Stark mansion 2:36 am. Tony stark aka Iron man was busy working on his latest armor, in the basement to his extravagant home. The armor in the center of the room showcased to only him on a platform, the only lights in the room were the ones around it allowing it to be visible while the rest of the room remained in darkness only dimly outlined by blue. Next to it a table stood with a variety of tools and an empty cup once filled with water perhaps. Normally he would be blasting music that could be heard from space and lighting up the room that would make the sun jealous. But tonight he seemed more cautious… and he had good reason.

It had been several weeks after his world merged with another, and despite saving both worlds from being eaten that didn't mean crime stopped. So while the 2 worlds were still merged both sides decided to help each other rebuild out of a sense of responsibility and staying ahead of the game and upgrading was just Tony's way of taking responsibility and protecting the people he's sworn to protect no matter what world they're from. Now he knelt down before the right knee with a blowtorch. He stopped to stand up and took off the protective mask. He looked up at his greatest creation.

"Look better every time I see you extremis" he said looking at the helmet.

There he saw his reflection in the headpiece. His eyes, nose, beard all aligned to where they would fall once inside the helmet. "Now "he said looking down at the chest "let's see if I can get some more power into this thing" he poked at the triangle in his chest. He went to put the blowtorch down on the table but kept his eyes on the armor. Since he did that he didn't notice it hit the cup and sent it over the side of the table. Seeing it fall out of the corner of his eye he made a dash to grab the falling object. The cup was almost to the ground when he caught it, kneeling over with his arm stretched out. A single drop of sweat from his brow was the only thing that touched the ground. He let out a relieved sigh and looked to the stairs.

"That definitely would have brought on some unwanted attention".

He kept his eyes on the stairs for a moment as if he was looking at something in the darkness.. and he knew it was looking back. Then he turned around to the armor putting his back to the stairs when suddenly he heard a groan. He turned around panicked to the stairs. He saw nothing only darkness, but what was in it. After a few more silent moments he retained his composure and tried to return to the task at hand. He took a step forward to continue when suddenly rights flashing lights filled the room, an alarm was going off and a digital computer screen appeared before him. Red light appeared over it reading "Danger". Frantically he entered his password to find out what was going on. He saw on the screen a crude layout of his home. At the bottommost floor was a white dot titled "YOU" in the same color. He looked again at the layout to find the source of the disturbance. At the topmost layer a red dot was moving titled "DANGER". The dot was moving down each floor searching quickly through each. He watched as it went from each floor and ended up at the level above the basement and stopped as it hit the stairs. Tony turned around panting on edge to see what it was. He turned to look at the stairs but like before he saw nothing. The alarm went off and the red flashing lights replaced by blue still ones as before. He kept staring but nothing happened. After moments of nothing but silence his heart rate returned to normal and he let out a deep breathe. He stood up straight and was hoping to back to his work.

"Well well what do we have here?" a seductive voice questioned.

His hopes were shattered.

He turned around to see Morrigan Aensland the succubus demon princess from the other world he encountered and currently was his roommate or roommate with benefits as they called it ever since they saved the world. Now she stood before him in a purple kimono that showed off her legs one hand placed on her hip.

"Oh you know the usual just working on my armor" he responded.

"Yes I can see that" she said as she walked past him and pawed at the helmet. "So what I wanna know is" she paused as she lifted herself up onto the table knocking over the cup as she did so. Tony rolled his eyes as she smirked with her legs crossed. "SO I wanna know why I woke up alone in the middle of the night while you were down here?" Tony leaned against the armor crossing his arms.

"Well what can I say babe this is my passion" he said casually.

"Your passion?" she sounded almost threatening. Then she darted in front of him pinning him against the armor. "And what about my passion?"

"We've been doing your passion every day since you've started staying here. I need some me time, also it would probably help if you cleaned up around the house sometimes"

"Oh the hell with your me time, let's go back upstairs" he said in a babyish voice sucking on his finger.

Tony let out a defeated sigh "okay you win lets go".

So the led him across the room and up the stairs to go back to the top floor to his house. But before they left tony switched off the lights to the basement, then with one final tug from Morrigan he went up the stairs and back to doing her pleasure.