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To Eclipse The Sun and Embrace The Moon by Clow'd9.

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Chapter 5 - Ill Humour

Clow marched straight to the library not even needing to sense him through their link to know that Yue was there. He was getting to know him more and more. He was so intent on speaking with the Guardian, or simply basking in his presence, that he almost tripped over Keroberos in the doorway but he righted himself just in time and scooped up the safety hazard.

The cub stated

That's right.

Ess ou! It was almost an accusation now.

This was fast turning into a meaningful conversation.

Where's your brother, hmm? Where's Yue?

I'm here. The soft voice emerged from behind the stacks before Yue himself did looking decidedly shamefaced and focusing determinedly on his creator's shoulder.

Et tu?

Clow distracted the talkative cub by burying his fingers up to the knuckles in the scruff of his fur and scratching vigourously. He didn't say anything even as the moon creation came to a standstill in front of him.

Yue bit his lip and began twisting a section of his jagged fringe nervously with his index finger looking for the world like a chastised child.

I...I don't know what came over me Master. I apologise.

That's perfectly alright Yue, I understand. You wanted to get back at Gwyn.

Ye-es. That's true, but I also...I *like* touching you... He swallowed loudly before continuing in a low, husky and decidedly sexy voice. I find myself eager for any excuse to do so. A charming blush invaded the taut skin of his cheeks but he was clearly determined to continue. I've been staring at a a tiny speck of dust on your right shoulder since you came in and wondering if you would allow me to sweep it off...and perhaps allow my hand to linger a little longer than necessary.

All the while Clow's breathing had been getting heavier, his pulse faster. He began.

It's not bad is it?

He breathed.

You're not angry with me?

Clow shook his head, Not in the least...I feel the same way-. Joy blossomed across the fair face at his words.

You do?

The man who was potentially the greatest mage ever could only nod in the face of the radiant smile his creation was giving him.

Still beaming Yue extended his arm and flicked the speck of lint on his shoulder into oblivion but instead of resting his hand there he moved it instead to curl around Clow's neck flicking his thumb back and forth along the line of his jaw.

You don't mind me touching you? He murmured.

Clow cleared his throat. No, I don't mind Yue, it's just...touching leads to other things.

The Guardian cocked his head curiously. What things?

Clow shifted uncomfortably and refocused on the Guardian Beast cradled in his arms long since fallen asleep. What things? Well - More...more touching.

Yue nodded eagerly. I'd like that.

The young mage choked a little before managing to disguise it as a cough. So would I, Yue, but it wouldn't be right just yet.

Where to begin! You're too young.

So I can't touch you?

Yes, but not too much. Too much? It was never enough!

Yue's expression become one of intense concentration, he'd clearly forgotten that his hand was still on Clow's neck, the mage certainly hadn't though, it remained a cool, feathery weight on his increasingly heated skin. How much is too much? His tempting creation questioned.

Uh, well, when I start breathing heavily -.

Like now. Yue observed helpfully.

Ri-ight, and when my eyes look a little unfocused an-.

Like they do now.

Clow counted to ten before continuing. Yes, well, that will do. Those are the main signs, if you notice either you must stop touching me.

Yue looked perplexed and quickly snatched his hand away. He studied his Master critically for a few carefully counted seconds. But I'm not touching you now and you're still doing both.

I'm...I have...uh, indigestion. He stuttered lamely.

Yue's restless hand began stroking his own chin absently, following the line of his jaw to his mouth and pausing to tap there thoughtfully. May I kiss you?

The same rules apply. Clow croaked, still watching that hand and totally unable to fathom his creation's mental tangent.

For forever?

Clow paled at the very thought. Just until the time is right.

When will that be?

He might have said his creation sounded impatient if it weren't for the fact he didn't know what he was having to wait for. I don't know.

But one day I can touch you as much as I want?

If you still want to.

And you'll touch m-.


Clow leapt out of his skin at the sound of Gwyn's voice reverberating through the house and possibly the continent. His ears rang with it and if it was that bad for him it was agony for anyone with heightened hearing...namely his Guardians.

The sleeping Kero shrieked and shot into the air with his fur forming angry hackles. Yue had his hands clamped over his ears but withdrew them to catch his brother as the cub dived towards him.

Clow spun angrily when he sensed an unfortunately familiar presence approaching him.

Gwyn strode confidently towards them straightening the flamboyantly wreathed cravat at his throat. Well Reed, time to see what your Guardians can do.

Excuse me? Clow growled dangerously and busied himself with checking his Guardians were okay in order to take his mind off his sudden violent impulse.

Their powers. The man elaborated.

Yue raised an eyebrow looking slightly curious himself but Clow shook his head emphatically.

Gwyn folded his arms and appeared unsurprised by the answer. Lets put it another way then. You demonstrate to me the full range of their abilities or the mage council will put them down like animals... which to be fair is more than they deserve.

Doing little to disprove the vicious statement both Kero and Yue's snarled low in their throats oddly enough with the humanoid Guardian sounding far more dangerous.

Gwyn sniffed disdainfully but evidently made note of a possible threat to his person by cooling his sniping a little.

It's the will of the council, not me, Reed. Unable to resist the man curled his lip and continued. Although I must say I want to see what they can do too.

Tucking his brother into the crook of his arm Yue stood gracefully but with his head tilted to one side as a testimony to the fact that his ears were still ringing. Kero was still shaking his head and blinking bemusedly.

They are not even fully mature yet! Clow hissed barely managing to reign his temper in.

Yue is. The clan leader responded. I must say, the disparity between their apparent ages is ... interesting. He smirked. I guess you wanted to initiate' him as quickly as possible, hmm? The bawdy wink accompanying the taunt lacked any humour and incensed Clow beyond reason. His punch however, was caught half way from its smirking destination.

Gwyn smiled triumphantly as he examined Yue's implacable hold on his Master's fist. *That* is precisely one of the issues I have been told to report back on since I contacted the council regarding these_experiments_ of yours. The moon being narrowed his gaze on the man he had just saved from a possible concussion, he wouldn't have bothered if it wasn't for the fact his master would be in serious trouble if he allowed himself to lose control.

Clow shook off his Guardian's loosening hold, almost angry at the interference. To what end? He demanded.

Whatever end the council deems fit. Gwyn parried pushing a curious Keroberos away from his polished boots.

When you came here your purpose was to investigate MY abilities. Not my Guardians'.

We were not aware they existed.

The answer is still no.

Very well. I will send another message to the council and they will impound your property, tarnish your reputation -.

The Reeds are the oldest family in England!

Ah, but the locals don't even know who you are, you're just the rich fellow who lives on the hill' and that sort of mystery is a breeding ground for gossip...seems you haven't mingled with your neighbours enough Reed. He scratched his chin consideringly. All sorts of stories have been circulating, I heard your body was slowly decomposing due to using the black arts but I'm not sure whether that or your violent reaction to sunlight is the reputed reason for your antisocial behaviour. Add a little more fiction to the rumour mill and they'll soon start waving their pitchforks.

Clow laughed with genuine amusement. There are many places in the world besides England, you're just not worldly enough to realise.

Gwyn flushed angrily. You really think you could get far enough to escape detection from the council? The people who, as you seem to have forgotten, could revoke your licence to practice your craft if their orders are not obeyed! Clow seethed inwardly. Bottom line, Reed, you either show an audience of one by choice, or the entire council by force.

The bottom line, *Gwyn*, he gritted, is that I don't know if they are able to control their gifts yet.

Able or not, tomorrow I want the whole show.

Clow was instantly suspicious. Where are you going now?

Into town. Unlike you, I rather like socialising. Yue and I found a very fine establishment on our last jaunt didn't we? He obviously meant the brothel. Want to come and learn a few things?

Like how to make a lady hate me? Yue shook his head slowly but didn't take his eyes from Gwyn's mismatched gaze. If it is true that hell hath no fury like a women scorned' then surely the fires of a Dante masterpiece await you. I would rather dance around those flames than burn in there with you. The two men with him blinked at the cold ferocity of his tone. When he spoke again he was almost pleasant.

Please convey my thanks to the lady with the red hair who advised me on the correct method of kissing. Tell her my partner appeared pleased with the results. Clow flushed but felt grim satisfaction at Gwyn's obvious fury before he stormed down the hall.

Zhen and Nicholas sloped in soon after just as the clatter of hooves were heard leaving the stables. His father scowled as they moved to the window. He rides that horse too hard.

They stood and watched their unwelcome guest ride until he was out of site before anyone spoke again, that someone was Clow.

Well, with any luck he'll get syphilis.

Zhen gasped. I know Gwyn is a little obnoxious but -.

Yue was muttering thoughtfully. He cried in a joyful manner not usually accompanied by the condition. A pox affecting firstly the...' He ended the obvious dictionary quote in a fit of giggles. Hahaha! Syphilis!

Zhen cautioned in a low voice whilst casting a quick glare at her husband who's lips were twitching. It's an awful illness, people die from it. One cannot joke about such things.

Yue continued to chuckle enchantingly while Clow struggled to smother his widening grin. Zhen huffed, then finally cracked herself and lifted a delicate hand to cover her mouth.

Clow is funny! Yue blurted and turned sparkling eyes to his creator.

Zhen cast a glance at her husband, he too could see the way their son was looking at his Moon Creation and he acknowledged her worry with an equal measure of his own. Oblivious to his parents' misgivings the young mage began pulling faces, prompting more chuckles from the Guardian. After a brief moment where he clearly considered the appropriateness of such an action Yue stuck his tongue out at his Master. He managed to choke again before dissolving into more sweet giggles while the perfect alabaster of his skin turned pale pink. Clow couldn't even pretend to be unaffected by the sight or even force a laugh but fortunately Yue was too innocent to notice the heated nature of the silence before Zhen hurried to fill it.

Well I'm not sure Gwyn would agree with that. She retorted tartly linking arms with the creation and motioning for her husband to distract their son before he lost his senses completely.

Gwyn exited the brothel with an expression only marginally less grim than the one he had entered with as he dabbed at his cheek with a pristine white handkerchief. He had blood on his gloves and his shirt which vexed him further.

Yue can deliver his own messages from now on. Gratitude is such a dull emotion...even when done my own special way.

He found his horse and lifted the reins from the post calming the animal briskly when a scream from the building behind made it skitter.

Women. He muttered riding calmly from the scene. Such a fuss. After shaking his head mournfully at the frailty of the female gender and the stains on his clothing he transferred his thoughts instead to the following day and the ultimatum he had set. What tricks have you got up your sleeve Reed? He chuckled, and what has Yue got up his? With that thought in mind he lashed his crop against the horses flank and spent the rest of the ride home in a vastly improved mood.

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