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Universe: Alternate Universe, but vampires and hunters exist!

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I'm sorry...

For every memory that we shared together.

I'm sorry.

Prologue: Our Beginning

An apparent 'thud' sound resonated through the room, as a game of chess ended, the black pieces cornering the White King, marking the victory of the dark side.

"Checkmate." A grin spread across the face of a certain 9-year-old brunet, his dark claret eyes staring intently at his lost opponent, amusing himself upon seeing the unsatisfied expression of the child in front of him.

"It is... It's not fair how Kaname always win when we play chess!" The younger one who has been protecting the White King since 47 minutes ago, puffed his cheeks endearingly, a blush crept along the apple of his cheeks, feeling embarrassed at the mere thought of accomplishing the deal that they had made before the game started.

"Now... Zerorin... A deal remains a deal, and I'm ready to accept my reward!"

"B-But Kaname's uncle and sister are looking at us!"

"No worries... They won't say anything about it. It's just a peck on the cheeks!"

Timidly, the silver-haired boy hopped down from his chair and headed over to his companion's side, puffing his cheeks once more before exhaling through his mouth.

"Alright, which side of Kaname's cheeks?" He murmured softly to the older brunet, wearing an insecure expression on his face when that wicked grin still plastered on Kaname's face.


"W-Wha... ̶ "

"Because Zero hesitated! So Zero needs to do double task!" The one called Kaname replied all too quickly, showing a triumphant smile on his face when the amethyst-eyed boy in front of him made his ever so famous pouting face, the blush never leaving his cheeks.

Slowly, Zero leaned over the arms of Kaname's chair, tip-toeing a little bit, leveling himself with the brunet's face, despite the vampire's sitting position. For a second he wondered why his friend was towering above him, albeit they had only a year age difference between them.

He couldn't ignore the feeling of the brunet's arms wrapping around his waist as he leaned forward and placed a kiss on the apple of Kaname's cheek. It frustrated him so much that he was the only one feeling the heat rushing to his cheeks while the brunet's temperature remained neutral.

Their eyes met for a split second when Zero parted his lips from Kaname's right cheek, the amethyst met with the affectionate claret eyes, holding the gaze for a little while before he closed his eyes and leaned for the second peck on the left cheek.

As the plump lips collided with the soft creamy cheek, Zero felt a single hand at the back of his head, urging him to stay in their current position, a little longer perhaps as another hand wrapped around his shoulder, holding him tightly in place.

He couldn't understand the alien feeling of being in the brunet's arms, but one thing for sure he loved being embraced by Kaname. His scent, his warming heat, and every contact that it made to his body felt calming, enticing and just plainly wonderful.

He returned the hug, and rested his head on Kaname's left shoulder, his next words just rolled from his tongue without his consent.

"C-Can Zero stays like this, in Kaname's arms, for as long as I can?"

"If it's for Zero, you're always welcome, even in my heart."

And it was that day, which marked the initial budding of loves within their hearts.




"Rido-ojisama! Do you think Kaname-oniisama no longer cares about me...?"

Her voice was so soft, the pastel color of her flower smoked dress complemented her creamy complexion. Kuran Yuuki's petite figure rested comfortably on her uncle's laps as she whined about her predicament to the older vampire.

"Why do you think so?"

"Because Kaname-oniisama just plays with Zero-kun and not me..."

Their gazes traveled to the two figure who were keenly playing another game of chess. The silver-haired boy was fidgeting with his finger every so often while the brunet played languidly, as if the strategy has been kept intact in his mind.

A pureblood and a hunter, a relationship that was built purely by the insistence from the Vampire Council and the Hunter Association since two years ago.

Cross Kaien, a former vampire hunter as well as the one who established the coexistence plan between vampire, hunter and indirectly the human. A plan which was taken into consideration by the two powers ruling the Vampire and Hunter societies, under a certain condition.

They demanded for a proof that the two different creatures could breathe in the same air without leading to a massive bloodshed. Hence the Kuran, who had the purest vampire blood of all, and the Kiryuu, the most influential hunter in their society, were chosen to demonstrate the coexistence between them.

But instead of supporting the coexistence idea by proving its liability, they were more keen on proving it wrong. The incident that befell the Kiryuu family a couple of years ago gave them the advantages.

The twins' parents were murdered on one snowy night, where the Kuruizaki Hime had fallen in rage with insanity and attacked the Kiryuu family. Fortunately for the twins, they survived the attack, courtesy of running into right people while trying to save themselves. The top hunter, Touga Yagari and Cross Kaien, the vampire without fangs, were coincidentally in range when the incident happened.

Hence the incident could give the Hunter Association and the Vampire Council the advantage that they needed, hoping that the twins would bore hatred towards the vampires, especially the purebloods and indirectly the Kurans.

Kuran Kaname and Kiryuu Zero were incredibly hostile towards each other, at least that was how their relationship started until everything changed when they learned about one another. Apparently they shared the same pain of losing their parents at such a young age. Kaname lost his parents after their mysterious death, and he along with his sister were put under the care of his uncle, Kuran Rido soon after.

Of course as the Kuran and the Kiryuu gradually became closer at such a fast rate, both societies had their tongues tied. As years passed, the amount of vampires and hunters who supported the coexistence plan increased rapidly, and more vampire children started to befriend the younger hunters.

In which, one of the pair was currently having a silly quarreling in front of the chessboard, one refused to accept the losing punishment, and another was provoking his companion to stick with their deal.

Rido and Yuuki watched the interaction between the two silently, the petite girl gazing at them with a frown on her face when suddenly her uncle call caught her attention.

"So, Yuuki thinks so that Kaname is ignoring you?" The mismatched-eyed vampire questioned his niece, who had the worried expression on her rounded face.

"Right, Rido-ojisama!" The girl turned around, facing her uncle's form, waiting for the older vampire's opinion on the matter at hand.

"Well, I think he loves you, Yuuki. Nothing changed, except that..." He paused, looking her niece into the eyes, trying to get her utmost attention, intentionally putting her on the edge by his paused line.


"Except that, he's distracted."

Rido pointed his chin to the direction of a certain silver-haired hunter child, Yuuki followed his gaze and looked at the timid boy who was currently being teased by her brother.

"And a distraction is meant to be destroyed, Yuuki..."

"D-Destroyed? But how ̶ "

"Ssshhh... I won't tell you, Yuuki, unless if you're willing to take a certain risk."

The petite girl was startled for a second, her face filled with bewilderment upon her uncle's words. But she was willing to take any risk, as long as it was for her Kaname-oniisama. She looked at Rido with a determined pair of brown-red eyes and uttered her reply,

"If it's for Kaname-oniisama, I'm willing to do anything!"

"Exactly anything?"


Rido contemplated for a second, trying to find any harmful weakness in those eyes belonged to the 7-year-old petite girl. He wouldn't risk failing his own plan just because of one dense girl, and a grin plastered on his face, a couple of minute after.

"Listen, Yuuki..." He scooped the girl up in his arms, making his way to the secluded library in the manor, leaving Kaname and Zero to themselves, his mismatched eyes flickered with a pinch of wicked fire.




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