Emma Swan bit her lip nervously as she looked out the window at the endless sea of forest. Normally, she would be planning an escape route… Now, she was just hoping that her son would get put into a good home… that he wouldn't be rejected because his mother went to prison.

She pulled the chains to the side of her big, pregnant belly, and did her best to sooth him… she knew he felt her stress, just like she felt his hiccups… he'd been getting them a lot lately. She hoped that there wouldn't be a problem with this new place… she hoped that they would at least let her hold him.

She let one tear fall at the prospect of not being able to ever see him once he was out. That's all she could allow… she would completely break if she let anything else leak out. She took a large breath as she felt the bus pull to a stop.

A blonde woman came aboard, "Come on, girl." She said in a no-nonsense way.

Emma took a minute to breath and finally heaved herself up.

Immediately the woman's eyes fell on her, "Good Lord…" she muttered, "…How long?"

Emma looked up at her worriedly, "Uh… I'm due in a month." She said as she walked forward, "Am I going to get to see him?" She bit her lip.

The officer looked at her and blankly said, "I'm not the judge of that." She pulled the young prisoner down the rest of the isle and out of the bus, "Come along, girl… The matron needs to know about you." She said.


"Regina Mills." The officer nodded, "If you think you've had hardasses before.." She laughed, "You haven't met Regina Mills… But… there are worse, I suppose."

This only made Emma even more nervous and stressed… and her baby's hiccups worse.


Regina was sitting at her desk chair, feet up. She had just had to deal with that god-awful Mary Margaret and her damn bluebird birdhouse. If she had to deal with one more thing that day, she'd walk the halls just to piss, anger and scare her inmates.

Just as she rubbed the headache from her temples, she was startled into annoyance as the door burst open. And she was even angrier when Sidney wouldn't let her speak first, "Matron Mills… there's something you need to see… Someone rather… The incoming inmate, Emma Swan. She's here…"


"You just have to see it." He gestured for her to follow.

Regina's jaw was set to the side in anger, but with a huff, she got up and followed the man out of her office and down the stairs to the main foyer of the sad building.

She saw Milli standing with the girl, one hand on her arm loosely. The girl wasn't going to make a run for it… and Regina could clearly see why.

She ran her eyes from the girl's belly to her face… she was beautiful and quite literally glowing and it wasn't the sun coming into the building from behind her. She rubbed her big stomach softly, and looked down, not having seen her yet. She would never tell of the secret want she'd been having for a child. She'd never let anyone know her jealousy of this little girl… But this little girl was not a little girl… she was quite the young woman, that much was obvious…. And she damn well couldn't help the pull she felt towards her… the need to help her, to take care of her. She'd made up her mind to do that before she'd even been visible to the blonde women.

"Ah, Matron Mills…" Milli said.

"Milli." She nodded, "Um, thank you both… I'll take her from here, alright?"

Both Sidney and Milli looked at each other then nodded.

"Okay, Matron."

"Of course."

"Oh, Milli… take these ridiculous chains off her."

Milli gave pause, "You know that she is a prisoner…?"

"Yes, officer, I am quite aware of that… just as I can see she is irritably pregnant and probably want a little more comfort. So if you please." She gestured to the young woman's ankles and wrists.

Milli nodded as she knelt down and undid her cuffs.

"Now, Swan, was it?" Regina looked at her.

"Yes, Emma." She nodded.

"Emma, this way." She guided the woman back to her incredible comfortable office.

She sat Emma on her large couch and went to her drink cart, pouring them both some of her cider… minus the alcohol of course. She sat down next to her and stared at her belly… and she watched as Emma seemed to sooth her belly.

"Is everything alright?"

"Yes, he just… has the hiccups…" She explained.

"The hiccups, really?"

Emma nodded, "He's been getting them a lot recently… ever since I've been…" she looked down.



"Tell me, Miss Swan… why did you destroy that man's car… parked in his garage… while his wife was home…?"

Emma looked into her glass then swirled it, pretending, wishing it were something stronger, "He was the rat bastard that knocked me up and didn't even bother to call after he shooed me out of his home the morning after we slept together, let alone tell me that his wife was the doctor and that's why he lived so nice… He didn't even care when I told him he was going to be a father…" She looked at the Matron, "I was mad… and hormonal thanks to him… and had I been thinking clearly, I wouldn't have done it… but I pissed as hellfire because the rat bastard just didn't even fucking care about Henry—"

"Henry?" Regina looked at her with surprise. "That… that was my father's name… it's what I always pictured myself naming my first son…"

Emma smiled, "Oh yeah?" She asked, "That's what I want them to name him… I've always felt strongly toward the name… I don't know why…"


"The parents… whoever adopts him… I his name to be Henry… and I'd really like an open adoption… however, a lot of people don't want to adopt a newborn that's been in the stomach of an inmate…" She looked down, "I don't want him to grow up like I did…" She scratched her eyebrow, then looked up at the Matron, "So… shouldn't I be put in a cell… or something?"

"Do you really want that?"

"No… but… I… I'd like to serve my seven months and get out…"

"You will… but you don't have to be in your cell for that… this is the most comfortable room on this campus… I can guarantee you that."

"Why would you want me to…?" She trailed off and looked at her.

Regina said nothing. She only turned away and went to her desk, "Relax… watch some television," She picked up a remote that moved doors on the shelving unit to reveal a 72-inch flat screen right in front of the couch, "Take a nap… let me know when you're hungry… and give me a list of foods you can and cannot have with Henry…"

Emma stared up at the Matron… she had to be some sort of angel… and it wasn't just the glow of the light coming through the window behind her… she was truly angelic… Though, she knew from the way that Milli had talked before that there had to be something up her sleeve… but she could never be sure.

She wrote everything down that she couldn't eat with Henry and did let her know when she was hungry… sooner rather than later, Sidney… the guy that seemed to be the Matron's pet came in with a food cart. He did a quadruple take as he saw her on the couch then let the Matron know their lunch was here.

Regina got up and sat next to Emma. They ate in silence and the brunette eventually felt Emma's head on her shoulder before she shifted and fell into her lap. Regina swallowed in nervousness as she stroked the girls hair before she fell gracefully into the roll of comforter and relaxed herself.

About an hour later, Emma woke up with a start, "Oh I'm sorry… I always get tired after I eat…" She gulped as she stared into the woman's eyes.

This is when they started talking… Both of them figured that they were never going to see each other again after she was out, so why not share their souls with one another…?

And then it came time for lights out… this was when the Matron finally escorted her to her cell. She told her that she wouldn't do it if she didn't absolutely have to. Emma nodded and started to walk in before Regina grabbed her hand and told her that she would be back in the morning to make her stay as peaceful as possible. Emma could only grin her thanks as she squeezed the woman's hand and walked into the cell… thankfully there wasn't a cellmate that she had to worry about… just girls in the next cell over and across… the cell was also at the end of the hall, so she didn't have to make a trip to the middle and pass by all the other women on the block.

She felt eyes on her and looked across the way. "You and the Matron seem very… friendly…"

"She's been very nice… It's just because…" She gestured to her stomach.

"Pssst! Mary!" She heard come from the cell next to her, "What is she?"

"She's pregnant, Ruby… about to pop too…"

"And the Matron was nice because of that? Man when Ashley was knocked up she didn't give a rat's ass!"

"That's because she got pregnant in an attempt to get out of here…" Mary Margaret looked over to Ruby.

"I heard that!" Ashley called from down the hall.

"Did you get pregnant for any other reason?"

"Yeah! Love!"

"Yeah, she would love to get out of here." Ruby laughed.

"Shut up!" Ashley yelled once more.

"Oh come on, Ash… you know we're just teasing…" Ruby called back.

"Yeah, whatever."

"Hey new girl? What's it like?" Ruby turned back to Emma.


"The cave… I hear she's got booze and a TV… and she gets five-star… and there's a couch… and that the sex is amazing…"

"The what now?"

"Oh, so she didn't pick you to fuck, I see…" Ruby grinned.

Even though Emma couldn't see her, she could feel the playful woman grin, "Uhh… no… she was just… being nice."

"That woman is not nice…" Mary Margaret said.

"Just because she took down your birdhouse doesn't mean she's horrible…"

"She wants something from you new girl… look out." The pixie-cut woman crossed her arms.

"Of course… look out, but let her pamper you along the way…" Ruby said from beside her.

"Do I hear talking in here?" Gold, the night guard asked as he walked down the hall.


"Belle…" He whispered as quietly as possible.

"Gold." There was a female whisper.

Then after a few smacks of lips, a cell opening and two pairs of feet walking out.

"That was Gold…" Ruby said before anyone else could explain to the new girl.

"He's in love with Belle down there… and she loves him too." Mary Margaret replied, "It's actually quite the touching story… she's the reason he started working here… She was arrested for a crime she didn't commit and he came to be with her…"

"Yeah… Mary Margaret's and Ashley's story have been told once or twice… they're both Bonnie and Clydes, but with a bit of Robin Hood sewn in… they stole to give back." Ruby said before adding, "Oh… both of their Clydes are over in the men's cell.. so they get to see each other everyday… Really the Matron is quite lenient with the prisoners… she almost let's us roam about like we're in a city… unless something happens… then she buckles down for a while, but it lets up… It's really nice when you're supposed to be here a while…"

"And why are you here?" Emma asked as she poked her head out from her cell to try to get a glimpse of her neighbor.

Ruby didn't answer.

"She killed her boyfriend…"

"Mary!" Ashley yelled from two cells down.

"Well! She did!" Mary Margaret turned to Emma, "She'd been having blackouts… had gone to the doctor… the doctor said not to worry… he was wrong… she didn't mean to… She loved him… they were going to get married…" Mary Margaret paused, "She actually drove herself here and asked to be locked up because when she came to all she was the blood on her hands…"

Emma didn't know what to say, "I'm sorry you killed your boyfriend…"

Ruby didn't say anything about it, she changed the subject, "What'd you do?"

"I destroyed the man that donated his sperm to my vagina's car… totaled it actually… with a baseball bat…" Mary Margaret's eyebrows shot up, "Yeah well… he told me he was a surgeon and I believed him… His wife is the surgeon… he's the lazy ass that quit his job and lives off wifey's money while all she does is work both her and his ass off…"

"Damn… so what happened when you told him you were preggers?" Ruby finally stuck her head out.

"He laughed and said good luck before he walked away… So… I…"

"Totaled his car…" Mary Margaret said with approval.

A few minutes later, Gold and Belle came back and everyone went silent. Emma quickly fell asleep for the second time that day.