A Complicated love story

Chapter 1 : what if's

It was almost a year ago that he came into her live and left just as quickly as he came into it. Despite that a lot had happened in Mallory's life, falling for Austin, breaking up with Austin, moving to Nashville then moving back from Nashville and her constant struggle with her feelings for Jake. The one thing had remained the same was that she always wondered what would have happened if Badger had stayed at heartland after the summer. Mallory had tried to keep in contact with him but he never replied to her texts, refused to return her calls and would return her letters unopened.

She had accepted that she had to move on by the time he decided to re-enter her life, but was it too late to resume what they had almost had?

One day, Mallory was cleaning out the stalls when she heard a car coming up towards the main house in heartland. Her curiosity got the better of her as she began to make her way towards the car to see what was going on. She was focused on what was happening that she hadn't realised that there was someone else in the barn with her till they spoke.

" shouldn't you be mucking out the stalls rather than spying on whatever is going over there?" asked Ty with a slight chuckle

" I wasn't spying plus I decided to take a break from cleaning coopers stall. Anyways aren't you curious what's going over there? What if Jack has decided to sell heartland to some oil guys without telling us?" she asked while panicking what would happen to her of that happened as a number of different ideas popped into her head concerning the mystery guests that had just arrived

" Mallory, calm down ok? It isn't some oil coming to buy heartland plus Jack would never sell before discussing it with us, it's..." Ty tried to explain but was interrupted by another one of Mallory's questions on who it could be

" wait does that mean you know who it is? Why would Jack tell you but not me? I mean you don't even live here anymore" Mallory said as she rushing her speech as she became worried that Jack might send her back to Nashville to her parents

"Yeah I do because Jack asked my opinion on whether or another troubled kid should begin to work at heartland like I did. Also he was trying to keep it a surprise for you, although knowing how you feel on the subject I wanted to tell you" Ty tried to explain as a warning about was going to happen

" but why would I care..." she began to ask, just as he got out of the car along with Ty's former probation officer Clint.

Heartland was the exact same as he remember it from his summer here a ago, at least it appeared that way to him as he enter the house to meet Jack and begin work.

A few hours later, just before dinner Mallory walked into Amy's room to talk to her about the sudden arrive of her former flame, Badger.

" Badger? Seriously? Were there like a short supply other troubled kids that needed to be reformed by working here or Jack pick him just to make it more awkward for me?" she said as began to shut the door and sat down at the door to block anyone from coming in

" Mallory! Badger just needed a place to work and live while he goes to uni with Ty to do art, no one did this to annoy you" Amy said while she began to clear up her clients files from her desk

" fine! But don't expect me to be nice to him or talk to him or happily work with him!" she said while walking out of the room, heading towards the dinner table

" no, Mallory, we never expect that of you" Amy said while smiling to her self as she followed her towards the dinner table

During dinner, everyone tried to keep up the conversation going although they could all sense the tension between Mallory and Badger. Mallory couldn't stop herself from thinking about all the times he rejected the attempts she had made while trying to continue their friendship. And now that she had her chance to ask him why, it no longer seemed important. Not next to the fact that it hurt so much

Mallory was so deep it thought over the boy sitting across from her that she didn't hear Jack telling her that she was to do the dishes tonight since Ty and Amy had done them last night. She also didn't hear telling Badger the same

As she began to fill the sink with water and soap, he placed the dirty dishes next to her. He had noticed that she was trying to ignore him but he had decided that he would try to explain everything even if she wasn't going to listen to him

"Mallory, please let me explain I mean it's not like I didn't want to stay friends with you, i...you...I didn't think...There was only one thing I ever wanted to say to you, more so after I kissed you as I was leaving. I wasn't sure you still wanted to hear it anymore" Badger said as he struggled to express how he felt, worried she would reject him

"Badger.." she whispered as she began to move closer to him, she was inches away from his face when she heard Jake call on her

" Ummm...Mallory, are you ready to go?" Jake said nervously as he saw who she was standing so closely to

" Jake? Umm sure... Just give me a second ok? I'll come and get you at the car" she said as she hurried away from Badger, feeling slightly guilty for what she was about to do with Badger

She quickly fixed her make up and hair and grabbed her coat as she hurried to meet Jake hoping he wouldn't asked questions

She refused to look at Badger as she went past him

Leaving him all alone, now being the one to think what if?