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It happened in the day when twins turned 5 months.

Yesterday Selene was normal. She talked with Michael and Eve, played with twins in her uncertain way, it was like if she was afraid to hurt them. But at least she did it. She even smiled several times.

But this day was different. Selene didn't talk, only asked by her eyes to leave her alone if somebody came in. She just was lying on bed which she shared with Michael in one and the same position.

Eve tried to cheer her mother up but it didn't work.

-What's wrong with her? – asked Eve when Selene made her to leave the room again. – Is she sick?

-She is immortal, darling, she can't be sick, - answered Michael. He worried himself. But he knew that it was better to let her think a little about something that was in her mind.

Alexander and Lida were too small to understand anything, or talk but they worried too. They didn't see their mother during the whole day and they didn't like it. Michael tried to take them in his and Selene's bedroom once, but it made Selene cry, that scared everyone.

The whole day was "nervous". Michael barely put children to sleep before finally he entered the room where Selene still was lying in the same position. She gave him questioning look.

-I live here too, - Michael sat near her. She nodded and looked at him.

-We need to talk.

-I know, - He waited till Selene sat up and hugged her. – What's wrong? You made me and children worry.

-I'm not ready to this, Michael, - Selene put her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, relaxing.

-Not ready to what?

-Life gave us a lot of surprised. This time our surprise is torn condom. Do you remember it? It happened several weeks ago. It became torn in a very wrong minute for us, - Selene whispered. – Now I'm pregnant.

Michael squeezed her harder in his embrace and gave her a scared look. When talked about it several times but first they wanted to wait Alexander and Lida to become older at least a little. They were only five months old and they were fidgets. Selene and Michael barely had time to do everything that children needed. Eve helped them sometimes but mainly children's parents tried to do everything by themselves. And Eve needed time too. She has never had a lot of attention and love before, and now Michael and Selene tried to give her as much as they could. Everything was a little hard for them, especially for Selene who had nobody to love and carry about during six hundred years. And now…

It wasn't really good time for such things now. But actually all their children were conceived in bad time for parents. This one at least wasn't created right during the war.

-God... – Michael pushed Selene aside and looked in her eyes. – Are you sure?

-I'm a vampire, Michael. There can be only one reason why I missed "my days" and why I don't feel good. That's why I spend a whole day lying here.

He nodded and bit his lip looking at her. She had no emotions on her face. It was hard to imagine that she was thinking about.

-What are you think about the situation? – She suddenly asked and raised her head. She really looked bad and tired.

Michael made her to lie down again. She looked like ill woman and it was better for her to relax. She looked so pale even against the background of white bedsheet.

-I see only to variants, Selene.

-Tell me, - she closed her eyes and bit her lip nervously. Was he thinking about abortion? Strange, but again this thought burned her heart. She was a killer. She killed a lot of lycans, vampires, human kind… even one hybrid. But they all were adults. And a thought about making her own unborn child die slow agonizing death killed her. But Michael couldn't even think about it could he?

-Well… - Michael smiled and bended over her for a kiss. - The first variant is that we will get another girl. The second variant is that we will get another boy. See? Everything is very simple.

Selene opened her eyes to see him smiling. He gently touched her cheek and kissed her again before he started to talk again:

-We missed how our first child grew up. We missed conception of our second and third children. Let's hope that everything is gonna be OK this time.

Selene nodded. The decision about this problem was final.

But now she has got other problems. For example, the fact that during several months she was going to feel bad. Very bad.

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