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I'm sorry...

For holding on to our promises together...

I'm sorry.

"...But on one condition, you have to be the first person to search us! That means Kaname-oniisama will become 'the ghost' first!"

Kaname contemplated for a second before he replied.

"It's a deal then, Yuuki."

Never did he know, that it was the deal that sealed the fate of his life, along with his love one.




Fate II: Promises

Saturday, 3:47 PM.

Kiryuu Zero always enjoyed basking himself under a little ray of sunlight, especially during the evening when the temperature wasn't as blazing hot as during the early midday. And yet, ever since he befriended with the creature of the night, he always found himself appreciating the shaded spot under the tree, blocking himself from the penetrating sunlight.

He wasn't afraid of the sun, not that he had a reason to do so. But his choice of resting spot was mainly influenced by his concern for his dear partner, Kuran Kaname.

The brunet hardly complain about the sunlight during the evening, but Zero knew that even a little ray of that penetrating light could cause an irritation to his companion.

Hence, here he was, settling himself comfortably under a glorious shade of a huge old maple tree, waiting impassively for Kaname to show up anytime soon.

People would have wondered, how an 8-year-old hunter boy like him was even allowed to hang out alone during the late evening. But he had nothing to worry about, at least for as long as he was in a Pro-Coexistence area, no harm could befall on him since the place was thoroughly guarded.

A gust of cold autumn wind passed by his petite form, sending a shiver throughout his spine. The young silver-haired hunter tightened the jacket that he wore around his miniscule body.

The weather was getting chilly and yet the whereabouts of his dear Kaname was nowhere to be found. Their rendezvous was supposed to be on 3:20 PM and yet the clock at the main clock-tower indicated that it was already 3:57 PM.

The hunter wondered what took his partner so long that he didn't arrive on time like how he used to do, without failing.

For a moment, a wild guess that Kaname had forgotten about their meeting crossed Zero's mind. And yet he pushed such thought away to the back of his mind. The last thing that Kaname would do was forgetting about their meeting, or so Zero thought to himself.

After all he trusted Kaname the most.

Kiryuu Zero let out a loud sigh. Truthfully, he was severely exhausted, due to not having any decent sleep throughout the night before. His twin brother went through another sudden fever attack and he had been up all night long to tend to his younger twin.

It had never failed to escape his mind, the guilt that crept into his very well-being every time he witnessed his brother's state of illness. Ichiru had been sick ever since they were born, and for all this time Zero had been blaming himself for everything that befell on his brother.

'Just how many times have I thought of switching place with Ichiru...'

"...-ro? Zero?"

The silver-haired hunter's wandering thought was halted as he finally heard the voice of the person that he had been waiting for quite a while. He lifted up his head so that he could return the gaze that was directed at him by Kaname, only to be stopped half-way when the brunet suddenly ruffled his silky silver locks messily.

"K-Kaname! Stop it!"

"Why should I, Zero? I'm having so much fun here." The young pureblood chuckled when the petite hunter tried to pry his hand off from his head.

He gradually stopped a minute after when Zero started puffing his cheeks in a pouting manner. Kaname could never get tired of all the cute expressions that the hunter possessed. He gracefully seated himself under the shady spot beside Zero and helped the younger boy to fix the messy silver tresses, although he kind of adored the adorable look of the messy hunter.

Kaname had the feeling that he was going to grow up as someone sadistic, not that he was complaining though.

"I... thought Kaname will never come!" Zero glanced at his wrist-watch and stared at the brunet with a curiosity written all over his face, after all Kaname had an explanation to do.

"I'm terribly sorry, Zero. I went to the town to retrieve something, and then the streets there become somewhat confusing and I get puzzled on my way."

"As in other simpler words, Kaname got lost?" The young hunter questioned his pureblood friend nonchalantly. In Zero's eyes, Kaname was someone who tended to excel in anything that he did, and the mere thought of the pureblood getting lost in the town, gave Zero the urge to laugh.

And so he did let out a series of lovely suppressed chuckles which was suddenly cut off when Kaname shush Zero's lips with his long forefinger.

"Ssshhh... If Zero keeps on laughing, I'm going to sulk. Plus that 'something' which I retrieved from town is specially made for Zero." Kaname winked meaningfully as he finished his sentence. The petite hunter had turned quiet now and had a confused look on his face, so Kaname pried his finger away from the soft lips.

"W-What? But Kaname, it isn't even my birthday!"

For a moment, Kaname stared incredulously at Zero. The boy was too naïve for his own sake, and there was no way that what Yuuki said to him the other day was true.

But then he trusted his dear sister too.

And yet whatever the circumstances were, Kaname won't changed his intention to make a surprise gift for Zero, which he planned even before what his sister said to him.

"Look here... Zero loves necklace, right?"

Kaname touched Zero's chin gently and tilted the younger boy's face upward, with his other hand, he unclenched his closed hand and let a chain of silver necklace dangled from the tips of his fingers.

Attached to the chain was a makeshift pendant of a fresh Four Leaf Clover preserved with layers of transparent liquid resin and beautifully encased within a silver sterling flat round base capsule.

Amethyst eyes took in the sight of the enchanting item flaunting upon his line of sight.

"K-Kaname... It's stunning! Can I... Can I touch it?"

"I made this for Zero.. Of course Zero can touch it!" The brunet chuckled lightly when the petite hunter stared at the necklace in awe. As Kaname took Zero's right hand, slowly depositing the object into his palm, he swore that the hunter's little fingers were trembling at the tips, as if he was afraid he might damage the item.

"Take it, Zero... It's yours, from me to Zero."

Kaname eyed Zero's reaction in reverent as the boy trailed his slim fingers along the silver chains of the necklace and caressed the item gently as his fingers reached for the makeshift pendant.

Without any words coming out of the hunter's mouth, Kaname could see that Zero really adored his gift. The silver-haired hunter couldn't pry his gaze away from the necklace, not even when Kaname was constantly staring at him with his penetrating gaze.

It was only a moment after that, Zero suddenly jerked out of his awe-struck state as he shook his head vigorously. The young hunter shot an uncertain gaze at the young pureblood before he reached out his hand to the latter, the necklace neat in his palm.

"Please... Take this necklace back! I cannot take it away from Kaname!"

For a moment lost in time, silence befell on them. Kaname could only stare at the silver-haired hunter, before he reached for the latter's upturned hand and took the necklace from Zero. He let the necklace dangled in front of Zero's eyes before he finally voiced out his thoughts.

"You, my dear Zero, has the heart of a Sapphire, the very essence of sincerity, of truth and faithfulness. My gift couldn't appease the price of your inner-beauty. But could you please accept this insignificant gift of mine as a sign of your acceptance of my existence into your life?"

"K-Kaname... Kaname is talking like an adult, I don't understand..."

A small smile found itself on the lips of one Kuran Kaname, as the brunet cupped the face of his companion, and slid his thumbs across Zero's fair cheeks.

"If Zero didn't understand... Then what's the meaning of those tears streaming down Zero's face? Silly."

And then the realization hit the silver-haired petite as he reached for his cheeks and felt the slight wetness under his touch. He couldn't decipher the reason of why he was shedding his tears. But one thing for sure, for the first time in his life, Kiryuu Zero felt the feeling of being appreciated, a special kind of appreciation, a feeling that no one could trigger in his self except for the one across his sight.

"I.. I don't know. But Kaname's words are beautiful, and Kaname makes me feel... l-loved?"

The boy's words sounded more like a question than a statement. He wasn't sure of the words that he used, but 'loved' was something that he felt when he was around Kaname.

A light chuckle left the pureblood's lips before he spoke again.

"Then would Zero accept this gift from the person that makes Zero feel loved?"

Without a second of hesitant, the amethyst-eyed hunter nodded his head in acceptance, as his cheeks flushed slightly for a reason that he didn't understand yet again.

"But it's not insignificant, Kaname! If it comes from Kaname, it will always be significant." The younger child blurted out suddenly without knowing on how those words could slip from his mouth. But he willed a small smile to be plastered on his face when the brunet smiled upon his words.

"Now Zero should stay still while I put this around Zero's neck, alright?"

The younger boy responded with a nod as Kaname went to crouch behind him and aligned the necklace along his neck before he securely linked the silver-chain close.

"There... it looks so beautiful when Zero is the one wearing it!"

"S-Shut up. It's originally beautiful in the first place... But thank you for this precious gift. I'll treasure it with my... life."

"Hmm... Now Zero is talking like an adult."

"I am not!"

"Yes Zero do... But anyway, does Zero know about the symbolisms behind the Four-Leaf Clover?"

The boy contemplated for a second, recalling the facts that he once read from an old classic book that he borrowed from Kaname.

"Uhh... First leaf represents... Faith?" Zero eyed Kaname for a sign confirmation as the brunet nodded immediately and urged him to continue on expectantly.

"And second leaf is for.. Hope. The third is for.. Love! And... Fourth is for.. urmm. Kaname, I can't remember!"

"Fourth is for... Luck."

Zero's eyes lightened up in recognition as Kaname mentioned the fourth meaning of the Four-Leaf Clover.

"And how does it affect my life, Kaname? Could it become my lucky charm or something?"

The brunet took the pendant of the necklace into the secure of his hand as he scrutinized it meaningfully before his gaze fell on his silver-haired partner.

"Who knows... But one thing for sure, Zero could wish for anything that Zero want, just as long as it isn't something evil. And it could only be granted... once."

"Is that really possible... but h-how?"

"Once the faith is cast upon a request, as the hope descries the pure heart that knows how to love with unwavering sincerity, the luck shall seal the spoken wish."

"... And there's no payment in return for the granted wish?" The silver-haired hunter inquired as he stared right into Kaname's claret orbs.

"Perhaps no... But maybe the Four-Leaf Clover would lose its shine. Why? Zero has something to wish for in mind?" The brunet asked in curiosity, and he smiled knowingly when the petite hunter shook his head vigorously.

"No. Of course not! It's too precious to be used so carelessly."

But perhaps, the day I would use this charm would be the day when Kaname left me once and for all.

Zero hid his inner-thought to the back of his mind as he prayed for such day to never come.

"I'm fine with anything that Zero wish! But promise me that Zero will never cast this necklace aside, alright?"

Kaname hold the hunter's small hand tightly as the latter grasped the pendant, the momentous of their love together, gently inside his clutch, close to his heart.

"I promise!"

And so the red string of fate tied the two individuals together as they sealed their promises to remain together through the unpredictable game of destiny.

A menacingly vicious destiny.




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