We leave the studio. The weather is warm and the air is cool on my face. My throat aches after singing for the last 3 hours, recording new songs for The GazettE's new album, DIVISION. I feel Kai's hands wrap around my waist. I smile and turned to face him and I peck his cheek.

"Come on lovebirds, I'm starving" I hear Aoi shout over his shoulder. My stomach rumbles and I blush. We haven't eaten since 7am and its true, I am starving. I feel Kai take hold on my hand and we turn, following the others.

We're at the restaurant until 11pm, after Aoi and Uruha empty out nearly all the buffet stalls. Reita is hyper after eating about 3 bowls on jelly."RUKI!"

I hear Reita shouting before launching himself at me. He catches me head first in the chest and I fall backwards. All I hear next is a screech of brakes and the sound of glass breaking. I hear Kai, screaming my name. I hit the bonnet of the car and roll off, hitting the hard concrete of the road. I look up, look at the dark sky and the stars. Kai's face comes into view. His eyes, full of tears, panic stricken. I see the others. Reita is one all fours, tears falling. Uruha and Aoi, frozen, not moving, staring at me. I try to move but my body protests. Pain takes over my body, blurring my vision. I whisper "Kai…."

"RUKI! Can you hear me? Please answer, PLEASE!"

He moves me, pulling me onto his lap, cradling my head in his arms.

I hear Reita in the background "Kai, I don't think you should move him…."

"SHUT UP!" He screams. "This is your fault, you're the one who pushed him!"

My eyes widen a little. I've never seen Kai so angry, so distressed before.

"Kai….Its okay. Its not Reita's fault" I manage to say.

"Ruki! Are you okay?" His voice cracks with emotion.

I reach up and stroke his face. His skin is so soft. He leans his head into my hand and holds my hand there.

"Please Ruki, don't give up, everything is going to be okay"

I wipe a tear off of his soft cheek.

"Just remember all the good times we had. When we first met, when we fell in love...Never forget that"

I hear footsteps and I see them all. My friends, my soul mates.

A tear falls down my cheek, but I leave it to fall to the floor.

My eyes start to feel heavy. I try to keep them open, but I accept that this is how it ends.

"Kai….Uruha….Aoi…Reita….I love you...all of you. Please don't cry."

"Ruki…Please don't leave us….please. I beg of you….I can't live…." He breaks down, overcome with grief and emotion.

I reach up and hold his cheek. Darkness takes over my vision and my body goes limp. Kai screams my name as I drift away, pain leaving my body and peace seems to be the only thing I feel.