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Eve pressed Lida to her chest, sobbing in tears and horror. She remembered the night when twins were born. Her mother kept silence during the procces. Everything was fine, but Eve was scared still. May be even because of this silence. But nt like now when she heard Selene's screams and moans!

Olivia arrived several hurs ago and a moment she sent Michael away from the room. Since that he was sitting with children. Twins understood nothing, everything scared them and they were crying for their mother.

"Shh... she is fine, she is OK!" Mchaael kissed his son as gently as he could, but he continued to cry, as well as his sisters.

"Eve!" Michael sighed. "You are older than twins, can t least you calm down?"

Eve sobbed again hearing anothed loud scream. "I can't, I worry!"

"I know, I worry too, but you scary them! May be even more than Selene!" He tiredly moaned. He was ready to sob himself now.

"Will she be OK? Daddy, I don't want to lose her!" Eve squeezed Lida harder. Little body in her arms made her feel better. She almost hated her new baby brother or sister. It did not worth her mother's life.

Micheal sigh. Selene told him that she will be ine, but how could she know for sure? He remembered how he saw her in dreams. He remembered how she looked before Olivia sent him from the roon: pale, scared, looking at him hungrily, teeth beating her lips till blood appeared...

NO! He was not going to remind her like this. She will survive and they will spend a lot of time together in the future. They all will frget abut this time.

But now he had nothing else except of hearing her screams...

"Everything will be OK, Eve. As always. Everything alway turns good. Come here" Michael took Lida from her arms and hugged all children. They were in peace for a second or two and then...

"Michael!" He heard Selene's screm. She was calling for him! Michael gave twins to scared Eve and run in the bedroom.

Selene still was lying on her back, Olivia near her. But now there were two blue bare feet between Selene's legs and Olivia tried to take them away from Selene's body. But Michael barely noticed it. Selene was bleeding, she was in pain, she needed him. That's why Michael ignored Olivia's look asking him to leave and run to Selene, sqeuuzing her arm.

"Hey" He kissed her forehead.

She wanted to say something but just bit her lips again. Another trickle of blood began to flow.

"Hold on, Selene, there are legs already, soon this boy will be born," they heard Olivia's tired voice. "I need only several efforts from you!"

Boy? Of course. This time they could know the baby's sex even before heard appeared.

Boy. But Michael was more happy about the fact that everything will be over soon.

"Hey, Selene, do you hear?" Michael kissed Selene's arm. She noddded and squeezed his arm.

Michael smelled more bood from her and sighed. It was hard to even imagine how much pain she felt. Somehow Michael was sure, that the baby was in his hybid form. He almost could hear his claws in Selene's flesh.

Poor vampire...

He was going to kiss her again when she scremed again. Her body curved... and relaxed. She hungrily brethed and looked at Olivia with a little alive clot in her arms...

Everything was over.