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In the vastness of time and space, an quantum oddity called existed as a Casualty Conductor and composed of all collective memories of Shirogane Takeru , stuck in what seems to be an endless loop of time and space , even after all the pain, suffering he has to endure,keeps trying every possible scenario.

But still it always end up in October 22 2001 and cannot go beyond that.

He cannot and will not accept tragedy that awaited humanity in both ALTERNATIVE IV and ALTERNATIVE V

After endless cycles of soul searching in this this infinite diversity of time and space. He wanted a solution ... He knows the solution, but does not know how to prevent the tragic fate that befall on Kagami Sumika. , He wanted a way , he wanted a power ... A power the can change destiny and tried diving deeper into space time.

This torment soul offend asked himself ….. was there something I could've done more?

I wonder, was that why I came to this world in the first place?

If this was an unavoidable destiny, then what exactly was I to this world?

I wanted protect them all with my life ,

I should be able to do something, anything to stop this messed up future!

There must be something!

I'll never lose!

Because...I'm here...

Because...I'm...still here...

Then finally, even if its light was faint, he can clearly see it shinning brightly in the abyss of hopeless. He lets a small smirk " I guess there a god after all, a god that is called "Possibility"

October 22 2001 in the ruined remains of his room and on his bed. Shirogane , Takeru sweating coldly was twisting turning and yelled " Meiya ! Sumika! Everyone!" as he awoke, his right arm out stretch, with open hand it was like was reaching out to someone. He quickly sat straight up and pull his right hand over his face. Then a flood of memories came crashing down, all of it was painful. Remembering the deaths of the people was precious the him was unbearable and causes a stream of transparent fluid to fall down on his cheeks.

Using his right arm to wipe away his tears, he know form his gut instinct that he still on the parallel world, a world where aliens monsters know as the BETA exist, mankind desperate struggle to avoid annihilation and he's back again his at starting point again. He slams his fist on bed, the fist went through the mattress and cursed. Is this Sumika's doing ? After a few moment of silence, he tries to control his frustration, being to rationalize the situation and after some thought it might be a blessing after all, he has been given another chance

He swiftly check his closet , change into his school uniform, check some instant ramen which he always stashes for his late night snack and his portable console "Game Guy" . As he reach down expecting to find his favorite game console "Huh ?" he gets strange device and carefully examine it . It was slim and device with 4.8 inch display screen and he turn around the strange device and saw "Zamzung Iuniverse" with a logo of a Infinity sign.

Shirogane Takeru gave a puzzled looked this is not how his "Game Guy" looked like, but just shrug it off, for there far more important things to do . He know the moment that he leave this room, this apartment , this whole town is in shambles, and there's a badly damage TSF near the home of Sumika. He took a deep breath and spoke "Let's do this!"

As Takeru open the door it was like Deja vu all over again. The ruined apartment, the destroyed houses and the damage TSF cashed on to Smika's house, but was something different. On top the damage TSF was strange looking robot, humanoid type, well armored, it has a imposing figure of futuristic knight , all white and at least 3 meter tall. This armored figure was carrying a unconscious long red haired girl with a yellow ribbon tied on it and she wore a dress white showed her bare shoulder which Takeru was familiar with, with a loud yell

"SUMIKA!" and quickly goes near the TSF

The Armored figure gently glide down the the wreckage of the TSF , "princes carry" Sumika, The armored figure kneels down and gently settle the red haired uptight her body was leading on a wall. Shirogane quickly arrived, checks her vitals, and it was fine . He couldn't believe it here was Sumika, in front of him , his eye welled with tears and tightly embraced her.

Then the armored figure spoke with an electronic sounding voice " Please , be gentle with her , She's still in a state of shock ... She just witness her childhood friend thorn apart by those damn BETA."

Upon hearing this Takeru was startled if his assumptions are correct " A childhood friend ... Is he called Shirogane, Takeru. "

The armored figure nods " We have been given this chance after 12,000 cycles, I entrust her safety to you." turns around and started to walk away.

" Wait I have mountain of question ask ! Who or what are you ?"

The armored figure turn his head/helmet " I think of all the people, you should know who am I"

" What ?"

" Geez ... you still don't get it huh, I am you and you are me ... I need to go ... I still have a role to play ... I feel this will not be the last time we'll be seeing each other."

" What nonsense you talking about? This does not meet sense at all!"

" I swore an oath through of courage, if there is blood to spilled it should be only be mine."

The Armored figure using a hand gesture bid farewell, blueish particle of light surrounds it and disappeared.

Takeru still trying to make sense of it , none this event ever happen in his previous loops and was confused

" Think! Damn it! Focus, Sumika is safe that's all that matter for now ! I better go to Yokoma base get some help asap!" gently carries Sumika on both his arms. Then hears a sound , a UN jeep stop a few feet before him.

Two UN guards quickly dismounted, another figure follows behind them, a woman in with a lab coat it was Kouzuki Yuuko.

To Shirogane Takeru this was all new,to foreign for him to grasp. His so called knowledge of the future is one by one becoming useless


Please bear with me I have been diagnose with a mild form of dyslexia