny invention but immediately after its completion he moved on to his next task. He now knew what was needed, what was missing, protectors, warriors. . .Guardians.

He really should have waited to regain some of his power but then he probably also should have waited for the grief to subside but he had kept the tears at bay purely because of his obsessive planning, planning that had lead him to this moment and he simply hadn't the patience to delay.

As birthplaces go the library would certainly have been Clow's first choice but as his meticulous magic wove before him the mage wondered if he should have made more of an effort. It was too late now of course as he saw the solid, bright silhouette of his two Guardians.

That was another thing. He probably should have made them one at a time but he knew he still had more than enough power to support the creation of two at once so. . .why wait?

The one risk he would admit was that these creatures of his were not coming from a strict formula. The one he would call Keroberos would have a lions form with wings that could be summoned at will, his powers of attack would need to be worked on at a later stage but what was now starting to concern Clow was his decision to let the creation process spring forth from his mind rather than from paper. The design of the animal was set but his personality would be derived from whatever Clow subconsciously wanted in a companion. Whatever he secretly longed for would be contained within these two creations. . .hopefully he wouldn't regret the decision.

He had put even less restrictions on the creation of the one to be called Yue. With Uzume a constant presence in his thoughts it seemed only natural that he should give his Guardian the same stunning silver hair and the chances were that by using the calm power of the moon for the influential element behind the Angel figure the resulting personality would also be like Uzume's. With this in mind Clow designated the being as male. . .he would not fall in love again.

The sudden flash of light caused Clow to shield his eyes and when the brilliance faded he looked back straightening his glasses for lack of anything sensible to do. He saw a lion cub, adorable beyond words and an angel, beautiful beyond belief. He walked forward. Yue was only inches shorter than him, he was fully-grown. . .that was odd. He looked down at Kero, (instantly choosing the shorter name over the original 'Keroberos') who had to look a long way up to meet his gaze, so far in fact that he fell backwards into the hearth. The cooled and long untended embers of the fire stirred up into flakes of grey and at his level the newborn Guardian Beast was breathing them in. Predictably his nose wrinkled, then his eyes watered as he started to sneeze. The miniature jet of flame that emerges from his mouth was something of a surprise but fortunately Clow snuffed it out with his foot immediately.

"Bless you." He said.

Kero blinked at him, "ess ou." He repeated, completely omitting the fricatives.


The cub smiled toothily showing needle sharp teeth Clow suspected he'd have to watch out for. He repeated again, "an-kou."


"Ef-erfu-efee." The baby Guardian suddenly saw his tail as particularly attractive and began rolling after it when he couldn't say the word.

Chuckling Clow looked up at the Moon Guardian expecting to see an answering smile of amusement. The pale oval face was blank.

"Hello Yue." He said. The creation responded by tilting his head to the side.

"My name is Clow."

"Oh." Said Kero.

"That's right." The mage confirmed without looking away from the eyes he had just discovered to be purple and. . .and feline! What on Earth goes on in my mind? "I'm the master of this house, you are-."


Clow looked down at the cub. . .but the cub wasn't there. "Kero?"

"Ess ou!"

The mage groaned and closed his eyes before following the sound of the voice to where is originated from on the high, *very* high curtain rail. He sighed in the manner of a world-weary parent and pulled his wand from his sleeve. "Kaishu suru." He ordered and held his hand out patiently as the furry body floated into it.

"An-kou." The cub batted a paw at his chin which Clow avoided when he saw the claws still extended. He suddenly felt very sleepy. The spell must have taken more out of him than he expected. The cub yawned himself as he snuggled against his creator's chest.

"I think we'll go to bed now." Yue blinked as the mage moved away and indicated for him to do the same. He looked down at his Master's feet, it didn't look that hard. He put one foot in front of the other feeling slightly triumphant as he found himself moving, his next step was a little more confident, the next one even more so and the next, then he got a little too confident. He soon learned you had to have one foot on the ground in order to lift the other.

Fortunately Clow was there to catch him as he teetered forward, swiftly moving the cub to safety as the Moon Guardian crashed into him. Their faces were very close but Yue showed no signs of moving, he simply continued to stare, flicking his eyes over the features so much darker than his own until Clow felt himself blushing. He made a mental note to work on walking and personal boundaries with the being.

Abruptly Yue stood back and the mage felt strangely bereft even as he breathed a shaky sigh of relief at the loss of contact. Almost immediately he had to help the tottering Guardian again. Kero giggled and his brother directed a glare at him before very haughtily straightening and walking properly, if slowly, on his own. Clow smiled, sensing some of the character that would later define his Moon creation and his relationship with his brother.

Smothering a yawn he walked out of the library behind Yue who looked back sporadically so his Master could point him in the right direction. Focusing on the being's back Clow noticed the extended warriors tale of hair that was bound harshly in purple material to the middle of his back. He wondered at the thickness of it. It certainly looked heavy. He yawned again. Kero was almost asleep if the purring was anything to go by.

He walked into his room to place the cub on his bed while he showed Yue to his own room and turned to find Yue staring curiously at his bed his head cocked once more. He looked beautiful. . .and he was in his room. Clow swallowed then refused to acknowledge that he had. The Guardian looked a little hurt when he found himself ushered out of his Master's room and into another down the hall.

"This one is yours Yue." The creation entered nervously, he thought he might rather be in the Master's room but this one was very nice too. Clow continued. "If you get up in the night there's a candle is over there with some flint." Yue looked avidly around the room causing the mage to smile at the hungry curiosity. He had quickly come to realise the blank reception that greeted any of his words did not signify simplicity, just innocence. He would have to wait until he found some way to communicate with him.

"Good-night Yue."

Unexpectedly the Guardian bowed to him and watched silently as he closed the door.

Over the following two days Keroberos needed a lot of attention, in between watching the cub and his own sudden sleepiness Clow never managed to hold a conversation with Yue. The Guardian treated him respectfully but somehow Clow felt off guard in his presence, as though he was not the wiser and older of the two. Most of the being's time was spent in his room where Clow took him food and respected his privacy. Fortunately the Angel was more mature than his brother and the mage deduced his mentality must be that of a toddler rather than an infant. What he couldn't understand was why Kero had begun life as a cub yet Yue was physically fully matured. As a product of his mind clearly Clow must have wanted it this way, for whatever reason.

On the fourth day of his creation Clow came across the Moon Guardian as he examined himself in the mirror, a comb in his hand. Seeing the being just stare at the grooming tool the mage stepped forward.

"Here Yue, I'll show you how." He spoke as to a child, soothingly and gently watching as Yue tilted his head to the side and stared at him inscrutably and allowed the comb to be plucked from his fingers.

"You must do this everyday, just like brushing your teeth and washing your face." Standing behind him and smiling at him in the mirror Clow began to unravel the purple wrap covering the thick ponytail. He struggled a little because it was so tight but when he managed it the fabric fell away in a single rippled shower to the floor. It wasn't the ribbon he was gaping at though. Yue's hair had tumbled with it and coiled immediately at his feet.

He looked up at Yue's reflection as the being stared back silently. He looked back down at the comb. "I think I need something bigger. . ."

Being so close to the uniquely silver hair made him think of Uzume and he realised it was the first time in days that he had done so. Conjuring a paddle style brush he picked up the ends of the hair and began working his way up.

"You know, I had a friend with hair like this and I always thought hers was long but it was only just below her waist and look at all this!" He cleared his throat, blinking quickly. "She's the reason I wanted you to have hair like this, it's very beautiful Yue, the most beautiful thing." His hands lingered gently around the mass. "No matter what other gifts you may have I would consider this the most unique. Do you promise to take care of it Yue?" The pure innocence of the Guardian's image met him when he sought it out in the mirror. He did not expect a response but the Angel nodded to him.

Spurred on by this small break through in communication and his own suppressed emotion he turned the Guardian to embrace him. Knowing he would not be judged as weak by his own creation Clow allowed himself to cry sad and silent tears.

Yue held himself stiffly as the man cried quietly into his shoulder. He wasn't sure what he was meant to do but the feel of his Master's body heat was very comforting so he thought perhaps he should offer the same.

The feel of arms hesitantly coming around him was a wonderful moment for Clow. I really do have a companion now he thought, even if he is silent and young he can be a friend. He squeezed the supple frame tighter to show his appreciation of the awkward move.

He stopped crying a while before he drew back from the cool creatures surprising warmth. He put the brush down to wipe his eyes and when he turned back Yue had it in his hands. Clow raised his eyebrows in enquiry.

Feeling emboldened by their sudden closeness Yue reached for the other mans black hair. Catching the softness in his hands he fingered the plait with interest and indicated the brush.

Clow smiled. "You want to brush my hair?" Yue nodded. The mage chuckled and sat on the bathroom stool so the Guardian wouldn't have to reach up. Surprised at having his request granted Yue tugged at the band and sifted his fingers through the length while noting how the plait worked. He liked his Master's hair. . .it was very soft. . .Clow titled his head back when he felt the being pause what he was doing, Yue opened his mouth-.


The mage sighed and rolled his eyes at Kero's verbal signature. "What's he done now?" He took the band the Guardian offered and secured his hair again. Yue's own tresses were still streaming down his back. "You'd better stay and finish what I started." He said with a smile before hurrying from the room.

After saving Kero from the killer butterfly that was "afta" him Clow's day vanished in a procession of scrapping, feeding, training, feeding, grooming, feeding and eventually - blissfully - sleeping. After looking for Yue and not finding him the mage decided he must be in bed and shortly followed his example. The next morning Clow felt thoroughly and finally refreshed.

Waking early for the first time in five days Clow dressed and resolved to devote some time to his studies until Kero awake and once again needed distracting. He frowned when he found the library door ajar but relaxed when it was Yue he found poring intently over something in his lap. Maybe now he could spend some time with his other Guardian.

"What have you got there?"

Yue looked up startled then rose to show Clow the inscribed cover.

"Socrates? Oh Yue! Let me find you something better to read." He moved towards the untidy stacks. "I have an illustrated copy of Perrault's Fairy Tales-." He stopped abruptly, sometimes he forgot that behind those fathomless lavender eyes lurked a mind in its infancy. "A book with pictures" he adapted. Clow was already reaching for one such item when his Moon creation spoke his first words.

"I am almost finished Master." The mage turned in stunned slow motion. The syntax was perfect, the modulation and pitch of the being's beautifully soft voice even more so. No doubt about it, Yue had been capable of speech all along.

"Why didn't you tell me you could talk?"

Yue blinked slowly and cocked his head in that manner of his. "You we're busy." He stated simply and with a grace that defied his age and the rocky start he'd had with his first steps, he glided back to the window seat.

Clow shook his head hard, still startled by his discovery. "You're interested in metaphysic theorists?"

"I think so." Yue replied cautiously.

Clow nodded, explanations piecing together in his mind. He loved having people to discuss literature with and since this creature was a product of his own wants. . . "You agree with idealist teachings?"

"I don't know Master." The mage nodded again. Yue might have the mental capacity to understand such doctrines but naturally he didn't have the life experience required to form judgments on them. How ironic for the Judgment Maker.

"How about trying some Metaphysical poets? I adore John Donne. Not everyone can appreciate his work but if you enjoy analysing the meaning there's no one better to practice on."

He was babbling in his excitement, eagerly skimming volume after volume and extolling the virtues of many, Yue smiled faintly at his enthusiasm and Clow once again felt as though he was the youngest in the room.

"You should read 'Devotions upon Emergent Occasions.' Where on Earth is it? I haven't spent much time reading lately, I really need to tidy the stacks. . ." He cast his eyes over the chaotic literature, to be honest he had penchant for disorder but still. . .he frowned at the dusty leather spines. Where is it?

"The top shelf." Yue offered

Did I say that aloud? Clow looked up. "Ah yes." He took the weighty book down. "I can't believe I've let things get so muddled up! No matter what else I have to do I should still be able to keep a tidy work space."

"No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe" Yue quoted quietly, the Old English causing no difficulty.

Clow laughed. "Quite right, I-." He spun suddenly to face his five-day old creation who returned his gaze with unshakable steadiness, the words the being had reiterated and the book they originated from a shocking third presence.

The Guardian indicated the volume. "I have already read that one Master."

The mage blinked then slowly held up some of the dense works of Plato and Aristotle he had just pulled down. "Have you read these too?" The Guardian nodded. "What else have you read Yue?" The being seemed surprised by the question but moved from his seat towards his creator to indicate the entire top shelf and more than half of the second.

Yue had had read almost all of the great literary volumes Clow himself had taken painfully long to finish.

"When did you read all this?"

The pale face was beginning to look a little worried that he had done something wrong. "At night, when you did not require my services."

"What do you mean?"

The angel's brow furrowed slightly confused by so many questions. "When you retire to your rooms I have many hours to use. I did not know what else to do but read. I'm sorry Master, I shall find some other occupation." He bowed formally and began walking towards the door.

"Yue." Clow stopped him. "You are more than welcome to read anything you wish. I'm simply concerned that you aren't sleeping enough." The creation looked blank. "Are you sleeping at all?" Understanding did not dawn. "Do you know what sleep is Yue?" The Guardian shook his head a little shamefully. Clow cursed himself. He'd been so preoccupied with preventing Kero climbing up the drapes in the dining hall or choking himself on the quills he insisted on chewing that he had failed to explain the simplest routines to the previously silent Moon being. Yue saw him clench his jaw in self-loathing and misinterpreting it he bowed his head further.

"I am truly sorry Yue." Clow murmured. "I've been most remiss in my duties as your Master. Will you accept my apology?"

The feline eyes that both hid and betrayed so much emotion widened to their limits. "Of course." 'You're the Master' remained unsaid.

The mage held out a hand. "Come, I'll show you a far more pleasant way to spend the night." He winced when he realised how misleading that sentence could be but needless to say the Moon Guardian was oblivious to any such double meaning as he take the offered hand and allowed himself to be led from the library.

Yue's bedroom had a high navy coloured ceiling but the walls were a pale blue. He'd grown to like it very much, he wasn't sure why but the illusion of night over day appealed to him. What he was uncertain of was the article of furniture in the corner. His Master led him straight to it.

"This is your bed Yue. This is where you sleep."

He didn't know what this 'sleep' was but his creator certainly didn't do it in his room. "You don't sleep here Master."

"I have my own bed, in my own room."

"Does Keroberos have one?"

"Well. . .yes." For now baskets counted as beds. It was fascinating that Yue could read and understand literary giants but daily activities baffled him.

"How does it work?"

"You just lie down on it and close your eyes. Look." Praying he could explain the concept by actions Clow clambered on the bed noting with some amusement his creation's alarm as the bed actually seemed to move beneath his weight. When the mage was stretched out and comfortable he held out a hand to his wary Guardian. "I'm here Yue. Do you think I'd let anything hurt you?" The being took his hand immediately and slid awkwardly beside his master. Fortunately the movement of the mattress was not as violent as it appeared. Following Clow's example he stretched out fully on his back. He waited. . .he hesitated. . ."What do we do now?" He whispered. The Master chuckled, a pleasant, husky sound.

"Just close your eyes."

Obediently the Guardian closed his eyes and concentrated on the back of his eyelids. Nothing happened. After a few minutes he concentrated harder and while Clow watched his brow wreathed into a frown as he bit his lip.

"It has to come naturally Yue, just relax." The creation was looking increasingly distressed at his apparent inability to follow his Master's simple request and so sleep went further out of reach.

Sighing Clow gathered the startled figure into his arms ignoring the fact he tensed still further.

"Okay. Now don't think about sleeping, you can have you eyes open or closed it doesn't matter just don't concentrate on anything. Let your senses spread beyond specifics."

Eager to achieve his first task Yue obeyed and kept his eyes open without staring at anything in particular. In fact it seemed he could hear his brothers heartbeat from down the hall.

Clow shifted his arms more comfortably around the creation. He could use magic to put him to sleep of course, the Sleep Card may not have been created yet but there were other ways, it just wasn't necessary. There was one method that had always sent him off to sleep when he resisted his mother's constant pleas. He began stroking the silver hair from the forehead, repeating the motion in a constant, soothing rhythm.

Occasionally he could feel Yue's lashes brush against the heel of his hand until eventually they slid closed. Strictly speaking his Guardians would never need sleep or food but why deny them the experience simply due to the lack of necessity?

The moment the Moon being surrendered was painfully evident. His breath rushed in one extended sigh and his entire body seem to melt and soften as the tension of five experimental days left him. Clow sighed too, from relief. . .and something else. Holding Yue made him feel truly needed but he could not ignore the other, darker emotion. An emotion he knew he should not be having for one of his creations. . .

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