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Monica took a deep breath as she stepped into the bathroom and looked at the pregnancy test. Positive. Positive as the other five she had taken had been. This was really happening, she was really pregnant. This wasn't how she'd imagined it. When she was younger she'd always planned to be married and have a perfect life. She'd tell her loving husband she was pregnant and they'd have the perfect life, living happily ever after. But happily ever after never existed in real life, did it?

No. Where was she now? She'd broken up with Richard a few days ago. How ironic that the reason they'd broken up was because he hadn't wanted kids? Now she was faced with the task of raising a child alone. Monica didn't dare turn to Richard, he'd run away, tell her it would never happen, tell her there was no 'them.' So there she was, all alone. Pregnant and heartbroken. But then, this had always been her dream. Monica had wanted to have a child forever and ever and there was no fucking way she'd get an abortion. (I know it's unnecessary but swear words make everything seem so fucking much better.)

Monica gulped and began to blink back tears. This could not be happening? Why her? Why now? She had used protection, she had done everything by the book and yet still she was pregnant. She shook her head and began to pack a bag. There was no way out, she couldn't stay here anymore. Her friends wouldn't understand. They'd probably freak out, especially Chandler. Tears began to roll down her cheeks at the thought of leaving them all. Then, pulling herself together she scribbled a note to Rachel and took one last wistful look around the apartment. She opened the door and was startled when she bumped into Chandler.

"G-going somewhere M-Mon?" Chandler stumbled on his words slightly, gulping as he took in his friend's appearance. Monica was wearing a grey tear-stained hoodie and matching sweatpants and her usually bright eyes were red and puffy. The thing that Chandler took in however was a beige coloured duffel bag that was slung over her right shoulder. Despite her flushed cheeks and messy tied up hair Chandler still thought she looked amazing. Damn, he'd always had a crush on her.

"N-n-no..." Monica shook her head before bursting into tears. She tried to run back to her room but Chandler pulled her into a gentle hug and began to stroke her hair, comfortingly.

"Shh, shh Mon. It's okay, everything is gonna be okay."

Monica let him comfort her for a little while before shaking her head. "No Chandler, it's not gonna be okay..." She took a deep breath before plunging on. "Chan... Chandler... Chandler I'm... I'm p... I'm pregnant..." Monica looked at his sparkling blue eyes, expecting some sort of sarcastic comment but was surprised when Chandler hugged her, smiling.

"Wow. Oh my Gosh Mon, it's what you've always wanted! You're gonna be a mommy!" Chandler grinned faltered slightly when he saw Monica's expression. "What's wrong...? Oh my God, Richard..."

Monica burst into tears again at Richard's name and Chandler felt angry with Richard all of a sudden. How could anyone leave this incredible, beautiful, amazing woman? Who could leave her? Chandler felt tears threaten to run down his cheeks at his friends despair.

"Come on Mon... We're gonna figure this out. All of us are gonna get you through this. I promise," Chandler held out his pinkie finger and Monica took it, feeling slightly better. "But first things first, are you one hundred percent sure?" When she nodded he took her hands in his and squeezed them gently. "Okay then, you have to tell Richard."

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