Hey Guys!

First of all, I am so sorry for the disappointment this is going to cause you all. But it is no good news.

Apparently, me and Reader962 are at a certain disagreement here. For all those who don't know, this story is a rewrite of Reader962's fanfiction with the same title. I was using the plotline with her own content. Apparently, we had a condition that I will write this story just the way she would want. Basically, she was the planning the story, I was writing it. But I have certain objections with some of the scenes she has asked me to do, and I want the plot to be a bit changed. She wanted a lemon scene in this story and I am not comfortable with it.

So, I am leaving this story, as none of us are ready to compromise. I am so sorry, I wanted to write it, but I don't want to work on this plot without the main writer's permission. For those who want to make your own version of this story, contact Reader962.