"If you honestly think you can stop me you're out of your mind!" A man chuckled. "Maybe you should go the asylum. Arkham, isn't it? Doesn't my sister work there?" He paused, "I wonder why he wasn't to work with those lunatics."

"It is not I that will stop you," The man in red stated simply as he walked towards the one that was revived.

"Oh? Then, who? Batman?" The man shrugged, "I already detained him, there's no getting to him. And my sister is under the influenced of the fear toxin, there's no way that she can get to him in that kind of state. Such a shame that a brilliant mind like hers will be lost in this madness… Sacrifices are needed."

"You underestimate her. You're foolish."

"Oh," Trance lifted up a sword as he ran his finger against the dull side, "I'm not the fool here. You are."

The man leapt towards Azrael and swung his sword at him. With such skill, Azrael grabbed the tip in the spaced between two fingers. His eyes slowly moved towards the sword without blinking. A slight growth of confidence was seen in his eyes.

"You lack the years of training. You aren't really the next head of the demon, are you?"

"No," A sword went through the Trance's back. "He's not. I am."

"Talia al Ghul, isn't it?" Azrael narrowed his eyes as Talia through the now unconscious body to the side.

"That is correct," She wiped off the blood on her sword as she watched him. "We will stop you. Gotham must be destroyed. It's grown rotten. Surely someone of your society would understand."

"Terrorism is not the answer to anything," He spoke in a dark voice. "We are all created equal under the hand of God."

"Yes," She rolled her eyes, "God. Tell me, what about the criminals?"

-Else Where-

"Shar," Batman turned to the girl dressed as Batgirl, "Stay here with Barbra and Gordon. Robin and I will go with Nygma to get the cure. Make sure nothing happens to them."

She nodded her head, "Right. Be careful, we're all counting on you, Batman."

Batman looked at Robin and Nygma, "Let's go." He stalked out with Robin in suit.

Edward paused for a second before looking at Shar. He walked over to her and smashed his lips onto hers. Shar's eyes widened to an immense amount as she didn't even realize that his hands were on her shoulders holding her firmly. However, as soon as it started, he pulled away and walked out without a word.

Gordon looked at her with suspicion clearly written in his eyes. He'd have to keep a close eye on her. God forbid she become the next Harley Quinn. The older man closed in his eyes in a silent prayer that she wouldn't turn against them. His eyes snapped open. What if this was a trap? What if Nygma was leading them all into a trap?

"Shar Channing, isn't it?"

Shar looked at Gordon and nodded her head, "Yes, sir. Is everything okay?" She walked over to the man who was sitting on the ground and sat across from him.

"What's your relationship with Nygma?"

"Dad!" Barbra narrowed her eyes at her father.

"It's okay," Shar laughed lightly, "I honestly have no idea." She glanced at Gordon who was giving her a serious look, "But I assure you my morals come before anything else. I won't become a rogue."

"Let's hope it stays that way."


"If this is a trap Nygma," Bruce Wayne warned behind his cowl.

Edward rolled his eyes as he typed in an answer to a riddle on a security screen. Edward Nygma never lies; they should know that by now! Sure he may hide the truth in a riddle, but it's still not a lie. Then again, the Bat is just stupid enough to not know that.

"If this were a trap why would I walk right through it?" Edward questioned.

"I'll go first," Batman walked past Riddler as the door opened, "You go last." He motioned his head towards Robin.

Riddler followed as did Robin. Nygma didn't do anything out of the ordinary, which made the dynamic duo relax to a certain extent. However, Bruce made sure to keep on Nygma's hand or cane.

Eventually, the two made it to Crane's experimentation room. Riddler strode forwards and grabbed the liquid. He examined it and nodded his head. He then made his way to a refrigerator and opened it. In it were containers filled with the cure. It seemed Crane was a bit of a paranoid that his fear gas would get to him. Turning around, Nygma gave a confident nod.

-Time Skip-

Shar's head snapped up as a new gas entered the air ducts and into the room she was in. She looked over at Gordon and Barbra who were having the same reactions. Biting her lip she silently hoped that it was just the cure and not another toxin. She took a deep breath to allow the gas into her lungs. Her eyes were closed as she gave it a few minutes. She then opened them, everything was the same.

"Thank goodness," Shar ran a hand through her hair. "They succeeded." She stood up from her position, "I need to go find Azrael. Will you be alright on your own?"

"Yes," Gordon nodded. "I'll keep watch."

"Thanks," Shar smiled as she took out some items from her utility belt and handed them over to Gordon. "Just in case, use these."

She grinned at them and ran off. Her hair flowed behind her as she tried to navigate her way through the building. Her eyes darted from place to place. A scream escaped her lips as something leapt out and grabbed her.

"Calm down," A voice whispered in her ear, "It's just me."

Shar looked up at the person as she tried to slow down her heart rate, "Edward?"

He nodded and took a hold of her hand, "Let's get out of here."

"What? Why?"

"The League of Shadows is still here."

"But Gordon and Barbra are still here! Not to mention Azrael!" Shar pulled against him.

"Batman's getting Azrael and Robin's getting the others."

Shar narrowed her eyes, "How can I trust you?"

"Have I ever lied?"

"Well, no," Shar shook her head.

"See? I'm right, now let's go," He growled as his temper began to flair.

"Fine," Shar nodded and allowed him to lead her out of the building.

She watched him as he confidently ran. Of course, he was always confident. He was The Riddler, a narcissist, short-tempered, intelligent, OCD patient. He was her patient. Shar closed her eyes. She couldn't be in love with a person like this. It was unprofessional.

She stopped running. The force caused their hands to unlock. Edward stopped as his breath was uneven. He looked over at her with confusion in his eyes. Shar bit her lip as she looked away from him. She can't lead him on like this.

"Edward," she started as she looked up at him. Her eyes widened and she ran towards him screaming, "Look out!"

Edward turned around. He took one step back in defense and started to raise his cane. He looked back at Shar who was still trying to catch up with him. He turned back to a person. A sword was raised. It hit him over the head.

"No!" Shar screamed as Edward fell to the ground. She knelt down him as she lifted his head up examining him. There was no gash, he must just be unconscious. She looked back up, her eyes were burning with rage. She snapped. "You!"

"Really, Shar? Do you think I'd let you fall in love with a scumbag like him?"

Shar grabbed a batarang and clenched it so tightly that blood began to trickle down onto the ground. She menacingly walked towards the man who stood there holding his chest, blood seeped through it.

"I'll kill you!" She hissed through clenched teeth, "I'll kill you so you can die again! You should have never come back, Trance!" She raised her hand, "Die!" Shar screamed and threw the batarang.

It scratched his cheek as he didn't flinch. The man walked towards her as he grabbed a hold of her neck. His eyes were widened as he started to laugh. He clenched his hold around her neck and lifted her up in the air.

Shar tried to gasp for air as she kicked her legs. It did no good. Her eyes landed to Edward who was on the ground. She didn't know if he was alive or not. She had to know! She couldn't die like this! No! Her vision was growing black. No! No! No! Not no-!

-Time Skip-

Dull beeps filled the air. That horrid smell entered her nostrils. She's been in this situation before. Too often for her liking. Slowly she opened her eyes knowing that she'd be in the hospital. Though, she didn't want to open her eyes. Edward. Was he even alive?

Shar sat up and looked around. There was another bed. Her eyes lit up, it was Edward. He was live. She ignored the needles in her arm as she flew out of bed and landed next to his side in an instant. She gave a soft smile as she ran a hand through his hair. Hopefully he'd wake up soon.

"Oh," a female's voice sounded, "You're awake!"

Shar looked over and nodded, "Do you have any idea when he'll wake up?"

The female frowned as she looked over her charts, "He's in a coma. He may never wake up."

"What?" Shar's heart stopped. She fell to the ground as the information struck her like a tsunami. "A c-coma?" She pushed away the female who tried to help her. "Get away from me!"

The nurse nodded and walked out. Shar looked up at Edward as she stood up. She placed a hand on his. Praying to whatever God may exist that he'd wake up. She didn't care at the moment that she didn't believe in a God, he had to wake up! Shar shook her head widely as the tears fell down from her face.

"I'm so sorry, Edward!" She sobbed as she hit the wall. "I'm so sorry! It's all my fault! Please forgive me!"

Shar fell to her knees as she buried her face into the mattress. The sheets grew wet from her tears as she pathetically sat there. Her hands gripped onto his arm. Edward waking up may be impossible. She'd have to grow to accept that, but she didn't want to. No, he was too close for her to accept that. She was in love. She didn't know if he actually loved her back, and she may never find out. This…This was hell.