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Chapter 23

It was like wine, thick slightly fruity wine, thick and red on my tongue and oh-so-good. Once I had tasted it, I knew I'd never get enough. It was even better than Tea's blood and I had thought that was good! If that was heaven, what was this?!

Pain in my own neck almost made me stop, but the instincts to defend were overpowered by my hunger for the ripe, delicious blood that filled my mouth to the brim. Swallowing quickly, I let my eyes droop as I reveled in the taste and feel of the red liquid. Some overflowed from my mouth, staining my lips, but I didn't care.

I couldn't get enough.

Just like wine, I seemed to grow drunk on it the longer I drank. Soon it had heat to it, like a fire in my mouth. Yet it didn't hurt and didn't take away from the taste, if anything it made it more potent and I moaned lower in my throat. Tightening my fingers where they held his shoulder, my body shifted forward, gently rocking my hips into those of the one below me to get friction against my suddenly hardening cock.

As I drank, the fire-like blood flowed down my throat and to my stomach before curling outwards from there. The warmth made my skin tingle in a way that nearly had me begging for more. Nearly because I couldn't bear to tear my mouth away to cry out in need. The coldness I once felt was being drained at a faster rate from my neck so that soon, all that was left was the heat running through my veins.

Heat that was slowly making my head spin.

Scared that I would be consumed, I whimpered, but couldn't bear giving up the mouth-watering taste to try to run. To try to escape these sudden new feelings. So much to get used to right after I had been changed. What more would change in the next few hours of my life?

Another whimper warbled out, this time answered with a possessive growl that made shivers run down my spine and the hairs on the back of my neck to stand straight. Goosebumps rippled up my arms as sudden need blossomed in my stomach. My rocking shifted to a higher gear, becoming obvious now.

A cough sounded somewhere to our sides.

Fully planning to ignore it, I let out a startled cry when the teeth in my neck bit harder and I was pushed away. Dark black eyes stared into my own, making me flinch in fear. Was he mad that I had done this to him? Had bitten him without asking? He'd done it the first time to me!

"Get out." He ordered, low and calm and a shock of fear and rejection pierced my heart. Pulling back further, I tried to maneuver myself off of him, but an iron tight grip circled around my arms, right above my elbows. Try as I might, I wasn't able to break free.

Behind me, I heard the sound of footsteps and clothes rustling as well as a call for Bakura to follow. Vaguely, I realized that he must have been talking to them, but that didn't ease my fears in the least. For all I know, he could be making them leave so that he could kill me without witnesses…

As soon as the metal warehouse slid closed behind them, bloodied lips smashed themselves to my own, blowing my thoughts to H***. Moaning into the kiss, I flicked my tongue out, tasting the combination of our blood on his lips.

Remember that long description about the taste of his blood? Of how good it was and how it was the best thing I'd ever tasted?

Forget it.

This was the best. And would always be the best. Definitely.

Then his lips parted and my tongue slipped in, tasting the remnants of my blood on his tongue and the slick feel of his sharp teeth running across my taste buds. I only had seconds to investigate before he fought back, his tongue waging war with mine. Valiantly, I fought back to experience the tang of my own blood, but he was stronger.

In no time, he had forced me to retreat into my own mouth and allow him entrance as well. Shivering in delight, I allowed him a few sparse seconds to map out my own mouth before I grew bored and started to toy with him. A lick here, a suck there and –whoops, was that my hand on his crotch?

Roughly, he pulled away to arch into my hand, growling dangerously as he did. A smirk squirmed its way onto my face as his eyes opened again, dark and smoldering before I found myself lying on my back, staring up at the ceiling.

Huh, wonder when that happened…

And then I didn't care as he tore through my white, blood stained shirt. Hazily, I pondered the loss of my favorite shirt before I decided it was beyond repair anyway thanks to Vivian. Thoughts of the Chinese woman made me shudder and pull myself closer to Yami, glad that I was alive and that she was…

Well, that she wasn't.

Humming, I arched my neck for him as he licked at my wounds, cleaning them. Deciding that it would only be fair, I tilted my head up, returning the favor and getting a second taste of his delicious blood.

Yup, just as good the second time, but I liked it better when ours was mixed. Mine made his… sweeter, a natural sweet, like honey.

Thinking such thoughts, my mind almost wandered away when his strokes went higher, catching behind my ear. Gasping, I cocked my head to the side, allowing him more access as my eyes slid closed. The pleasure made my hands trembled as I reached up to lock them around his shoulders. My nails felt unnaturally sharp as they dug through his shirt and into his skin.

His mouth trailed down my neck again and down my chest. His tongue coaxed one of my nipples to hardness as his hand tweaked the other harshly. Another cry spilled out and my breathing became labored, as unsteady as my heart that beat inside my chest. It sounded slow in my ears, but I was used to a fast thrumming when excited, not the now normal pace that betrayed my exhilaration.

Sharp teeth scraped against my stomach, breaking the skin easily and allowing a trickle of blood to spill out. Hissing in pain, I tangled one hand in his hair as he soothed the wound, the other hand wound downward, trying to push his jacket off his shoulders. Huffing as he didn't even try to help me, I tugged harder until I felt a hand slip down my stomach and to the waist band of my jeans.

Sucking in a breath, I froze, letting out a nearly inaudible whine.

A chuckle brushed against my skin as, ever so slowly, his fingers traced a line on my waist and dipped teasingly beneath the band. Straining, I bucked against him, trying to get him to hurry up. A warning growl made my instincts cringe and cry for me to back down, but I couldn't. I'd had enough of his teasing.

Instead, I whined louder, pleadingly. Maybe I could convey with sound what I so desperately needed him to do.

The show of need seemed to get the desired result as his fingers dove for the button on my pants. With a snap, it tore off from brute strength, but I didn't care. My erection was suddenly free and it was all I could do not to buck up into him to gain some much needed friction.

Then it was engulfed in heat and I snapped.

The hand that had tangled itself in his jacket pulled down sharply, ripping the material of both the school uniform and the black shirt underneath. Oops. Hope he didn't like that shirt too much.

Instead of calling me on it, he simply maneuvered out of the shreds of fabric, the whole time sucking and stroking my hard cock. Is his flexibility a unique attribute of his own, or is it because he's a vampire?

I'd have to check it out later.

Throwing the shredded jacket/shirt combo to the side, I tangled my fingers in his hair as he nipped lightly at my cock. While I still enjoy the slight ting of pain, that is one place I do not want it. He toyed with me for only a few more moment, then pulled back, dragging my pants down after him.

Luckily, instead of destroying those, he just threw them to the side.

Heat still pounded through my veins when he spread my legs. My instincts told me to fight, to roll us over and dominate him, but a deep-throated snarl curbed those instincts, at least, for now.

I'd return this little favor later.

Fingers pressed against my mouth, already slightly slick with blood. Flicking my tongue out, I got another taste of his delectable blood that made the heat in my stomach flare. Drawing the digits into my mouth, my eyes drooped as I concentrated on threading my tongue through his fingers and carefully around his sharp nails.

Under the slight pressure from my tongue, his nails dulled, or maybe it was more like they receded, like re-tractable talons. Did vampire nails work like that? Another thing to add to my list of things to investigate.

Without warning, he pulled them from my mouth, pressing a lovingly rough kiss to my blood-smeared lips. While my mouth was engaged and my brain otherwise occupied, I didn't feel his fingers again until they were pressed against my entrance.

Stiffening slightly, I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. A prodding at my mouth drew my concentration into another tongue fight with Yami as the first finger circled my hole before wiggling in.

The first thought I had was that it was uncomfortable, but doable at least. He thrust it into me for several seconds, trying to prepare me for the next stage. A second finger pressed in beside it before long, accompanied by a sting of pain. Pain that, I found, mixed surprisingly well with pleasure.

In his impatience, the third finger entered way too soon, but I couldn't find it in me to care. With the third finger came a wave of over stretched ache that made me arch up into him, mouth open in a silent scream. My vision swam as the pain and pleasure twisted into a heady combination. That mixed with his scent in the air and his blood still on my tongue, I felt more drunk than I had ever felt in my life.

Huh, maybe his title of 'masochist' for me had more truth to it than I thought.

My reaction had made him stop, worried that he'd hurt me too much. To encourage him, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, breathing, "Please… moooore!"

At my needy moan, he tensed, not even breathing before he let out a possessive roar and yanked his fingers out of me. Before I could miss the 'too full' feeling, his hard cock was rubbing against my entrance, begging for permission.

A whimper was his reply.

Pressing his hands into my thighs, he slowly pushed forward, forcing his way into my body in a way that made my toes curl and a gasp of air catch in my throat. My nails dug into his skin, making beads of red liquid well up on the surface as he slid deeper until he was completely sheathed within me.

Both of us paused, panting wildly, but I was the first to break. Rolling my hips, I begged him with my body to please oh please just move!

Listening to my unspoken pleas, he retreated, only to slam back into me without warning. In an instant, we had started a maddeningly fast pace. No way could any human go this fast! This was purely vampire abilities at work here!

At our pace, I barely had time to suck in a breath that wasn't released in a sudden gasp, let alone moan or cry out in pleasure. His thrust grew harder and deeper as he started to reach his end. My cock was already leaking pre-cum, but I wasn't quite close to coming yet.

Suddenly, he pushed my knees to my shoulders, his forehead pressing against mine. Our breaths mingled as he used the new position to strike something in me that made stars explode behind my eyes and my vision to turn white. When it cleared, I heard an echo of a loud cry ringing in the warehouse and realized with an embarrassed start that it was mine.

I didn't have long to be embarrassed though because his next thrust was accompanied by a hand on my cock, pumping it as he drilled into my hole. The combination almost made me cum, when he struck that spot inside me again, pushing me over the edge.

Screaming out my climax, I released my load between us, clamping down on his cock as I did. Hazily, I felt him reach his climax as well, spilling his semen into my hole and coating my walls with his essence. He kept moving for several seconds until he was dry, then he fell to his elbows, not quite lying on me, but definitely in my personal bubble.

His breath ghosted over my face as we both came down from our sex-induced high. For a long time, I didn't move from our position, didn't want to, really. I just wanted to stare up into his (now) crimson eyes and never have to think about leaving his side ever again. So I did.

"That was amazing." He breathed, finally breaking the silence

"Does this mean you're not mad?" I questioned softly.

"Mad?" he brushed my bangs out of my eyes before cupping my cheek, "Why would I be mad?"

"Because I…" I looked down in shame. "I used the Blood Ceremony to keep you from dying."

Silence stretched on between us, my fear growing until he shattered it with a light-hearted laugh.

"Yugi, Little One." My name had never sounded so good. "You do not know everything about the Blood Ceremony, do you?"

"I know enough." I mumbled.

"Really? And where did you learn? From Seto? Because I know for a fact that I haven't told him everything." He flashed me a cocky, half-lucid grin. "Tell me what you know."

"I know that it's a marriage ceremony of sorts that binds vampires to each other…" my forehead creased in confusion. "What didn't you tell him?"

"I didn't tell him about the fact that if one or both vampires aren't willing, the ceremony won't work and they'll both die." Yami said rather simply, as if he were discussing the weather. My eyes widened.


"I can say it would not have been because of me." Yami said. Though I know it wasn't supposed to, I felt that it was rather pointed.

"You think I wouldn't be willing?" my eyes narrowed, the room darkening around me again.

"Before you were changed, I had a fifty-fifty shot. Afterwards though, I didn't know how you'd take it." He paused before adding, "Have I mentioned that you look incredibly sexy when you're angry?"

Part of me wanted to stay angry at him for accusing me and then trying to change the subject, but the other part, the larger part, focused on the fact that the little comment had affected me more than it should have and that he was already hard again inside of me.

"One more round and then we talk." I consented.

"Sure, sure." He answered, non-committal.

"I mean it." I glared (not pouted!), "This conversation isn't over yet."

"Of course, Hikari. Of course." Then he pressed his lips against mine once again and I fell into utter bliss.


"So, vampire powers, color-changing eyes and now I'm married." I listed off as I tugged on my pants. "Anything else I should know about?"

"Um…" Yami looked thoughtful for a few moments. Telepathy?

I nearly dropped my belt in shock. Staring at him, I whispered, "Wh-what?"

Our minds are linked. Have been since the Blood Ceremony. His voice echoed in my head though his lips didn't move. Pressing a thumb to his chin, he said, "It's a side effect of the ritual. Most newly bonded don't seem to mind, but if you're bothered, we can find a way to work around it."

"No, I'm good. It's just…" I shook my head, "Wow. Didn't see that one coming."

"With all we've been through, you should have." He flashed me a toothy grin. Rather relaxed about all this, he reclined on the cement slab, "Besides, from other bonded pairs, I've heard it's a rather… unique experience. I wonder what it would be like in bed."

Those last two words made thousands of images flash through my mind at the speed of light. Instantly, the pants I had just belted felt too tight again and I didn't even have a button on them anymore! Across from me, Yami looked to be feeling similar effects, but his gaze was centered on me specifically. Almost like…

He was reading my mind.

"You have a very active imagination, Little One." Yami chuckled, licking his lips.

"H-Hey!" I shouted. "You weren't supposed to see those!"

This brought another round of deep chuckles, "As much as I'd like to indulge your fantasies, my cousin is growing rather antsy outside."

"Oh, is that who those pacing footsteps belonged to?" I faked innocence. "I never would have known."

Laughing whole-heartedly now, he called out to his cousin, "Seto! You can come in now!"

"FINALLY!" the brunette yelled as he shoved the warehouse door aside. "I was starting to get worried that one of you had killed the other."

Both of us flinched at that, unnoticed by the CEO.

"Now that you two have properly bonded, we have to get out of here." Seto crossed his arms. "The vampire police-force will be here soon to check out Vivian's remains. I doubt you'll be jailed, Yami, but Yugi is a different matter. I suggest we get him out first."

First? As in, not together? At that, I tensed. I didn't want to leave Yami's side yet! I'd already almost died, been changed, almost killed him and then something finally went right and now I have to leave!?

Calm down, Aibou. Yami's voice whispered as a calming sense flitted over my mind. Out loud, he said, "It's just for a little while, Yugi. I need to talk to the vampire officials and if you haven't noticed, it's awfully hard to keep my hands off of you."

No duh. I thought, thinking about my similar problem.

"Seto and Joey will take you to my house." Yami said. "Once I get everything settled here, we'll talk about what to do now that you're turned. There are a few odds and ends that need to be tied up."

"Got it." I nodded before looking at Seto. Joey had already scrambled onto his back and wrapped his arms around his neck, resting his chin on the brunette's head. "You ready?"

"Only if you are." He turned toward the open door.

"I guess." I said, following him out. Trailing after him, I looked at the brick building that he paused at. "What now?"

"We're going to climb, and then run from roof to roof." Seto said simply.

"I'd recommend dat ya close yer eyes, but den ya wouldn't be able t'see." Joey commented as he stared up at the cliff in slight horror.

"So how do I climb?" I asked, not seeing any real handholds or foot holds to help me up.

"Let your instincts take over." Seto suggested wittily before he let go of Joey completely and stepped up to the bricks. Gently, his fingers brushed the stone before digging into the brick and making his own hand holds. Just like that, he shot up the straight wall, making it look as simple as walking.

Shuffling up to it, I ran my fingers across the face. Sure I could use Seto's handholds, but I wanted to experience this myself, to get the whole feel. The subtle rippling of sand like stone against my finger pads made my spine shiver a bit in anticipation. Curving my fingers just so, I found that the brick crumbled readily into my hands, making the perfect grip to start my climb.

From there, it was like a walk in the park.

Scaling the wall easily, I leapt at the last second, somersaulting over the ledge and landing in a crouch beside Seto. He rolled his eyes. "Show off."

Smiling, I let him take the lead as we leapt from building to building, roof to roof. The wind rushing past my face felt so good at that moment that I didn't even care that one misstep could send me plummeting several dozen feet.

Somehow, I doubted it would kill me anyways.

"So what odds and ends do we have to tie up?" I asked Seto as we ran.

"Well, number one would be your sex-drives. Both of you." Seto grumbled. "The Blood Ceremony binds you together, but it also has some side effects. Over-active sex-drives being one of them."

So that's why I feel like a pervert all of a sudden. I thought.

Indeed, Aibou.

Hearing the answer put my fears of leaving Yami alone. I realized that no matter where we went, we would never be truly alone. For that, I was glad.

"So how long does this side effect last?"

"Usually a couple months. Most couples do it several times a day and are still ready to go for more by the end of it." Seto said. "But I do have to say, it varies from person to person."

A couple months? I think there's a break coming up soon. Think we could get three months' worth of sex into a week, Yami? I smirked at the feeling of shock that was my answer.

Hah! I'd made him speechless!

"I see. So what else is there?"

"Side effect wise or things that need to be fixed?" Seto asked.

"Things that need fixin'." I clarified, tacking on. Like my hard-on.


"Well, there is your grandfather. He probably won't like it that you've been changed, but I doubt he wouldn't have seen it coming. Yami is the son of the Vampire Rep. He tends to bring a little trouble around him." Seto sound resentful of that fact, but then again, he'd more than likely been dragged into whatever Yami got himself into.

Just like now.


"But I never introduced them." I said. "How would Grampa know about Yami?"

"The emblem that was on your collar is very obvious." Seto said, rolling his eyes. "I doubt anyone would mistake it for something else."

"Oh." I said, feeling very stupid. "Anything else?"

"Well, your school records would have to be changed. You're no longer a human attending a public school, but a vampire attending a school with a majority population of humans."

"Huh, that would be a bit problematic…" I bit my lip, thinking. "Seto, do I have to get a Mark now?"

"No. Part of the Blood Ceremony is the transference of and mixing of blood. It also prevents you from drinking from another person other than Yami." Seto explained.

"…Wouldn't that make us both hungry after a while? I don't think blood can be recycled for long." I pointed out.

"It won't have to. Once you and Yami reach a state of equilibrium, you will no longer thirst for blood. A perk from the ritual, I guess you could say." Seto replied.

"Right, a perk." I cringed. Part of me wanted that, while another part still thirsted for blood. Yet another part wanted…

Yugi, I swear! If you keep thinking those things I'll-!

"Was that it?" I asked, ignoring Yami's rant as I kept a running log of all the different things I wanted to try as a vampire. Most of them dealing with me, him and a very soft, very large bed.

"Pretty much. There are a few other key things, like being bonded to Yami and telling his father that I'm sure you're going to have to go over, but I wouldn't put too much weight on it. His father would be ecstatic. Any vampire would." Seto said. "Apparently it's a big honor in the higher circles. It doesn't matter who goes through it, only that it's happened."

"… They're a bunch of weirdos." I said, thinking of how weird Yami and I could get in bed. I wonder if he likes chains?

Fishing out a buzzing cell phone, Joey peeked at the screen just long enough to read a message, and then whispered in Seto's ear. The brunette's eyes widened comically, and then narrowed at me accusingly. "Were you teasing my cousin with thoughts of sex?"

"May~be?" I grinned mischievously. "Why?"

"Because Joey just got a text from Ryou that he took off after us a couple seconds ago." Seto glared at me balefully. "Did you have something to do with that?"

"I can't be sure." My smiled widened. "But you may want to pick up the pace if you don't want Yami to catch us and do me on a roof between here and his house."

The look I got from Seto was totally worth the lecture I would receive later for incorrect use of telepathy.

Snickering, I leapt ahead of him, forcing him to go faster as I tried to outrun Yami. If this was how the first day of my life as a vampire was going, I couldn't wait to see what the rest of eternity had in store for me!


Phantomworks: wait! There's more!


Vivian's death, un-betaed (cause I forgot)

As soon as Yami's words registered, Bakura's eyes bled black. Baring his teeth, he snarled as he shot across the room, his Mark still clinging to his back. Stopping on a dime, he dropped to his knees, claws reaching for the battered, bloodied body.

Ryou scrambled off as fast as he could. Part of him wanted to get away, to not have to watch as Bakura did his no doubt evil acts, but the larger part of him wanted to stay close, to not give anyone else the chance to separate them. That was the part that won out and, turning around; he decided that he didn't have to watch to stay close to Bakura. He'd just ignore the sounds and smells that came from behind him.

With a joy so painfully obvious, Bakura dragged the wench to her feet, even as blood poured down her side and she cried out in pain and fear. More so in fear when she caught sight of the crazed fire dancing in his eyes. In that moment, she knew her time had come.

Shoving her against the wall, Bakura let the shadows feed off of his anger and need for revenge. Behind him, his shadows darkened until it was thick enough to peel itself off of the cold cement floor. At this, Vivian's screams rose in volume until they were cut short with a snap of her neck.

Ryou shivered at the sickening sound and the eerie silence that followed. That is, until the silence was broken by the sound of stomach-heaving *squishes* and blood-curdling *snaps*. The sounds of munching and crunching made his spine tremble and a splash of liquid on the ground almost made him lose his lunch.

Finally, the sounds subsided and Ryou risked a look behind him. Immediately, he wished he hadn't. Suspicious looking liquid splattered the wall and pieces of soaked rags cluttered the floor, but they were nothing compared to the expression on Bakura's face.
"B-Bakura?" Ryou timidly called, not wanting to incur his wrath. Instantly, he felt two arms wrap around him and pull him into a protective embrace.
"Pretty, pretty, Hikari." Bakura's deep voice rumbled. "Never take you away again."
The words should have chilled the albino, but they only made him relax further. He was starting to understand Yugi. If this was how Bakura reacted to him getting kidnapped, he might just go along with this for the rest of his life.

(This was at the request of Saya.Y-Lover who really wanted to see what Bakura did to Vivian. Everyone give Saya a big 'thank you'!)


Phantomworks: last but not least!

OMAKE Theater

"Get marked by a vampire?" I looked at the worn collar on my bed, before scribbling a mark in the box on a piece of lined paper in my hand.

"Get attacked by a love rival and sacrificed for a crazy ritual?" my eyes flicked over to a pile of blood-stained shreds. "Check."

"Get turned by my vampire, bonded in said ritual and honeymoon on the same altar I was sacrificed on as the dying screams of my love rival fill the air?" I grinned smugly at the memories. "Check. Check. Check."

"Yugi, what are you doing?" Yami questioned, coming up behind me.

"Oh, just making a list of supplies we will need for Spring Break." Looking up innocently, I asked. "How long do you think it will take to get a month's worth of sex into one week?"

At the thought, his eyes darkened in lust. I could see his mind working, debating with itself. Should he wait for his reward at the end of the week or just ravish me now? Eventually he decided on waiting.


"Give me the list." He ordered. "I'll go get the 'supplies' myself."

"Got to add a few more, but you've got yourself a deal." I smile happily at him as he sauntered out of the room. Immortal life was going to be a blast!


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