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Note: The plot will mostly be same, except for few things here and there. You can consider it a rewrite. Please don't blame me for copying me without permission or something.

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Chapter 1


The car parked in front of my house. There was no car in the rear-view mirror, for which I was thankful. It was only a matter of time before he will get here.

I should make it quick.

"This was one of the best evenings of my life, Tyler." I said, lying through my teeth.

"Thanks Bella, I am glad. I was actually nervous about tonight, you know. I wanted to ask you for so long, but never got the guts to." he said, smiling.

I smiled. He was really a sweet guy. "It was really great. And I liked you kept it simple, I hate incredibly cheesy dates."

"So do I."

We both chuckled.

I saw a shadow appearing on the kitchen window. Well, looks lie Dad's on the guard duty.

"I think I should go now."

"Oh, I'll walk you till the porch."

We both got out the car, and started walking towards my house. I purposely kept my hands in my coat's pocket.

I glared at the kitchen window, making the shadow retreat back. And now he is on the other side of the door, listening.

I sighed.

"So, I guess it is goodbye." I said, upon reaching my porch.

"Yes, goodnight." He said, walking a step closer.

"Goodnight." I whispered. He was bringing his face closer to mine, and there was still no sign of him. My eyes darted around, maybe this time I succeeded hiding my date from him.

I hope so.

His face was coming closer…closer…too close…millimetres apart…I closed my eyes…I felt his breath on my face…peppermints…millimetres apart…


And here, ladies and gentlemen, is the disastrous end of this evening.

"Aaaaa…." We both jerked apart, screaming.

"Edward!" I growled.

He was standing near his car, glaring daggers into Tyler.

"I believe you should head home, before I make you." He glared at Tyler.

"Yes." He squeaked, and ran to his car (his foot hitting Edward's car, making him run even faster), driving away.

I glared at Edward, who just smirked his full, 100 volts smirk at me.

"Hey sweetheart."

"Go to hell." I huffed, and walked inside, slamming the door on his face. I saw dad on the couch, grinning in amusement. Of course dad is happy, he is on Edward's side. Taking two stairs at a time (and cheering inside my hands and eyes coordinated) I reached my room, took my nightclothes and ran for the shower.

How dare he! Everytime, every-bloody-time, he spoiled my date just to amuse himself. He practically gave Tyler heart attack! He was shaking with fear. How could he! That freaking…ugh! I don't even know good cuss words.

I know what I will find tomorrow at school. Tyler will dump me, just like every other date of mine. It's not you, it's Edward. The same reason everytime.

Edward and I had spent the majority of our childhood competeing with each other. He and I, both were toppers in our year, and always neck-to-neck in everything. This lasted from kindergarten to fifth grade, and soon, we came to a mutual understanding. We became sort-of friends. And then, in our ninth grade, he asked me out.

"I am so sorry Edward, but I need to work on my science project tomorrow." I said, smiling politely.

His face fell.

"It's not due in another week."

"I know, but my partner is not available later."

"Who is your partner?"


"The whiner?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yes."

Edward can do many things, play piano, read Lord of the rings in two days, skateboard all around the town, beat anyone to death. But sharing was the one thing he cannot do, nor handling a rejection.

Edward thought I am avoiding Edward for Trent, so he took the matters in his own hands. The very next day, Trent had his right hand plastered, and an awful bruise on his right eyes.

"What happened to you?" I asked, staring at him.

"Listen Bella, I cannot work on the project today. You can do anything you want." He said, and limped away.

At that very moment I knew what happened to Trent- Edward.

Edward didn't even deny it.

"Yes, it was me. He is out of the way now. So, what about that date?"


It was the first, but definitely not the last slap I gave him.

Since then, he has made some sort of oath to make me his. Any time I go on any date, it's spoilt by him one way or the other. Today, for instance, during the movies, he paid the man sitting next to me (other than Tyler) triple the rate of his seat to exchange with Edward. The whole time, he made comments on the actors, threw popcorns in my hair and tried to grab my hands. At the restaurant, he sat on the table next to ours, and kept staring at me. He even ordered the most expensive (non-alcoholic) Champaign for me, showing off his father's money. Poor Tyler was under the torture of his glares the whole evening. And on the porch- ugh! Edward-freaking-Cullen. I want to kill him.

The warm shower did nothing to calm my temper, so I quickly changed in my pjs. My soft, comfy, Hello kitty pjs; perfect for anger management and heartbreak sessions.

Sighing, I stepped into my room, to find him laying on my bed and flipping through my diary.

My personal diary!

I quickly snatched it from his hands.

"What are you doing here?" I shouted.

There was a bark of laugh from downstairs.

I will see you late, traitor!

"Nothing special." He smirked, and sat Indian style on my bed.

"Then get out!" I pointed at the door.

"Why Bella, no long lecture for me today?"

"What's the point? You have probably remember it word-by-word by now."

"True." He grinned.

"Edward!" I growled.

"Bella, Bella, Bella. I am here because of some purpose."

"And what might be that purpose, your highness?"

"I am sorry. I shouldn't-"

"Save it. You don't mean it, and you will do it again."

"Oh Bella, you know me so well. I am touched." He said.

"Time's up, Edward." Charlie shouted from downstairs.

"Bye, take care sweetheart." He walked out the door, closing it behind him.

I sat on my bed, glaring at the door. After all, what can I do? Even dad adores Edward, and usually dad's the one who keeps his gun ready whenever any guy comes in this house. Edward is practically dad's adopted son, as he was Carlisle's son, dad's golf and fishing partner.

"Oh, and Bella," Edward peeked inside the room, "you looked gorgeous tonight."

"Get lost!" I said, throwing a cushion straight at his face.

His laugh was all I got in response.

I smiled. He manages to make me smile even when I am ready to explode with anger.

Stupid, annoying, cocky Edward.

How was it?