A/n - SAWP-verse, Rain's experience waking up in Raccoon City Hospital.

Because, writing this sounded like fun, you readers asked for more Rain, and I thought you might like a little sprinkling of Rain as she's MIA is TFHOP right now.
Funny enough, some of this was also inspired by watching the latest Spiderman movie... which was really awesome, by the way!

Chapter 1

The Superhero Club

What the fuck was that smell? Rain hadn't even opened her eyes yet and the stench of the place was already making her wish for sleep again. Holy dancing turds. Did someone fucking dump a gallon of bleach next to her face or what? Slowly, she peeled open her eyes. Bright white light pounded straight into her brain.

"Shit!" Yelping in pain, she squeezed her eyes shut again. "Fuck that hurts." It felt like knives were stabbing her directly in her skull. She lifted a hand to rub at her temple. "Ow. Ow. Ow." Her fingers had landed on something definitely not supposed to be there. Once again, she attempted to open her eyes. She was inside a bright white room with a mirrored wall. What she saw scared the shit out of her. It wasn't just the obnoxiously bright lights that were stabbing knives into her. Looking her body over revealed at least a dozen different needles and tubes trailing down from the ceiling. She whimpered at the sight of so many tiny slivers of steel stabbing into her.

Rain forced her eyes away from the mini evil bastards to the square of white on her torso. Her modesty was barely covered by two paper sheets. From collarbone to barely below her pubic hair. The hell kind of place was she in? "The fuck is going on?" Her voice was slightly hoarse, dry from snoring with her mouth open, no doubt. She had woken up on her back.

And that stench, it was so fucking overwhelming. Cleaning products, bleach, rubbing alcohol, new plastic, everything that she had ever associated with a hospital and shoved right up her nose. Rain felt her stomach shift. The assault on her sinuses was so intense she felt ready to heave up her... She had to stop and think, breakfast? Lunch? What fucking time was it? Shouldn't there be someone monitoring her ass or something?

"Hello? Someone gonna fucking come in here and get this shit outta me?" She wanted to just rip the freaky shit out of her. Rain really hated needles. Tiny, pointy, hollow, full of unidentifiable fluids. Needles fucking terrified her. Her phobia was so strong, she couldn't even bring herself to touch the painful objects and pull them out. She whimpered at her own pathetic-ness. "Dammit." Where the hell was everybody? Where was she?

"HEY, ANYONE!" Rain tried again. She strained to hear what was going on beyond the security sealed door. Nothing. "HELLO?" Still nothing.

"Motherfucker." Staring at the needles wasn't doing her any good. Rain bit her lip and started to gather her resolve to start yanking.


Rain's eyes flicked toward the door. It was opening by itself. Fleeting images of terrible things that happened unexpectedly whisked through her memory. Fuck. The Hive. Did that really happen? And what about the crazy Amazon? Was she real? Rain wasn't sure which was worse, the Hive existing, or Anise Barrows not existing. All of a sudden, a new scent flooded her nostrils. Somehow, she identified it as a person before a pale hand grasped the door frame. Harsh breathing followed the hand and soon a body did too.

"Holy fuck," escaped her mouth in a sudden rush of air. "Alice." The former Chief of Security for the Hive looked like hell. Her pale skin was paler than normal. Little angry red holes evidenced she had been full of needles too. She wore a doctor's white coat, but no pants or shoes. The woman stumbled into the room with her vivid green eyes studying Rain. Anise's eyes were prettier, she caught herself thinking. Was Anise OK? Did she survive losing all that blood? Where was she? Rain bit her tongue to stop thinking like that. A little blood loss couldn't kill that crazy bitch. She hoped.


"Hey." Rain stared at her a moment longer, wondering what the fuck to say. So many questions were boiling in her overworked skull. She settled on one. It would answer a lot of the others. "Was the Hive real?"

Alice closed her eyes, clenched her jaw, and took a deep breath through her nose. "Unfortunately."

"The crazy Amazon?"

The blonde opened her eyes and her lips quirked up on one side. "Yea."


"You gonna pull those out? We should get out of here."

Ashamed of her pathetic excuse, Rain mumbled under her breath. "Stupid phobia."

"You're kidding me." Alice responded. "You're afraid of needles?"

Wide-eyed, Rain stared. "How the fuck did you hear that?"

Alice blinked. Her eyes took in the yards of space between them. "You whispered that, didn't you?"

"Sure as fuck didn't mean for you to hear me admit to being a stupid pansy." Her voice was low and bitchy, normal. It made her feel better. Except that reminded her of that not-normal, awful fucking smell. "You smell that? It's like someone bathed me in bleach or some shit."

Leaning away from the door frame, Alice began to stumble toward the half-naked Latina. "Smells like a hospital to me. A little strong, I suppose." She made it to the steel table and picked a place to start. "This is going to hurt." Without waiting for Rain's reply, she steadied one hand on a bare shoulder and used the other to start removing the dozen or so needles.

Hissing at the sight of needles withdrawing from her body, Rain dug her nails into her thighs until she smelled blood. That refocused her brain on the information overload coming from her nose. She could smell Alice. Not just the basic scent of a person, everything. Rain could smell sweat, soap residue, iodine, blood, and even feminine odors. Somehow, she fucking knew that Alice was scared, despite her cool tone and calm features. She also knew that Alice was approaching her menses and she wasn't in the mood for sex. Not that she would fuck Alice while Rain still wanted Anise. Her mental brakes screeched. The hell? Was she contemplating celibacy? No, worse. Fidelity! And to a woman she barely knew. "Moron," she muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose.

Alice glanced up from her work at Rain's side. "What?"

"Nothing." Rain dropped her hand and leveled her best stony gaze at the blonde.

Several moments passed. "Liar." Alice scoffed, irritating the other woman. She yanked out a needle, effectively cutting off Rain's angry retort.

Inhaling deeply to calm herself, Rain breathed in another overdose of scents. Rotting bananas? The hell? She sniffed again. Not quite rotting bananas. It was almost familiar. It reminded her of the awful taste in she had in her mouth down in the Hive. When she was... "You're infected."

Another staring contest ensued with Rain confused and Alice's fear rising. "How do you know?"

"I can smell it. You didn't get bitten. What the hell?" The answer to her question came from her own mind. "Those bastards." Alice flinched, looking away.

"That was the last one." The final needle was tossed aside, and she straightened from her stooped position.

"Thanks." Awkwardly, Rain hopped down from the cold table. "Think Anise is alive in here somewhere?" She looked at the woman hopefully.

"I hope so."

Her nose's sensitivity had been cranked up like an overworked A/C unit in the middle of July in Texas. She could sense Alice's unease and was starting to realize the lingering odors of other people. Fuck. Rain couldn't help herself from scenting the air like a dog being walked through a city park. Gotta smell every stupid ass street lamp and pile of shit.

"Are you sniffing me?"

"Uh. Kinda." Rain hoped that she wasn't blushing. The heat pooling on her cheeks and ears argued otherwise.

Alice ran a critical eye over the Latina's exposed body. "The bite wounds are almost closed. Is your hearing as strong as her's?"

"Nah. But my nose is on fucking overtime plus holiday pay." She took yet another sniff. So. Fucking. Weird. All of the scents and information that came with them were threatening to make her brain explode. A wave of rotting bananas smacked into her. That wasn't Alice. Shit. She knew exactly what that meant and they were getting close.

The blonde winced, and her eyes shot toward the door. "Do you?"

"Yea. Let's get the hell out of here."

Together, they ambled to the door. Unlike the hobbled Alice, Rain's motor control was perfectly fine. Actually, it was a little too awesome. She found herself moving way too fucking fast. Unable to stop in time, she smacked into a wall. Hard. Something cracked. "Ow!" The drywall in front of her face was splintered. Rain did not need to look at the blonde bitch to know she was laughing at her.

"Trouble walking?"

Rain took the time to level a death glare on Alice before responding. "My legs are moving too damn fast."

"Too fast?"

"That's what I fucking said." Her death glare was raised up a notch to include clenched fists.

The bitch had the nerve to chuckle. "Sorry, Rain, you just don't intimidate me anymore."

"What?" She didn't just sound whiny. Did she? Rain irritably demanded of herself.

"Because I so saw you pussy-whipped by Anise."

"P-pussy-whipped?" Sputtering and indignant, Rain glowered at her companion.

Alice did not bother responding, she simply gave Rain a look. They both knew she was referring to the soldier's submission to Anise, back on the train.

Rain bit her lip. Dammit. "We need to keep moving."

Alice chuckled again. "You can't even deny it."

"Blow me." She flipped her off and concentrated on walking without running into walls.

"Although I appreciate the offer, I'm sure Anise is much better qualified." She quipped, amused. Rain wasn't and ignored her flippant comment.

"That looks like a security room. Maybe the surveillance tapes can tell us where the others are." Hoping she was right, and that the video wouldn't be too hard to bring up, Rain made toward the door. After smacking her face into another wall and almost ripping the door off its hinges, she made it inside. Inside, were multiple monitors on one wall, a two-way mirror that looked into an empty room like the one she had woken up in, and a chair. "It's still today."

Alice glanced up from her inspection of a monitor showing a room full of dead bodies. "What?"

"The date. We entered the Hive early this morning. It's six o'clock now."

"That's..." The blonde trailed off. "Well, it means a lot less footage to get through. We need to hurry too." Another glance at the monitor that showed one of the dead bodies was missing. She grimaced and dropped heavily into the single chair, bringing her hands to the keyboard and mouse.

As there was only the one keyboard, Rain looked around the room. There was a locked storage cabinet. Beside it was a crowbar. Seriously? Who the hell keeps a crowbar next to a locker? Rain promptly jammed the tool into the lock and effortlessly popped it. "Score." She muttered happily as she dragged out a security uniform shirt and tore off her paper coverings.

Alice glanced over. "Any pants?"

"Nah. Just the shirt." She shifted into the oversized shirt, accidentally popping off two buttons. "Dammit, Amazon. What the hell is happening to me?" Griping to herself, she slowed her fingers and handled the buttons much more delicately than she wanted to.

"Now what?"

"Everything is so off. I'm stronger now, too. And this shirt fucking reeks of unwashed asshole. I can tell you what his last meal was." Her stomach gurgled loudly. "Oh God. And hungry. I feel like I could eat a whole side of beef and then eat the other side for dessert."

"If your body's like her's now, we'll need to find you food as soon as we can." Alice responded as she continued typing away and staring at the monitors.

Rain frowned and looked into the locker again. She found a gun belt, but no gun, a nice flashlight with a belt clip, various personal stuff, and... "Yes!"


She was already chewing before she answered. "Pie," she mumbled around the pastry and held up the ripped packaging of a Hostess apple pie.

Chuckling, Alice turned back to the monitors which were now showing footage of the morning. Together, they watched all of the survivors being hauled in and separated. Anise was taken to surgery. Rain heaved a sigh of relief watching the Amazon get rolled out of surgery and to a recovery room. She felt her lips curling up to smile as well. The crazy woman looked so delicate and vulnerable while she slept, and it had Rain daydreaming about waking up next to her. Noticing Alice eyeing her with a knowing grin, Rain abruptly shook her head to be rid of the fantasy and purposefully pulled her face into a frown. Alice only smiled wider and turned back to the monitors.

White labcoats fluttered around everyone's bed, taking blood samples probably, doing normal hospital things, except to Alice and Matt. Alice was injected with what they both knew was T-virus, and it looked like Matt was too. The screen showing Matt's room abruptly turned to white noise.

"What happened?" Alice cried out, and slammed her hand on the desk, denting the metal. Both women turned shocked eyes to the fist-shaped dent.

"Welcome to the superhero club." The dry joke earned Rain a short glare, which she answered with a smirk.

Alice rolled her eyes and turned back to the flickering screens. The blonde fast-forwarded until the zombies started to appear and watched briefly before zipping forward again. Matt's monitor never regained picture. Everyone was evacuated, killed, or chased from the hospital, with exception of the Hive survivors, still asleep in their rooms. Two people in scrubs showed up outside Anise's room, they slipped inside and woke the woman up. They seemed jittery and afraid, not surprising given the infected roaming around. The muscular guy carried her Amazon from the room and they left the hospital with little trouble. Bitch had all the luck. Reading the time stamp informed her that they had taken her hours ago. Kaplan woke up shortly after and stumbled his way out too.

Rain let out a breath that she didn't know she was holding. "He better be at his apartment. I don't want to be the one to tell his wife where he's been."

"I thought you'd be more worried about Anise." The pale woman prodded her.

"Crazy bitch is probably long gone from the city by now. Kaplan doesn't have her kind of luck."

Alice eyed her for a moment. "You really are a woman under that hard ass exterior."

"How the fuck did you come to that insightful conclusion?" Rain sniped, voice dripping with sarcasm. She slipped the belt on, and it kept the giant shirt from billowing every time she moved. She hooked the flashlight to it. Feeling a little less vulnerable now that she had something on, she lifted her gaze to Alice, who had yet to respond.

Her green eyes twinkled as she walked past and peeked out into the corridor. She turned back and grinned at the dark woman. "You care about people."

Well, damn it all to hell in a hand basket, there went her reputation. "Don't you fuckin tell anyone that."

"Or what? You'll glare at me?"

Rain threw a punch at Alice's head. Spectacularly, Alice dodged, letting Rain's fist plow into the wall. Grabbing the crowbar, she winked, and tossed it at the fuming Latina, who overcompensated to catch it, and sent it spinning into the monitors. "Why don't we put that energy of yours to better use? Hmm? We could get out of here, find some pants, maybe some cute shoes? Think you can avoid the walls while we do that?"

"The next time something wants to eat you, I'm not going to get in its way."

Alice simply smiled at her, like a mother indulging her petulant child. "I don't think Anise would be impressed by that."

"I..." Fuck! She hated the blonde, pain in the ass, woman. Rain stomped down the hall with the crowbar gripped by white knuckles. She needed to hit something, preferably not another wall. Luckily, an infected nurse thought now was a good time to try for a bite of dinner. The exploding head gave the sterile white walls a lovely impressionist-style d├ęcor.