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It's been a while since I've last been to the sandlot, since I've last seen Wings, since I've been the same. When he just walked away like that it hurt me really bad.

Joshua and all of the boys still played with him and their relationship was slowly mending. I for one still couldn't look at him in the eye.

Our sophomore year was about to end and that meant my mother forcing me to go to the sandlot again with Joshua. I guess I would have to face Wings sometime, right? I don't exactly know how that would work out, but success only happens after failed attempts, right?


I can't believe this. It's been an entire school year and Spencer still hasn't spoken to me. I wonder how long it'll take her before she figures out-

"Wings, come on! We're going to be late for practice!" Tommy called. I threw out the rest of my papers and headed towards the rest of the guys.

I saw EJ pass by and gave him a scowl. I was glad his father was being relocated for his job. He was the one that broke up Spencer and I. She needs to know that, but I can't be the one to tell her.



Finally camp was over! We were all headed over to Timber's house when EJ and his cronies stopped us on our way.

"What do you want, Needman?" DP said.

"I just want to talk about McKay's little girlfriend here." I stepped forward defensively.

"What about her?" I said.

"It would be a shame to see her pretty little face cry when she finds out what you did with one of the cheerleaders at camp, wouldn't it be?"

"What do you mean cheerleader? I did nothing!" I took another step.

"The way I see it is that my father has enough money to buy out your sad little sandlot. And I don't really think I like the idea of you and Spencer together. Go along with the story, or We'll take away your lot. The choice is yours."


It made me shake with anger just thinking about it. That scumbag.

We were almost to the sandlot when I started thinking of ways to tell Spencer the truth that it wasn't my fault. I wasn't the bad guy!

Now if only she would believe that.


Day one at the sandlot and I can't contain my nerves.

"Spence, you ready to go?" Timber called.

"Uh, yeah, I'm coming now!" I slipped on my denim shorts and tank top and walked tentatively walked down the stairs. DP was in our living room waiting.

"Hey, Spence, another summer at the sandlot, right?"

"Woop dee doo," I said, my voice laced with sarcasm.

We walked down the street to the sandlot and passed a big moving truck. EJ. Thank the lord he was leaving.

We arrived at the sandlot and immediately walked up to the rest of the guys. There was someone new with them.

"Hey guys, this is my cousin, Evan. He's staying with me for the summer," Tommy introduced. I was previously looking at Wings throughout the corner of my eyes but they then focused on the tall brunette in front of me.

"Hey, I'm Evan, and you are?"

"Uh, Spencer," I kept my eyes locked with his.

"I'm Timber," Joshua pushed me out of the way.

"DP," he nodded.

"What position do you play?" asked Two Ton.

"Normally pitcher," Joshua stiffened until Evan held up a wrist in a cast. "but I hurt myself playing last month."

"How long until you get the cast off?" I asked, curious.

"Not another couple of weeks. So I guess I'll be sitting with you for a little bit," he smiled at me.

"Whatever, let's just play ball!" Tommy said. Evan and I walked over to the dugout and sat on a bench.

"So, is Timber your boyfriend? You walked in with him." I almost choked on my water.

"Ew, no, he's my brother."

"Oh, sorry, my bad. How's the team?"

"Eh, they're okay," I responded.

"How's that Wings guy?"

"A cheating asshole."

"Woah, woah. I meant how good of a player he is. What do you have against him?"

"We dated last year. The boys went to camp and when they came back they told me he cheated on me with a cheerleader. Done. We're history," I explained with wrath in my voice.

"Do you talk to him anymore?" he scooted closer to me.

"That's funny. We haven't made eye contact in about ten months."

"Have you dated since?"

"I've gone on a couple of dates, but no one's ever been the same."

"I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe if-"

"WATER BREAK!" DP yelled in my ear.

"Ow, what the hell DP?" I shoved him a little.

"Sorry, Spence. It had to be done." I rolled my eyes and headed over to the water fountain to fill up my water bottle.

"SPENCER, PULL DOWN YOUR SHORTS!" my brother yelled. I rolled my eyes and fixed my pant legs.

"Uh, hey Spencer." I turned to see Wings standing beside me.

"Are you serious?" He looked confused.

"I don't know what-"

"You think you can just come up to me and start talking like we're cool?"

"I'm just trying to-"

"Well you shouldn't be trying to do anything with me." Before I walked away I turned back to him.

"Just because you and my brother and my best friends can get along doesn't mean I'm ready to forgive you. So just don't talk to me, Jerk."

"Spencer, wait," he reached out and grabbed my arm. I immediately whipped it out of his grip,


"That's what I thought. Go to hell," I turned around on my heel and marched out away from him and started towards my house.

"Spencer do you want me to walk you back?"

"I am fine Joshua, just leave me alone." Great first day back at the lot, right?