This is the sequel to POPULAR so read that first if you haven't already. This story is rated M for mature concepts and has a lot of serious romance and intense action scenes. Please read and review! –xxGUSHINESSxx

I have learned the hard way that darkness is the worst form of torture.

A dark room, I waited for him. Why had he not come? Everything hurt, there was blood everywhere and it was still flowing from my damaged body. Hungry hands beat against me, formed bruises along my skin.

I screamed, a horrible shrieking sound, but no one heard me but my attacker, who swore angrily and hit me harder. I just had to scream a little longer and he would come. Robin would help me.

Then why was he not here? He promised…he promised…

It got so much harder to breathe, to thrash and to defend myself. The hands choked me and scraped against me, covered my mouth to smother me.


Somehow I hoped this was enough to stop the hurting. I knew it was not. The hand pressed against my throat and I heard an animal crying. Who was that animal? Beast Boy was not here.

I then realized it was me. Choking, struggling, fighting, losing, dying…

Tears flowed down my face, made clear streaks through the blood. My shaking hands rose up to push back my attacker, but they were so weak. The ends of my fingers curled up, red liquid rolled down.

"Help!" I found the will to scream while I could. "Robin," I cried.

My attacker laughed at me. It was so dark. I could not see. Everything was dark, and red, and warm. The gargling sound returned to my throat. My nine stomachs flopped. I started to heave, as blood slid down my throat.

Why did the end not come?

"I love you," I breathed, my eyes began to roll to the back of my head. These words were not for my attacker, but for the one who did not attack. The one who failed to come.

It is a shame I have never heard them from his lips.