There will be some OC pokemon and of course there is an enemy! But I can't tell you... that would ruin it!

With Dawn and her pokemon...

Dawn had just won the title of top coordinator and she was celebrating with her pokemon. She was so happy and her pokemon were all dancing together at a party that Zoey held in her honor. Dawn, Zoey, Cynthia, and Reggie were talking to her.

"You did great, Dawn! I was suprised at how quickly your lopbunny had adapted to its new body in battle." Reggie said.

"Yeah. My heart sank when I saw her evolve on the feild. I thought for sure that you would lose. A pokemon evolving in the middle of a match is a coordinators worst nightmare and yet you three still pulled through. Even piplup quickly adapted to the change. They fought together like buneary was always a lopbunny. You must be very proud of her." Zoey said.

"I am very proud. I thought I was done for when she evolved. We barely won against Ursula and her eeveelution twins. We only won by one point." Dawn said.

"You guys need to have more faith in Dawn and her pokemon. I knew you would win this year." Cynthia said.

"Of course. You're always right aren't you, Cynthia." Reggie said in a teasing tone.

"Of course I am. Oh, what will happen when she see's pikachu again?" She asked with a small smirk.

Everyone laughed.

"So how's Paul?" Dawn asked Reggie.

Zoey gave her a questioning look. In Zoey's mind, Paul is a heartless jerk. She has no idea why Dawn would even so much as mention him.

Reggie smiled at the question.

"He's doing fine. He's a lot more easier on his pokemon now a days. I'm pretty sure he will beat Cynthia this year. But he rarely comes home so I don't entirely know the extent of his training. His pokemon do seem a lot more happier so I'm sure he's not berating them like he used to. He is also a lot more quiet. I don't know why but he seems normal other than that." Reggie said.

"This is Paul we're talking about. How can he be more quiet?" Dawn asked.

"He just is. I sometimes hardly ever know he's home nowadays." Reggie said.

"Wow. I didn't think his final match with Ash effected him that much." Zoey said.

"I know right? It's good to see a change in him but I do wish he would talk a little more. Sure he'll answer my questions but other than that, I won't hear anything else from him. I also caught him watching some of your battles on tv. I never asked why. I'm sure he watched your final match today. I think he might be fond of you, Dawn." Reggie said.

Dawn blushed while everyone laughed at her. Then she saw flashes and heard noises in a nearby forest out the window. Reggie took notice and also looked out.

"What's that?" Dawn asked.

"I don't know and I don't like it." Reggie said.

"Neither do I." Cynthia said.

"Let's check it out." Zoey said.

Dawn and everyone else, including her pokemon, left the party to go see what was causing all the flashes. The closer they got, the louder the noises got. Something was fighting a very powerful pokemon. Then they heard a familiar and frantic voice shout:

"Electevire! Use lightning punch!"

"That sounds like Paul!" Reggie said.

Reggie ran ahead and everyone else ran to catch up. Everyone was shocked when they got there.

Torterra was bleeding from multiple cuts and was coughing up blood. Honchcrow was laying in a bloody heep barely breathing. Magmortar was bleeding from a big cut that stretched from his should to his hip and was struggling to breath. His ursaring was missing an ear, her tail was cut off and her right arm was bent out of shape while her left shoulder was dislocated and she also had several cuts.

Paul's weaville only had a limp and was trying to help all the other pokemon in anyway he could. Electevire had several wounds but he kept fighting.

The thing that did this looked dark and it had red eyes and an evil grin. It dodged electevire's attack like it was nothing. It was also hurt but it seemed to love pain.

"Is that... A chancey?" Dawn asked shocked.

"It can't be! A chancey would never do this and it's not the right color!" Zoey shouted.

The dark chancey smirk evilly and made a move for Dawn. Dawn's lopbunny jumped infront of Dawn protectively. Paul noticed and was about to tell electevire to do something but weaville blocked the attack instead.

He tried blocking it with his claws but the the chancey broke through his defense and took weaville's right eye. Weaville fell to the ground clutching where his eye used to be. Lopbunny ran up to him and used the fluff on her ears to stop the bleeding.

The chancey was about to attack again but electivire blocked its attack using protect but the chancey broke through it and delivered a final and fatal blow to his head. Electevire fell to the ground dead.

"ELECTEVIRE!" Paul shouted.

The dark chancey turned back to Paul, laughing evilly and hystarically like this was all the world's funniest joke to him. Paul glared at it and he ran towards it in his rage, shouting curses at it. The chancey's laugh got louder the closer he got.

Weaville quickly got up and grabbed Paul before the chancey would do anything to him.

"Let me go! I'll kill it for what it did!" Paul shouted in Weaville's grip.

Weaville ran over and gave Paul to Reggie. Normally Paul would be humiliated at being carried by his brother like he was some sort of child but he was too angry to even care.

"Then use ice punch on that bastard!" Paul shouted at weaville.

Weaville gladly did what it was told. He readied an ice punch and ran toward the chancey. But the chancey dodged and was about to get weaville with a fatal blow but then something else hit it with an ice punch.

It was lopbunny. The chancey fell backwards and rolled into a tree. It got up and looked at lopbunny with an evil grin. It must have said something disturbing because lopbunny got a horrified look on her face and weaville jumped in front of her growling loudly.

The dark chancey attacked weaville and it attempted to kill him by using metal claw but then piplup used hydropump to get him off. The chancey was blasted next to Reggie and the chancey attempted to hit him and Paul with a fatal blow but weaville pulled them out of the way but Paul still obtained a cut on his cheek below his right eye.

Weaville got pissed for the fact that Paul was hurt and he ran towards the chancey using metal claw but the chancey just knocked him away with his own metal claw. Weaville was throw against a tree and he got knocked out.

Dawn's mamoswine charged at the dark chancey using ancient power but the chancey dodged it and cut off mamoswine's tusks. Mamoswine got even more pissed and charged at it nonstop. The chancey just jumped in the air and raked it's back using metal claw. Mamoswine fell onto the ground after awhile from blood loss.

Piplup charged at it but he got knocked back with a metal claw. He got a cut across his body. Dawn caught him and ran back with everyone else. Piplup was in bad shape.

Dawn's other pokemon huddled behind lopbunny and togekiss as the chancey turned toward them and smirked at lopbunny. Lopbunny grew horrified and all everyone else could do was helplessly watch in horror as the chancey made his way towards them.

Then a rock suddenly hit it in the head. It was Dawn. She threw another one and it hit the chancey in the eye. It roared with anger and it ran toward her using fury swipes. Dawn closed her eyes expecting to get killed but nothing came except for a warm liquid flying onto her hand. Dawn opened her eyes to see Paul blocking the attacks using his back. His face was scrunched up in pain as he received multiple hits on his back.

Paul forced open his eyes and looked Dawn in the eyes.

"R-run! Run troublesome!" he said through his clenched jaw.

Lopbunny ran up and pulled Dawn and piplup away from him and the dark chancey. Dawn reached out towards him as she was getting pulled away.

Paul passed out from the pain but the chancey still kepted on cutting his back while he was down. Dawn stared horrified and scared. Tears rolled down her face as she watched feeling more helpless than ever.

"St-s-sto-op" she choked.

The chancey continued still.

"Stop!" Dawn said a little louder.

The dark chancey didn't even bat an ear.

"Stop this!" Dawn screamed.

"Zoroark! Use dark pulse!" a strange voice shouted.

A huge mass of darkness hit the dark chancey. The zoroark pinned it against a tree and a man with green hair and blue grey eyes.

"Who made you this way! Was it Ghetsis?" He asked.

The chancey talked to him. The zoroark's claws clenched and the strange man started to glare at the dark chancey.

Then the strange man pulled out a master ball and captured the chancey. Then he grabbed a cell phone and started calling for help.

"There are a lot of injured pokemon and a badly injured boy. One pokemon is deceased and the rest are in bad shape. " He said.

He turned back and noticed piplup. He bolted over. Dawn was holding piplup close and crying.

"Piplup! Don't leave me!...Please..." she pleaded.

The strange man knelt down beside her and put his hand on piplup. Dawn pulled him away and looked at the strange man.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I am N Harmonia. Let me see. I won't hurt him anymore than he is." N promised.

Dawn allowed him to look at piplup's injury. N flinched at the look of it. He was cut all the way across his body and losing a lot of blood... or he lost a lot of blood. He didn't seem to have any left. He muttered something into piplups ear and piplup said a few final words before he shuttered one final time.

Dawn broke down crying.

"He said that he's always with you." N said before getting up and walking away.

Dawn waited outside the emergency room. Her only source of comfort was her pachirisu curled up in her lap, attempting to sleep. The rest of her pokemon were getting checked over. She and her freinds were waiting to hear if Paul will be alright. Then the doctor came out.

"He will be fine. He's just going to have a lot of scars. You may go in and check on him if you want." he said.

Reggie bolted in while the others followed. Dawn slowly got up and slowly walked in. Reggie was hugging Paul, much to Paul's delight. Paul may be weak from blood loss but he was strong enough to attempt to get out of the hug. He decided to make up an excuse.

"Reggie... get off! That hurts!" Paul snarled.

Reggie let go of him.

"Sorry. It's just that I thought I lost you." he said.

Dawn glumly stared out the window.

"What's with her?" Paul asked.

Reggie quietly explained to him what happened. Paul's fists clenched in anger as he listened.

Everyone was told to leave but the doctor couldn't seem to get her attention. The world was dead to her at the moment.

"Leave her. Her mother will be coming for her soon." Reggie said."

The doctor left the two alone in the room. Paul stared at her and she stared out the window.

"Troublesome." Paul said trying to get her attention.

She didn't move.

"Troublesome!" Paul said a little louder.

She still stared out the window.

"DAWN!" He shouted.

She looked at him. She walked over to him and sat down on a nearby chair. A single tear rolled down her cheek as she sat there. Paul did the unexpected and wiped the tear away. Dawn suddenly hugged him and started crying again.

Instead of pushing her off, he hugged back. She buried her head into his chest and cried harder. Now they finally had something in common: They both lost a pokemon that was valuable to them.

Pachirisu just sat in the middle of the bed and looked on. He really wished he could do something to help. He finally just walked up and snuggled against Dawn's side.

Paul didn't really know what else to do other than hug back. He just stood there trying not to cry as well. Paul was a little shocked at the realization that he was about to cry. He didn't want to cry, especially not infront of Dawn.

Then a knock was at the door. Dawn's mother Johanna had arrived. Dawn saw her and quickly ran into her arms and they both cried in the doorway.

Paul just kept his head down to hide his face because he knew that he would probably come close to breaking down then and there if he even glanced at them. Johanna walked up to him.

"Thank you for saving her." she said.

"Yeah... No problem." he said.

Johanna was heading towards the door. Paul noticed a weight on his lap. It was pachirisu. He gently picked him up.

"Hey, you forgot something." he said holding pachirisu out towards them.

Dawn ran back in a grabbed pachirisu. She locked eyes with Paul for a minute and then she kissed him on the cheek. Paul froze.

"Thank you." she said before running to catch up with her mother.

Paul put his hand on the spot where she kissed him. He laid back down on the hospital bed.

At least something good happened. He thought as he fell asleep.

Two weeks later...

Dawn was sitting on the couch with an egg in her lap. Her mother's umbreon got lost out in a storm and then she came back home with a jolteon. He wanted to stay with umbreon and there was no convincing him otherwise so Johanna decided to add him to the family by capturing him. He didn't even try to put up a fight. He just saw the ball and he just closed his eyes and let it catch him.

The next day Dawn found the egg in her room in the bean bag chair. Umbreon and jolteon were snuggled next to it. Jolteon got up to defend it but umbreon stopped him. They allowed Dawn to have the egg. Johanna figured that umbreon just wanted her to feel better and so she gave her an egg.

Dawn laid there with the egg and then she got to thinking about that night two weeks ago. She wanted to know more about who created the monster that killed piplup. She couldn't and wasn't about to just sit here and do nothing.

Dawn did research on N and found out that he was once the leader of a group called team plasma. In her research, she found out that he was just a figure head and that the real leader was Ghetsis. A girl named Hilda stopped them from suceeding with their plan. The police decided not to file charges against N but they do want him for questioning.

Dawn decided to travel to the Unova region for answers. Maybe the girl named Hilda will know something. Johanna just came back from shopping.

"Mom, I want to go to the Unova region." Dawn said.

"Huh? What for?" she asked.

"To see if I can find some more moves for contests and I'm also interested in pokemon musicals. Those sound interesting. I also want to add some new freinds to my team." she said.

"Okay. Just call often, alright?" she said.

"I will whenever I can." Dawn said running upstairs to grab some things.

Three weeks later...

Dawn was now wearing some dark denim blue short shorts and a light blue shirt with a flower design on it. Her usual red scarf was replaced with a white one. She wasn't wearing a hat anymore.

She was bording a plane with a shiny eevee trailing behind her. This eevee healed Dawn's broken heart ever since she hatched. Dawn even named her. A flight attendent suddenly stopped Dawn.

"Miss, is that eevee yours?" he asked.

Dawn looked back at her eevee to see her at the bottom of the stairs.

"Yes, she is." she answered.

"You might want to return her to her ball." he said.

"She hates her ball. Hope, come on girl. You'll be left behind." Dawn said.

Hope ran up and hopped onto Dawn's shoulders. She nuzzled Dawn's cheek. Dawn giggled and patted her on the back. Dawn sat down in her seat and she looked out the window.

It was a sunny day. Before Hope hatched, whenever Dawn looked outside, it would always seem to be raining. Now it was like Hope cleared the clouds away. That is why Dawn named her hope.

Dawn now had a new faithful companion that will always stay close at her side. Hope wasn't here to replace piplup but she filled a void that was there when that night happened.

The plane took off. Hope was startled and yelped in suprise. Dawn giggled and patted her on the head.

"It's alright. We'll be fine." Dawn soothed.

"Vee." Hope responded.

Hope curled up on Dawn's lap and fell asleep. Dawn stroked her and then she felt tired. She also fell asleep.

With Paul...

Paul was changing out the dressings on his weaville's eye... or where it used to be. Both of them were upset to hear that his eye wasn't salvageable and it had to be removed or else he would have gotten a fatal infection.

Paul's ursaring was healed though her pride was wounded because of the loss of her ear and tail. She was hungry for revenge.

All of Paul's pokemon wanted revenge. Paul was no exception. He just wanted a pokemon to fill in electevire's place. Paul picked an absol he captured in the hoenn region.

Paul was hell bent on revenge. He was packing to go train on Mt. Coronet. He wasn't going to come down until he was sure that they could each rip that dark chancey apart. It was another month until the Sinnoh league championship begins.

Paul was going to participate and consider it part of his pokemon's training. He was hell bent on besting every apponent he goes against. He furiously walked up the mountain trails. He and his pokemon trained harder than ever and it was because they all wanted vengence and they will be damned if they lose even one battle against any participants in the sinnoh league. Then Reggie decided to visit while they were training.

Ursaring leveled a huge boulder to the ground using hammer arm. Reggie whistled in amazement.

"You've been training hard." He said.

Paul acknowledged with a grunt and then he went back to training his pokemon. His absol was fighting a wild mamoswine, magmortar was fighting a very powerful onyx and the rest of his pokemon were fighting either a boulder or they were allowed to rest.

At least he lets them rest. Reggie thought as he watched.

Reggie had brought up some lunch for everyone and he also brought a gift for Paul. A trainer didn't want it and let Reggie keep it.

"I got something for you. A trainer didn't want it and I thought you should have it." Reggie said pulling an object from his bag.

Paul turned around to see Reggie holding an egg. Paul got angry.

"Are you trying to replace electevire?" he seethed.

"No. Did I say I was?" Reggie said.

"Keep it. I have no time to raise hatchlings." Paul said.

"I didn't say you have to raise it now. Just keep it." Reggie said.

"Hn. Fine, set it down." He said.

Reggie set the egg and the food down next to Paul's stuff.

"Will you ever be happy?" Reggie asked Paul.

Paul shrugged.

"Maybe someday but not anytime soon." he answered.

Reggie sighed and left.

Back with Dawn...

Dawn was in Nuvema town. She was here to meet with professor juniper and claim her starter pokemon of this region. Dawn arrived late in the year and was warned that Dawn might have to go out and catch a pokemon instead of getting a starter. The only pokemon Dawn had other than Hope was her quilava. The rest were back home.

Professor Juniper came up to Dawn with a frown on her face. Dawn had a feeling.

"I'm sorry but I don't have anymore starters." she said.

"It's okay." Dawn said.

"Hold on, are you Dawn?" a girl's voice asked.

"Yes" Dawn answered turning to whoever said it.

The voice belonged to Hilda, the current champion of the Unova region. She walked up and shook Dawn's hand.

"Hello, My name is Hilda." She said.

"Nice to meet you but how did you know my name?" Dawn asked.

"I watched you win the title of top coordinator. You were great. But where's piplup?" she asked.

Dawn flinched but she told her the story.

"Who was the strange man?" Hilda asked.

"He said that his name is N Harmonia." Dawn answered.

Hilda gasped.

"How was he?" she asked.

Dawn was taken aback by her excitement.

"He seemed fine. Why?" Dawn asked.

"Oh nothing... Hilda here is just in love with him." Professor Juniper said in a teasing tone.

Hilda blushed.

"Sh-Shut up! So what if I am?" Hilda said flustered.

"Umm... Isn't he a little old for you?" Dawn asked.

"N is only twenty and Hilda is turning eighteen in a month. It's not that big of an age gap." Professor Juniper said.

"You're seventeen? Sure you look older than me but I didn't think you were that much older!" Dawn said shocked.

"Yes. I've been trying to find him." Hilda said.

"I've been trying to find him so I could ask him questions. I want to know more about Ghetsis and what he was planning on doing with that thing he supposedly made." Dawn said.

"Maybe you two should look for him together." Professor Juniper suggested.

"You know, that's not a bad idea. How bout it?" Hilda asked Dawn.

"Sure!" Dawn answered.

"Oh! I almost forgot." Hilda said reaching into her pocket.

She pulled out a pokeball.

"You need a starter, right? My brother's serperior laid two eggs and I was given both of them. They hatched since then and I think you should have this one." Hilda said giving her a pokeball.

"Thank you, Hilda." Dawn said.

Dawn released the pokemon inside the ball to see a snivy. It was a male and he seemed to have a calm and colected nature.

"Hello... umm... What is he?" Dawn asked.

"That's a snivy and I suggest you nickname him because he might get mixed up with his brother." Hilda answered.

"Okay... I'll call you... umm... Rye. You like it?" she said.

"Sni" he answered nodding his head.

"Great name. I named mine Sire." Hilda said.

Hilda released Sire from his ball.

"Sniiii!" he cried exictedly.

Sire had a jolly personality. He seemed to also like picking on his brother. He jumped onto Rye's tail. Rye pinned Sire to the ground. Rye was obviously the dominant brother. He got off of Sire as soon as he apologized.

Hope climbed off of Dawn's shoulder and she hesitantly walked up to Rye. Sire looked at her for a minute and then smirked. He thinks he found a new playmate. The only problem is that he likes to play rough.

Sire tackled her. Hope was startled and tried to get him off. He just kept her pinned and then Rye grabbed him and threw him off of Hope. Hope got up and nuzzled Rye as a sign of gratitude.

"Sorry about that. Sire was just trying to play." Hilda said.

"It's alright. I just hope he'll learn about boundaries soon." Dawn said.

"I hope so too. Hey, let's stop by my house. You can stay the night and then we'll leave tomorrow." Hilda said.

"Okay" Dawn said.

"Great! Let's go!" Hilda said happily.

Two hearts have broken from the fight. One has nearly healed completly while the other heart was broken and didn't heal right.

Will Dawn and her new freind, Hilda, find N? Will Paul win the Sinnoh league championship?