Title: Hide and Seek

Character: Remus Lupin

Summary: "Being screwed over by fate and destiny and other crappy deities who decide you need a little bit of happiness now and again. That is your life in a nutshell." Remus-centric freeverse. Implied Remus/Sirius.

Notes: This was written for the 'OTP Freeverse Poetry Challenge' on HPFC, where we had to write a freeverse poem using at least one of thirty prompts. Me being me, of course, decided to use all of them. They can be found in bold. I hope you enjoy!

Come on Remus;

you know him better than this.

It's just another game of

hhiiddee & sseeeekk;

he wouldn't want you to mourn, after all.

It's all about not knowing what is to come -

that's the fun of it, right?

Being screwed over by fate and destiny

and other crappy deities

who decide you need a little bit of happiness

now and again.

That is your life in a nutshell.

You're caught in the middle, Remus,

and watch out!

Life doesn't play fair either.


You are perfectly fine;

that's why, in the near future,

you collect shells

at the northern beach of your childhood

at four in the morning,

because that's what he would've done.

You were perfect, and amazing,

and you kissed on the beach when no one was watching,

and talked about werewolves and wine

and McGonagall and magic,

and more or less avoided the subject of love.

It was what you did together,

when it was cold and raining and you were both soaked through.

You could see through each other anyway.

There wasn't any need to



Right now, all you can think about are those stolen kisses,

taken from you now,

like little objects of little worth,

but they still hold so many memories

that you cherish

and guard with your life.

And right now, who cares if you are caught

in a downpour?

((A metaphor for your life, you think, anyway.))

The sea shines in the rain like this;

like magic and summer and and gloss and sparkle and shimmer

as light reflects off the water,

disappearing like it was all in the past anyway;

not that the past is something

you deliberately set out to



You' ve always just liked


haven't you, Remus?

It is something about the music in them,

the twisted imagery and

the pure poetry

that sets your heart on fire.

They had always been the envy

of your childhood self,

who always wished he could take flight,

escape the beach,


and try to fly.


Falling's better than life passing him by.


At the present, though,

Remus, darling,

you are curled up on your pathetic sofa,

eating chocolate bars

like Death is a Dementor

you can cast away with a poor spell

and a happy memory.

It is all a game of hide&seek, my love.

Today is the day, Remus,

when you come out of your hiding place,

leave Moony behind,

and fight;

you fight for Nymphadora,

and for Teddy,

but most of all, for Sirius,

who wouldn't appreciate your angst anyway.