Weeks went by and Morrigan's injuries had healed. Unfortunately as she was released from the hospital she learned that her time was up. For that day was the day Shield had chosen to return the worlds to their original state and separate them. So everyone gathered except the villain's that caused it on the Hellcarrier in the sky. There was a portal next to it leading to Kattlelox Island. Everyone involved was there to say goodbye. Bruce banner had showed up to say goodbye to Chris but since he felt more connected to the Hulk so he punched him in the face to make him change. As he predicted the Hulk wasn't angry with him. So Chris Redfield and the Hulk ended their partnership that day.

"Alright Big guy just remember don't go breaking stuff" he told him.

"Hulk try" he grumbled. Chris then extended his hand and hulk took it completely covering his hand as he took it.

Dante and Trish said goodbye to Deadpool and Taskmaster.

"Well it was fun while it lasted" Dante confessed.

"Alas poor us! The double D and T team id no more!" he proclaimed. "Yeah Yeah" Taskmaster said standing crossarmed next to an outrageous Deapool while his cape blew in the breeze.. He then looked over to see Akuma on the other side of the portal. Akuma considered him a worthy opponent due to their numerous skills and fighting styles. Taskmaster however only agreed to fight if he would be paid. Akuma called his act disgraceful but in the end to obtain his challenge he paid him. Akuma nodded to Taskmaster and he nodded back. Thor knelt down scratching Amaterasu's stomach. Nova and Viewtiful Joe were exchanging farewell's but Joe fund it hard to concentrate as he was trying to make sure he has everyone's autograph before he left. Ghost rider and Arthur had teamed up after beating Galactus and had had some pretty wild adventures that even Tron Bonne got involved in. Captain America saluted Spencer who responded with his own. Then he walked off stopping briefly to shake rocket raccoon's head.

"See ya rocket". Rocket responded with his own goodbye and then went on as he had many others to do. He had teamed up with Zero after Galactus exploring many areas of both of their universes together. But he decided to save him for last. He now walked up to Chris.

"Well Raccoon city wasn't as peaceful as I expected and I should gut you like a fish for that but all in all you're a good man Redfield".

"Thanks little guy" Chris said reaching down to pet him. "I'm not gonna get rabies am I?" he asked retracting his hand. Rocket hissed at him. "Okay okay come here" Chris said picking him up. Ryu and Wolverine exchanged their goodbyes as they became pretty good friends through the whole ordeal.

"I wish you luck Hsien ko, I hope you can be cured of your condition one day" Dr. Strange spoke to the undead twin. Rocket raccoon then approached Zero.

"Well mate it was fun explorin space with ya. Ere a little souvenir for ya". He handed him a guardian of the galaxy badge. "That should get ya a little off at some pub you may visit"

"Hm well I don't think this has much meaning in my world but I'll keep it anyway"

Iron fist said goodbye to Chun li, Spider man to Frank west, Phoenix Wright and Maya to She hulk, Hawkeye to C. Viper. But Spencer continued to walk towards the portal until he saw Tony Stark in all his armor save the helmet.

"You know we never got that fight in" he brought up as he approached him.

"No I guess we didn't, but" he paused "we can have that partnership" he said handing a disc over to Spencer who took it with a raised eyebrow.

"What's this?"

"That is a copy of some tech I have, not for weapons but for clean energy. I figured if I want my dream to come alive in this world why not try the next".

"Thanks" Spencer smiled but it came out in a smirk.

"You know Emily would like to know if you wanna go on a double date, next time you guys are jumping through realities of course"

"I'd like that". The 2 looked at each other and Spencer extended his bionic arm. Tony extended his hand and they shook.

"See ya" Spencer said before moving to his side of the portal.

Tony then stood there with Morrigan next to him neither of them saying a word. Finally after seeing everyone say goodbye they turned to each other.

"Well.." Tony started

"Well .." Morrigan added. Tony leaned in but then extended his hand to her shoulder

"Take care of yourself" he said

"Yeah you too". Captain America observed their little action. Then Nick Fury walked up.

"Everyone the time has come" he said ominously. "Everyone from my world stay on the Hellcarrier, as for everyone else it's time to go home. Were ready to begin". With that said everyone said their last words and went to their respective sides of the portal.

"See you around partner" Zero told rocket

Hulk bear hugged Chris.

"Ahh easy big guy"

"HULK MISS FRIEND" he proclaimed before letting him limp to his side.

"Take care of that cute face Chris" She hulk called to him.

"Hope I can see you in the ring one day. In a tag team or against you" Haggar told Hulk.

"Keep your spirit kid" Wolverine told Ryu.

"Thank you for everything you've done for me"

"Keep cool little knight" Ghost Rider said to Arthur

"Stay out of trouble kid" he said turning to Tron.

Morrigan was the last to leave. She turned away leaving Tony alone until Cap walked up next to him.

"You know that's a real shame" he said with his arms crossed.

"What is?" Tony said keeping his eye on Morrigan

"I can't say. It's just that she looks awfully sad"

"Well I think we're all sad"

"Yeah well Maybe she didn't get the goodbye she wanted".

"Everyone stand clear!" Nick Fury yelled. He then pulled a switch and a loud boom was heard. Then suddenly before everyone's eyes the portal started closing. Tony kept his eye on Morrigan.

"You know this may be the last time we ever see them and I wish them all luck" Cap stated. "But who knows maybe" he stopped talking as right in the middle of the sentence Tony ran towards the portal bringing a smile to the super soldiers face. He ran past everyone until he was away from the crowd turning their heads as he went. Everyone on the other side looked at him strangely. He ran straight for Morrigan and stopped in front of her.



"Yeah I'm not really good with words but there is one thing I am good at"

"What?" she asked. Then he reached down grabbed her and kissed her passionately on the lips and she kissed back. They both closed their eyes and accepted the moment. There were cheers, whistles and applause from both sides of the portal.

"hm mush" was all Spencer said.

The 2 stood there kissing passionately for what seemed like the longest time. The hero and the demon. All the while the portal began getting smaller and smaller. Soon the crowds that were once visible on each side became less and less until only 2 could be seen; Tony Stark and Morrigan Aensland. As the portal reached around them it stopped for a moment as if knowing how important this moment was for them. But then it would wait no longer, it got closer and closer. Both of them one moment embraced in a kiss until all they felt was the wind. They would open their eyes to see that the portal was closed and the only thing there was their own world.

Tony stark stood din the aftermath of that kiss looking straight where Morrigan once was and then at the horizon. The other heroes soon rallied next to him.

"That was a good thing there soldier" Cap said approaching from his left. He got no response. "Hey you okay Tony?" Still no response.

Dr. Strange put a hand on Tony's right shoulder "Ah Tony it had to be this way and I am sorry for you. I may not be the sorcerer supreme anymore but I can say things always turn out for the best. Goodbyes are never forever". Then Tony shot up.

"Hey that gives me an idea"

"Oh geez" Wolverine complained.

"Think I'll make me a nifty little teleporter that can travel through dimensions. I got the tech for it, doc a little magic could be helpful"

"Oh I don't know about-"but Tony kept going.

"Thor I bet the all father could give us some helping hands" he said turning to the thunder god.

"I do not think that he would approve but you have Odinson at your disposal"

"Oh come on those were some good people ones we'd all like to see again and no one will debate that". Everyone nodded in agreement except for Ghost rider who listed numerous people he hated but no one paid it any mind.

"HULK WANNA SEE PARTNER AGAIN!" the big green man proclaimed

"I've heard some interesting things about the world warrior tournament" Iron fist said.

"I could go for a second bout with the karate kid" Wolverine added

"Lots of people I'd hafta catch up with" Rocket pointed out.

"I could use some more moves" Taskmaster admitted

"Finding some new recruits for the Nova corps wouldn't be a bad idea" Nova pondered aloud.

"It sounds like a harmless idea" Cap said throwing out his opinion.

"Well then looks like earth's mightiest heroes have a project" Tony stated.


Author's note: Well that's the end of my first story! Large amount of thanks go to Rider Paladin who kept up with the story and left so many comments and thanks to the people whove read it and will continue to read it.