Acknowledgements: Thanks again everyone for your patience in following this story. This is the last chapter.

Author's Note: I wrote this as a short story over a year ago but never published it. I saw it as an epilogue to a story… so I've tagged it onto this story.

Chapter 16: Epilogue - Brother Bear

A few months after the events of 'Operation Amnesia'.

Latvia woke up to a beautiful morning. The birds were singing, butterflies were fluttering by in the gorgeous summer sky as he opened his bedroom curtains. Latvia smiled, for once not shaking, stuttering or crying. He was so happy. Today was the day he was taking delivery of his new pet. For years he had always wanted his own dog. The doorbell rang.

"It's here", he grinned happily and skipped down the stairs.

Instead of the lovely lady who had promised him a cute cuddly Labrador puppy, was a shaking delivery man, his clothes torn and his eyes had a haunted look to them. Latvia frowned, what was this?

The delivery man indicated a clipboard, "Pppp please sign this", the man stuttered.

Latvia frowned, he didn't often meet people who stuttered like him, Sweden didn't count – that was just a left over from the Swede's wars with Denmark.

"Where's my puppy?" Latvia asked innocently and slightly concerned.

The man just stared at Latvia like he'd grown another head. "Puppy?" the man said incredulously. "In the crate... but I'm not sure if it's actually a..." the man did not finish his sentence.

Latvia looked around the man and saw for the first time a massive wooden crate with chains looped around it. On the side was stamped in large red letters "DANGEROUS ANIMAL" and an arrow which marked "THIS WAY UP" but pointing down.

"Poor thing" thought Latvia. "It's rather a large crate for a Labrador isn't it?" He asked the delivery man.

"I don't know about that, I've had it in my lorry all the way, the papers say that the tranquiliser darts will be wearing off any time now. It was humming and singing some kind of song as we went through Germany". The man looked pleadingly at Latvia. He looked as if he'd peered into the gates of hell, there were dark shadows under his eyes and he was shivering.

Latvia frowned. The Labrador puppy he'd ordered was only coming from the next town and the lovely dog breeder lady was going to deliver him herself. And besides whoever heard of a Labrador or any dog for that matter that could sing?

Suddenly the crate shook violently and one of the sides splintered as whatever was inside started growling. The air temperature dropped by five degrees and Latvia pulled his jacket around himself.

"Didn't you let him out for a wee?" Latvia asked, concerned. "Dogs need to relieve themselves."

The delivery man stared at him, "I think…" he began and jumped as one of the chains snapped and hung creaking in the wind. A weird purple mist emanated from the crate. Something inside snarled.

"I think it's some kind of bear… Please sign the form," he all but begged.

Latvia, being a kind soul, signed the form and watched as the man grabbed the clipboard, tore off the "customer delivery form" and ran to his waiting lorry.

"Silly man…" Latvia murmured, "Some people don't know the difference between a dog and a bear."

The lorry screeched round the corner on two wheels as, right on cue, a deafening "KOLKOLKOL" emanated from the crate.

Latvia screamed.