Author Note: Thank you everyone for reading! This is the sequel to "Secrets of the Past, Present, and Future" which was a fanfiction I just finished for the game "The Secret of Shadow Ranch." You can find it on my profile. So this fanfiction is based on the Nancy Drew game "The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon." It starts right after Nancy gets off the train at Blue Moon Canyon in the Nevada desert. Thus Nancy has already been to Copper Gorge, discovered where the mine should be, and solved most of the mystery or so she thinks. Anyway I don't own Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys. I hope that you enjoy this chapter!

Stepping off the quaint train, Nancy gazed searchingly around the rocky landscape. Could a hidden mine full of treasure really be out here? There was only one way to find out. With a deep breath, the curious woman walked forwards a short ways. However, she halted after a few steps to glance longingly back at the rows of windows. Was it possible that he was watching her leave and thinking about her just as she daydreamed of him? The perceptive sleuth could sense someone's eyes following her but was unsure if they were friendly or not. Secretly, she hoped that her unseen observer had something deeper than simple friendship on their mind. Brushing aside her foolish thoughts with a shake of her head, Nancy turned her back to the train and started off once again. Now was not the time to act like a silly school girl giggling over her first crush. There was an important mystery to solve.

"Ready or not, Jake Hurley's mine, here I come!" Tightening her backpack straps, the confident detective proclaimed with a fierce gleam in her eyes. Every since the tragic events two years ago at Shadow Ranch in Arizona which involved the death of her long-time boyfriend Ned Nickerson and newfound friend Dave Gregory, Nancy had become fearless and unrelenting in her pursuit of truth and justice. Although many people believed that she would give up sleuthing, the resilient girl proved them wrong by taking her job solving mysteries even more seriously. Now police asked her opinion on crimes, talk show hosts pestered her for interviews, wealthy heiresses demanded her services, and her name was well-known. However the humble woman still preferred to help those who needed her help most desperately and shrunk away from the spotlight. Her goal was not to be a famous detective but to make the world a safer better place.

So here Nancy Drew stood two years after the case at Shadow Ranch gazing at the bleak lifeless Nevada valley in front of her that painfully reminded her a bit of sandy Arizona dessert. Although this case searching for Jake Hurley's mine did not involve saving people's lives, putting villains in jail, or righting unjust wrongs, the driven detective was determined to discover the truth of the train owner's tragic history. Ever since her case in Arizona, the caring girl realized that uncovering secrets of the past could be as important as learning about the future of the present. Thus, she refused to relent in looking for the answers to Jake's disappearance, his engineer's death, Camille's life story, and the possibility of a gold min. Besides, turning down an offer to work again with the Hardy boys would have been crazy. Especially since Nancy's adoring feelings toward one of them had been growing stronger every time she was near him for about a year now. However she worried that he would never return her secret longings.

"Come on, Nancy, focus on the mystery." Forcing herself to stop fantasizing, the distracted detective began to jog forward. In front of her, two great stone cliffs rose up from the ground with a small gap in-between them. Otherwise, there was nowhere else to explore in sight. Hopeful that this rocky entry had either the mine or clue hidden behind it, the swift sleuth shot one swift glance behind her at the train. However what she saw made her skid to a sudden stop in shock. The large engine had started up and was driving away leaving her all alone.

"Wait, you can't take off yet! Please wait for me!" Nancy shouted as she ran after the departing train. But her cries for attention did not stop the antique vehicle from rolling away. Dust billowed up around the wide-eyed sleuth as she stood helplessly watching the train chug away.