Campbell's POV I smiled as I made my way to the stargazers club, one place where I didn't have to worry about the other hockey members picking on me because I was the 'rookie.' I could be the real Campbell Saunders in that club, not the hockey player jerk.

Today was the first club meeting and I didn't know if I should be happy or sad.. Happy because I was free and I enjoyed stargazing but sad because I didn't know anyone in the club and I'm not exactly one great at making friends.

Once I got to the room where we were supposed to meet I was shocked to see who was inside. The one and only, Maya Matlin. Along with other people but my attention immediately was focussed on her. Her messy blonde hair, her blue mesmerising eyes and that cute little nose of hers. Wait what? Okay so I wasn't entirely over the crush I had on her when we first met but when I found out what her and Tristan did, most of my feelings for her were lost. Practically everything I thought I knew about her, wasn't was all about Tristan.

I looked for a seat but the only one available was the one next to Maya. Probably because her best friend Tristan wasn't in this club to snag the seat near her. "Mr. Saunders, nice of you to join us! Go on, take a seat" the I'm assuming teacher said.

I huffed and glumly walked over to the seat next to Maya. It couldnt be as bad as he was thinking it could be. All he has to do is just sit next to her. It's not like he'll have to talk. "Now as I was saying, the person next to you will be your 'stargazing buddy' and you'll be doing your assignments together. So go ahead and get to know each other a little better before I give you your first assignment." the teacher by the name of , said.

Really? Why did I have to show up late to class and get the seat next to Maya? Why did I have to be partners with Maya? Why did I have to like Maya? Why does my whole world seem to revolve around Maya?

Maya's POV "Hellooo? Campbell?" I asked again. He seemed to be out of it ,lost in thought. Finally he snapped out of it and looked at her. Realising he wasn't going to be the first one to talk, Maya took a deep breathe in and began what she'd been wanting to say to Campbell since the whole Facerange thing.

"Look I'm really sorry about what Tristan and I did, he's sorry too! We didn't mean to hurt you, he just got shy and didn't know how to talk to you and I needed help with French homework and I couldn't say no to him! He's one of my best friends and he seemed so desperate! And i was stupid forgiving in to it because I didn't think of how you would feel at the moment but I started to later on and I kept telling him to tell you! But -"

My fast speech was interrupted by Campbell's index finger gently hitting my lips to probably shut me up. "..Sorry" I said, looking down. I must look like a complete idiot. Oh wait, cause i am one!

He removed his finger and lifted my head up. "Hi I'm Campbell Saunders and you are?" he asked. I was confused at first but beamed widely once I realised he was giving me another chance. "I'm Maya Matlin, it's nice to meet you" I said, sticking my hand out for him to shake it. He smiled and I knew this was the start to a great friendship.

Soon enough Campbell and I got to know eachother a little bit better in the given time. And this time he knew things about the real me, and I knew things about the real him. Its weird how much we have in common!

Just before the last minute of the club, went to the front of the room and told us we wouldn't have any assignments or anything on the first day, which was a reliever because Tristan wasn't doing my French homework anymore and I needed a lot of time to focuss on that.

''Hey Maya, since we don't have any assignments do you wanna go to the Dot with me after hockey practice?'' Campbell asked in a sweet tone.

Screw French homework. ''Sure, that'd be nice!'' I smiled.

''Great! See you then'' he said with a smile, then grabbed his bag and was out the door.

Its now been 3 hours and I still can't finish the French homework I've been staring at since I got home. French just didn't click for me. Im not terrible at it, I know some words, but it seems like it just kept getting harder and harder.

I looked at my phone and saw I got a text from Campbell saying practice was running late so he'd meet me at 7 instead of 6. Was it bad that I was happy about that? That gave me time to get ready and finish my other homework.

I texted back saying it was fine and got started on the rest of my homework.

Soon enough it was 6:45 and I actually finished everything. Im not sure if its all entirely right but oh well, I tried. I quickly brushed my hair and left, running out the door. I didn't have time to do anything else unless I wanted to be late.

Campbell's POV I sat at one of the tables in the Dot, waiting for Maya. I was happy I started things over with her, after seeing how sorry she really was I decided to give her another chance. And this time is different. The crush I had on her only made me fall even harder once I got to know the real Maya.

''Hey Campbell!'' I was greeted. I looked up only to see Maya out of breathe. I laughed as she took a seat across from me. ''What happened to you?'' I asked. ''I was running late'' she replied, still out of breathe.

I smiled ''You know you could have just texted me to tell me that you'd be a few minutes didnt have to run here'' Her face went serious as she thought about it, then she hit herself on her head numerous times before I grabbed her hand to stop.

''You're such an idiot! You see what french homework does to you Maya?'' she said, talking to herself. ''You're not an idiot, I do that all the time...And what about french homework?'' I asked. ''Oh im just falling a bit behind but whatever..'' she replied. ''I could help you..were in the same class, remember?''

She sighed ''Yeah but you switched groups and you're already busy enough with hockey, why waste your free time helping me'' ''Because I want too..and do you mind if i switch back into your group? The group im in doesn't really like me..'' I told her.

She looked up and smiled. ''You'd do that for me? And of course you can come back in the group! Tristan will be thrilled! And don't worry..he gets that you're straight now''

I smiled back and nodded. Maybe i'll have a good year at Degrassi after all.