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Kyouya yawned as he sat up. He rubbed his eyes and looked over Ryuuga, who was sleeping soundly. He sighed and he started waking him up. Ryuuga groaned and threw his arm in Kyouya's direction causing him to fall on his back. Kyouya groaned in pain and at the moment, Madoka came in. "Are you guys okay?", she asks. Ryuuga sits up, revealing his bare chest, causing Madoka to squeal and exit the room.

"Sorry", she says outside the door.

"It's alright", Ryuuga says as he yawns.

Kyouya nudges Ryuuga. "You're taking Madoka out now", he said. Ryuuga nodded and stood up to get dressed. "Where can I take her?", he asked Kyouya.

"Take her back to the market", he said as he rubbed his head.

A few minutes later…

Ryuuga came out, dressed and Madoka sitting down, waiting for him. She saw him and smiled. He walked out the door and Madoka followed.

Kyouya got up and saw them walk.

"I hope nothing happens", he says to himself. 'Well something will happen, since this is one of SnowyFlame's stories', he thought as he sweatdropped.

With Madoka and Ryuuga

Madoka's face beamed with joy. Ryuuga followed after her as she walked at a fast rate, leaving him in the dust. Literally.

She sighed happily. Ryuuga closed his eyes and then snapped open when Madoka poked his cheek.

"Come on", she said as she grabbed his hand and started running deeper into the market.

Ryuuga blushed a light pink but then shook his head. 'I can't think about her like that', he thought to himself.

Madoka had stars in her eyes as she stopped abruptly, causing Ryuuga to bump into her.

She looked up and smiled, sheepishly. "Sorry", she said, as she laughed nervously.

Ryuuga sighed and patted her head. "It's okay, but warn me next time, okay?", he said, flicking her head. She laughed and nodded.

Madoka turned to look at a pile of clothes.

Ryuuga closed his eyes for a moment. Suddenly, he was grabbed form behind. His eyes napped open only to face Tsubasa, Yuu, and Ginga, royal palace guards.

"This is the guy that hit me and called me short", Yuu said pointing to Ryuuga. Ginga and Tsubasa sweatdropped.

"Oh and he also stole something the other day", he added.

"You're going to have to come with me", Ginga said as he stared walking forward.

Ryuuga mentally cursed. He turned and grabbed Madoka's hand. She turned to him, with a light blush.

He winked at her and with his other hand, threw the guards a small sand bag, invented by Kyouya to escape guards.

"My eyes!", Yuu yelled as he started rubbing his eyes.

"Get him!", Tsubasa said as Ryuuga started running with Madoka.

Ryuuga looked back and smirked to himself.

Madoka was already dizzy with all the running.

Ryuuga then flipped her over and she landed, in his arms, bridal style. She blushed a deep crimson red. He jumped on top of an old man's cart and continued his way.

After running for a few minutes, he stopped and sat down at a hole, at the top of the building, with Madoka still being carried.

"I think we lost them", Ryuuga said as he took a breath.

Madoka nodded and gave a small scream as she was grabbed by her collar and brought out of the hiding spot.

"Madoka!", Ryuuga shouted as he jumped out.

Madoka was being carried by Ginga. Yuu and Tsubasa were standing next to Ginga, arms crossed.

"Ryuuga", Madoka whispered.

Madoka felt scrared but thankful at the same time. No one in the castle can look at the princess except her mother, Reji and Hikaru.

Ryuuga growled and sighed.

He walked towards them, slowly. Once he was in front of them, he pushed Yuu and Tsubasa and kicked Ginga's leg, causing him to drop Madoka.

She froze and Ryuuga reached her arm and swiftly flipped her over, to carry her bridal style..

Ryuuga smirked and jumped off the roof and ran back home.

Yuu scoffed.

"We lost him again", he said.

"We'll catch him soon", Tsubasa said as he walked away.

With Ryuuga and Madoka

Ryuuga and Madoka walked next to eachother in an awkward silence.

"Sorry, I caused trouble", Ryuuga said, bowing his head.

Madoka smiled and playfully punched him.

"No, thank you", she said as she hugged him. "I never had this much fun, since Re-", she trailed off, her eyelids dropping.

He chuckled and carried her on his back.

A few minutes later..

Ryuuga had already set Madoka in her room and he walked into his own, with Kyouya waiting up for him.

"You guys had fun?'', he asked. Ryuuga thought for a moment before answering.

"I guess you could call it that".

With Queen Ai

Queen Ai sat by her window. A knock was heard at her door. "My queen, the Dark Duo is here", the guard said.

"Send them in", she ordered. The guard nodded and opened the door to reveal two figures, one tall with long red hair and mask covering his right eye and a short one with blue hair and a cape.

"I see you have come", Ai said, as she looked over the duo. "I have a mission for you", she added.

The two figures bowed and said together, "Whatever you wish, my Queen".

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