So I was bored and was reading a fanfic about Tsunayoshi in a parallel world when I got this random idea! I couldn't say no to my idea so I type it up. Does anyone like the idea? (I kinda cried typing it)(I DONT OWN THE PIC)

One day Tsunahime was killed in front of all her guardians when she was only 15. A year later all the guardians regroup again in a café they used to meet with Tsunahime. Instead of seeing Tsunahime they see a male look a like named Tsunayoshi, thing is, Tsunayoshi is Tsunahime from another world and Tsunayoshi's guardians all died in front of him! Soon they find out their worlds merged together! They wont make the same mistake!

Tsunayoshi/hime is 15
Hayato is 15
Takeshi is 15
Mukuro is 16
Ryohei is 16
Kyoya is 17
Lambo is 14
Chrome is 15

~Chapter One: Changing Fate~

~In a Parallel world~

"Hime…. I… I… so sorry… "

"Juudaime… I wasn't strong…. "

"Hime-Nee… I miss you…."

"Bossu… I wish I was stronger"

Everyone surrounding the grave was sobbing. In front of them was the body of their sky, Tsunahime, who died in front of them. She was shot in the heart, no chance of surviving… Died 2 minutes after she was shot. Her last words were. "See…. Y-you guy-ys s-soo-n…. L-live on… f-for m-m-me…. B-b-e ha-happy… "

Our light, our sky, our friend, our boss died on October 14.

~In Another Parallel world~

"Minna…. I'm so sorry I was weak.. I couldn't protect any of you." said a sobbing brunette. He was looking at all the graves, his friends, his guardians, his family… was laying in the cold dirt. "I wish.. I wish I could have stopped this…"

2 days ago a unknown famiglia killed everyone, everyone was protecting their sky, their light, their friend, their boss.

~In Both Parallel world~

"I wish I could change fate!"

"We wish we could change fate!"

Those 6 words changed everything….