:An Explanatory Note:

I've been a closet Spiderman nerd for years, but the latest Spiderman film has given me quite a few wicked ideas and the courage to bring them to paper. Here's a collection of smutty little one-shots featuring our friendly neighborhood Spiderman and his leading ladies. Despite the character listing, quite a few of these stories will feature Mary Jane.

I've not given up on FaD, so if you're waiting for updates, rest assured the little Jokachel gears in my head are ticking away.

A warning (or an invitation) to all: these are all basically sex. Don't like, don't read. Some of them will be kinky, some of them very kinky. I might even throw in some fluff. This will be updated sporadically and will not always be perfectly canon or in line with the plots of the films. Most will have accompanying musical suggestions.

A little explanation for the name change - I stumbled upon a wonderful story with the same premise under the same name (cue facepalm). Given that I'd rather the two of us not be confused, I've switched it up a little. Hope this doesn't mess up anything.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always, reviews and favorites are appreciated.

Much love,

Your friendly neighborhood RebelDiamonds