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Chapter 1

At the turn of the century, a discovery was made that changed the world. No, not a discovery.

A revolution.

Creature of the night, incestuous monsters, blood suckers, whatever you want to call them, one fact is known. By one name, they arose from the shadows, invulnerable to sunlight and invincible to the humans. With one voice, they called for one thing and one thing only.


No one could figure out why they did it, why they didn't just enslave the humans, but everyone knew who they were.


In less than a year, thousands of these underground creatures took to the light, sick of living in fear and darkness. They made homes, had families, did everything like a normal human would except one thing.

They had to feed.

Working with their supposed prey, scientists of both vampires and humans were able to create synthesized blood which put an end to needless killings. Yet this brought another attribute of the night creatures to light.

No vampire could live forever on the synthesized blood, unfortunately and some turned to other methods. In order to bring peace, officials of both sides created a system to keep things under control. The system included some humans being chosen to live with the blood suckers, being their food.

These humans were called marks for the teeth marks left on their skin after a feeding. They were also called this for the fact that the possessive creatures collared them, separating them into small groups of about three for one vampire. Vampires chose the ones they marked for different reasons, but almost always for beauty. They would often pick marks as early as middle school and continue to live with them up to the point that either the marks or vampire died.

Yes, you hear me right, vampires can die. Yet only through starvation or loss of marks.

High school is the main year that new bred vampires breakout of their 'private' schools to go to public schools and find their marks. These public schools are exactly that, public. Unlike pricey human or vampire private schools, public schools are cheap-free even, for extra incentive for humans. Those that can afford it pay to go to all humans schools. Those that can't end up here.

Just like me.

Yes, this isn't a normal 'history' book to vampires and sorts.

It's my life story.

Now you're probably wondering why I'm writing a book like this. I'm writing down what truly happens in this school, tearing off the flowery, 'goody-two-shoes' banners that cover such places. I'm also writing it to tell of my last days, just in case the unthinkable happens.

But that's not something I want to dwell on.

You see, my family is quite poor. My mom works all day and Grampa runs a small game shop. They were able to keep me in a private school through my sixth to ninth grade years, but our luck ran out.

For education's sake, I am starting my first day of the second semester oh my sophomore year –at Domino High, public school.

My heart beat quickened as the door to my first class opened.

"Ah! Our new student! Please come in." the plain looking teacher said, ushering me in before I could give myself a confidence boost. So saying, I found myself standing with a deer in the head lights look as a class of fifty or more stared at me like a new shiny toy.

About a quarter of the gazes turned ravenous, like a starving man seeing bread for the first time in weeks.

Swallowing thickly, I didn't notice that the teacher had even introduced me until he called my name.

"Huh? What?" I asked fearfully.

Acting as if this happened with every new student (which it probably did), he smiled warmly and gestured to the students, "As I said, would you care to introduce yourself to your peers?"

No, I would not. I would like to spend the rest of my high school career going completely unnoticed, thank-you very much!

But things never go my way. They never do.

Turning back to the crowd, I took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

What's that? I haven't told you my name yet?

"Yugi Mutou. Nice to meet you."


I bowed, "Please take care of me."

Please don't eat me.

"Very good. You may be seated." The teacher said, pointing to a chair in the middle row closest to the window. Hurrying to my seat, I tried to remain under the radar of everyone, every vampire here.

If only I couldn't know what would happen.


"So what do you think, Pharaoh?" a white haired fiend asked his desk mate.

"About what, Thief?" a teen surprisingly similar to our protagonist replied rather sharply.

"The new kid. He seems interesting, despite the fact he look like you."

"I thought that would add to his mysterious nature." The 'Pharaoh' said sarcastically, his dull red eyes sliding to look at the albino.

"Hardly." The 'Thief' said, reclining in his seat and putting his feet on the desk, "So how long do you think he'll last?"

"With those looks?" Pharaoh shot the new kid a look. He knew the vampire population of students didn't exactly like him, but he was strong enough to put them in their place. This human however, was not and could prove to be the ideal punching bag to his enemies, "I say a month."

"Hah!" the albino laughed, "Didn't you notice the way Ushio was eyeing him? Despite being the lowest class, I wouldn't be surprised if he claimed him before the two-week periods is up."

"Really? That's unfortunate." Pharaoh said carelessly. "But it is not my problem."

The thief eyed him, "You know, you still don't have a primary mark. And it looks like you haven't fed recently, a week or so maybe. A pip-squeak like him wouldn't put up much of a fight. You could easily-!"

"Bakura." The 'Pharaoh' growled, "I told you that I won't tie myself to something as weak as a human to survive. I can survive just fine on synth-blood alone."

"Hmm… and when did you last drink?"

"… This morning." Pharaoh replied rather shamefully.

"Uh-huh." Bakura said. "Synth-blood can totally keep you sated."

"I said survive, not sated." Pharaoh said, turning to his book, "But it doesn't matter. I'll deal with my own problems and the new kid will be dead in less than two weeks. It's as simple as that."

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