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Chapter one: The Darkening

Drew sat on the damp grass and stared at the night sky with a somewhat mischievous grin on his face. This was the second time in one day that he had received temporary freedom, which was very rare indeed. It appeared that the Creator had other things to do instead of controlling Drew.

After his conversation with Wilfre earlier, Drew had seen him various times around the village through commanded eyes. Luckily, the Creator had not seen the transformation and everyone except Drew thought that Sock was an actual raposa. Drew thought that it was a clever idea to use the disguise, and he hadn't guessed that Sock was Wilfre at all beforehand. A good actor, then, he thought. Drew had seen the disguised creature go up into the tree-house minutes earlier, although the creation hero had been under control at that time. Drew was sitting below the tree as himself, awaiting Wilfre's return.

Drew preferred nights to days; none of the raposa were outside during them. The silence was oddly calming, and the sky was much more beautiful. It was endless and black with luminous crystals of light scattered around to decorate it gracefully.

"Hello, Drew."

The blonde-haired boy jumped at the voice before looking over his shoulder and grinning. "Hey, Wilfre," he said, before the realisation struck him and his face filled with regret. "Listen, I'm really sorry about earlier, I didn't mean t-"

"I know. You were controlled. It's okay," the shadowed being replied with a smile, leaning over him.

Drew relaxed. "Oh, the wink of understanding – I forgot about that entirely." He returned the smile.

Wilfre merely nodded, before stepping back slightly and holding out his paw. "The offer still stands, Drew," he said in a kind tone.

Drew studied the extended paw. It was covered in a shadowy presence, much like the rest of Wilfre. It was coloured byzantium, although could easily be mistaken for black if not looked at closely. Although it was referred to as shadow goo, it seemed to not consist of a liquid. It seemed more like a constantly blowing gust which was visible due to being so dark.

His gaze shifted upwards and his calm, grateful and solid black eyes met with the glowing white eyes of Wilfre. He smiled again before he reached up and took Wilfre's shadow-covered paw in his sore, battle-worn hand. It was quite odd. It wasn't made of liquid, and as Drew thought, it was entirely dark air. Drew's hand experienced a breeze during the handshake whereas the rest of him didn't.

Wilfre helped Drew to stand. "Good choice," he said. "Now, are you ready for me to start the process of freeing you?"

"Sure," Drew replied.

"Alright, but, be warned: it may hurt, slightly."

Drew nodded at the precaution. "I don't mind. I'd do anything to be free."

"I understand," said Wilfre. "In that case, let's get started."

Suddenly, the two were interrupted by an angry voice. "Wilfre!"

Drew and Wilfre turned around. Running up to them was a goggled raposa. "What did you do with Mari?" Jowee shouted, a bitter glare already positioned on his face. Mari, his best friend and the village's mayor, had disappeared the day before and Jowee suspected that Wilfre was the cause.

Wilfre growled under his breath. "Go away, Jowee. I'm not here to cause trouble for you today."

"That's a lie, and even if it wasn't, I wouldn't go away until you let Mari go!" He turned to Drew. "This is it! Drew… Kill him!"

Drew looked at Jowee as if he was insane. "I'm not your freaking pet, you weirdo. No."

Jowee was completely bewildered. "But it's Wilfre! You know: your worst enemy?"

The creation hero laughed and pushed a large, fallen spike of hair from his face in order to see. "My worst enemy? More like my only friend. You're the enemy. You and all of your stupid huge-eared people – not to mention that blasted Creator!"

The bronze-furred raposa's jaw dropped. He simply did not know how to react to Drew's traitorous words.

"…Can one not manage to sleep decently on this ship?" an irritated voice called.

From behind Jowee, a hooded raposa emerged, at first not looking at the group but then facing it, his movement stopping immediately.

Drew growled. "Samuel, too? We're going to have the whole village confronting us before long."

"…'Us'?" Samuel questioned. "Jowee, what happened? Has Wilfre brainwashed Drew somehow?"

Jowee stepped back from the furious creation hero and the fed up corrupted raposa. "I don't know…" he said, "It seems like it."

Unnoticed, more villagers joined the scene, one at a time until a large crowd had formed around those arguing. Wilfre, now angered, exclaimed, "I didn't brainwash him! It's the creator who brainwashed him. This is the first time you're all seeing the real him. This is the first time that you're all seeing his true colours."

"Nonsense!" called out someone in the crowd.

"Wilfre's in complete control of him!" another spectator claimed.

Drew growled. "No, he isn't. He's being perfectly honest! The Creator is the one controlling me, and today, that will end!" he promised, shouting at the top of his lungs.

"That is incorrect. Drew has become a traitor."

Everyone gathered immediately became puzzled. Heads cautiously moved around in attempt to locate the bearer of the voice. It had not sounded from anywhere in the crowd, yet had been highly audible.

Drew, on the other hand, recognised the voice immediately. It was a voice that he hated and despised. To Drew, it was like the very sound of disaster and death. "Wilfre," he uttered in no more than a whisper and then turned to face his new acquaintance. "He's here. Start the freedom process – quickly."

Wilfre understood and nodded before holding the ruby staff up to the sky. The gem glowed crimson and created a blinding brilliance which temporarily caused everyone in the area to cover their eyes except for Wilfre. It lasted a mere few seconds, though, and when Drew could see again, he gasped as he saw what occurred.

The air had gained an eerie and ominous atmosphere. The visible area had been taken over by a lethal mist which had concealed the horrified faces of the nearby residents. At the same time, a howling gust which consisted of calignosity was being swept around the staff.

Suddenly, all of Drew's remaining hope disintegrated as he felt the horrible squeezing pain of his control over himself being lost. Not already… he thought. No, no, no! This is probably – no, definitely – my last chance to be freed! It can't be stopped!

"Wilfre!" Drew screamed. "Hurry up! I'm losing control again!"

Wilfre glanced over at him, an angry yet desperate expression on his face. He seemed to be trying to make the process go faster as much as he possibly could. "Come closer and hold the staff! Quickly!"

Drew, although it was extremely difficult to move his legs or any other part of him at all, did as instructed but found it even more problematic to grasp a hold of the object. It shook violently as it commanded the furious storm of shadows which raged around it.

The pain was getting worse and Drew knew it was a mere matter of seconds before he was once again under the Creator's control. He assumed it would take around five seconds, so he counted down in his head the time he had left before his only chance to be free was over.






Suddenly, split seconds before the countdown ended, the gem atop the staff then faded out from crimson red to charcoal black. Drew didn't see this, however, and felt himself getting dizzy and weak. He vaguely registered feeling the swirling air change somehow as his eyelids closed before he felt no more air and collapsed, asleep before he hit the ground.