Note: Sorry guys, Chapter 2 got deleted from my drive, so I'm uploading 3 for you loves, and will put in a brief flashback on what happened inside(:

Lara cursed under her breath as she slipped. Again. She rose to her feet in seconds, dusting off her leather pants doing so. She turned back to face the crumbling Tomb behind her, her eyes glittering like jewels. 'It's gone. It's all gone' She thought to herself, her mind shattering at the fact that she couldn't retrieve the Artifact in time.

Sudden anger flooded through her, and she kicked the nearest thing in sight. The toe of her black boot made contact with a rock-only for her eyes to widen. She gave a painful gasp as she hopped on her foot, clutching the tip of her throbbing boot.

Letting her pain subside, she continued to stare at the roof falling apart, before the entire thing just dissembled completely. She looked back and sighed, thinking about what happened.

Lara slithered inside the small opening, carefully not to make too much noise. She balanced herself with her hands on each side of her, elbows upwards so she didn't fall forward. She brushed her long braid out of the view, before stretching herself even further.

She smiled when a faint light could be seen at the end, not too far. She carefully brushed herself closer and closer, keeping her elbows up. She shook a Tarantula from her left shoulder, eye rolling before reaching the end. She gripped the bottom edge, her red nails digging into the stone as she pulled herself out from the small space, giving her room.

She turned over and touched the floor with her boots, trying not to fall. If there was too much, she'd probably set of thousands of traps; poison darts, axes, blade, and such. Lara tightened her braid, beginning to look around.

"How remarkable, I'm falling in love all over again" She spoke to herself, remembering the last time she visited Brisbane. As usual she tightened her braid somewhat, before starting to walk inwards, eyes lighting up.

"How could no one ever see this?" She said out loud, leaning forwards to get a better look at all of the Roman numerals printed on the Stone walls, clearly fascinated. She ran her hand over the smooth canvas, only feeling the markings that were engraved.

She moved over whilst crouching slightly, soaking in everything. "This temple seemed to be here for over thousands of years, and it still looks marvelous in 2001, how incredible." Her voice carried somewhat, making her jump at her own words.

Lara rolled her eyes and stood up straight again, not believing her silly nonsense. She then remembered what she had been looking for, and went on ahead. But when she did, a sudden shot made her stop and turn. She pulled out her Colt Pistols quickly, ready to aim. It wasn't a gunshot, not even a Rifle sound, but something…different. Like taking a racket to a wet blanket, very loud and sudden sounding.

She had been caught off guard momentarily but was now in full control. She looked around the area intensively, wanting to know who or what it was. A voice threw her off her track, and she looked upward where it came from.

"Didn't mean to scare you…" A male chuckle appeared, one she didn't recognize.

"Who's there?" She said, but gasped when a Whip shot around her arms, wrapping tightly around the handle of her Pistol, yanking it from her grasp. It was pulled away and tossed towards the other side of the room, leaving her with one Pistol to protect herself.

"Give it up Doll, I have it now, there's no use in going on any further" It was a semi-flirty type voice, with an egomaniac sound to it. Lara scoffed, "And why not show me for myself? I want to see how much of a man you really are, dear"

She heard a soft snicker, and chewed her bottom lip, getting annoyed. His rough hand ran through his hair, sighing in the process.

"Oh Doll, I would love to stay and chat, but I have more important things to attend to, so if you don't mind…" His voice trailed off, leaving Lara to wonder his whereabouts. She kept on finger on the trigger, not letting him catch her off guard, once again.

Her pristine eyes kept switching from all angles of the room, and she started to inch towards her other Pistol. Her heart began speeding up at the thought of him just jumping out, but she took in a deep exhale, remaining calm. She was a few inches from her gun, still looking around. Getting the reassurance that he was no longer present, she slipped her Pistol back into its holster. She bent forward, picking up the shiny gun, her reflection glittering.

Her eyes widened when there was another person in the metal of her gun, but before she could turn around, his arms had wrapped tightly around her from behind, making her boots scrape the stone flooring below her.

"You just don't give up, do you?" He chuckled in her ear, and she growled. Lara began struggling to get loose from his grasp, but came to no avail, not even loosening it. She gave up then, and kept her fists clenched tightly, getting more irritated by the minute.

Lara dropped her head somewhat, her thick braid falling over her shoulder. "You have the quite the nerve to put your hands on me, you impertinent fool, I am-"He rudely cut her words off, placing on hand over her full lips,

"Lara Croft, daughter of Richard Croft, the Famous Archeologist. I know who you are Sweetheart, I know about everything, lived long enough as well" He said into her ear, and she wanted to bite through his hand. When he released her lips, she began speaking.

"I don't know who you are! What you are, but you'd better let me go! Or I'll-"She didn't finished as he unraveled himself from her body, her almost falling. When she caught herself, she reached for her Pistol, whipping it to shoot him.

Lara took in strong breaths, holding the handle with two hands. Her auburn eyes searched everywhere, but he was gone. There wasn't a trace of him left.

"Oh, bloody hell!" She cursed, getting to her boots. Before she could balance herself, she staggered somewhat when massive shock waves began filling up the room. She looked around, eyes widening as long, hair-line fractures began forming down each interior wall, dust and small rocks falling to the ground below.

Lara turned to the left, the markings and statues that were attached to the walls fell forward, shattering on impact when it met the ground. She gripped her Pistols, stepping back. "Oh shit" She said, turning to find her way in. She ducked when a pillar holding up the ceiling collapsed, and she ducked just in time.

She moved her braid out of the way, now running towards the crevice she had entered to get inside this place. She remembered the Diamond, but decided to save her own life as she hopped up, her hands gripping the edge. She looked down to see the floor breaking under her, and pulled herself up just in time.

Lara sighed and watched the floor crumbled and fall, leaving nothing in her view but a pitch black pit, with no end. She moved around and got on her stomach, using her elbows to pull herself through the small area, trying to find her way out. Her elbows brushed against the riveting shards from the wood, cutting through her skin. "C'mon Lara, you're going to fucking die if you don't get out" Her cut skin didn't seem to bother her as she reached the end.

She grabbed the edge, pulling her body out with her strength. She closed her eyes briefly from the direct sunlight, using her gloved hand to shield her gaze. Before it could fall and crush her, she hopped down from the ledge, landing smoothly on her feet.

"Back to the Manor-"She was about to say to herself, before her intelligent ears caught a noise. It was snagging somewhat, rustling of the sort. It was a person, recognizing the heavy thumps of boots trying to get through the Marsh.

Vastly pulling her Pistols out from the holsters, Lara turned around sharply, averting her gaze to find whoever it was. Keeping a light tap on the trigger in case she needed it, her red lips fell down in an awestruck look.

Now on top of the rock cliff formation was the man she met inside. He was gazing about the water falls, clear enough for her to see he had something in his hands. 'The crystal!' She thought, putting one of her guns back away. She watched him hold it up into the light, the sun rays beaming through the pristine material.

He looked down towards the young woman, smirking now.

"Guess I got to it first, Sweetheart" His chuckle could be heard quickly, his voice echoing. Lara gritted her teeth, how dare he talk to her like that? She was still looking up as the beautiful Emerald glittered down, the small reflections appearing on his rugged features.

"How did you-Who are you?" She asked, narrowing her eyes to get a clearer picture of the man, but the bright sun didn't do it any justice. He continued to smile coyly as he rubbed the crystal with his rough thumb, before slipping it in his bag.

"Ah Doll, I would tell you, but I'm afraid I never adjust to meeting a woman for the first time, all they do is fall for me…" His words dripped off as he fixed his dirty Fedora. Lara fumed from below, not believing this man's audacity to chime in on her like she was…some sort of Wench! She gritted her white teeth anger, resisting the urge to blow him away.

"You have quite the confidence! It's a shame I can't talk to more closely, I would love to see that face of yours…" She spoke, placing her hands firmly on her wide hips. She didn't get a valid response, only some sort of hearty chuckle, which made her insides turn.

"Look dear, as much as I'd like to rock your world, I have important things to attend to, like return this Crystal to its rightful place…in a Museum. Have a wonderful day Doll…" He waved his Fedora in a childish manner, before disappearing above the Waterfall.

Lara cursed under her breath. "God damnit! Who in the hell was that! All this blood sun made it so I couldn't see!" She pulled at her tight braid, wanting to pull her hair from the roots. Giving up, she placed her open gun away that time, before calling up Winston, wanting to get a ride home, since her Bike got stuck in the muck.

She stared as the remaining visible parts of her Bike, which was only the handle bars, completely sunk deeper into the mud, "And I need a new Bike, Bloody hell!"