My Torturer, Back Again

One more day. Then I'd be free from this. The taunting words, the harsh remarks, the food being thrown at lunch. I couldn't wait.

The saddest part was that I had to say good bye to my one and only friend, J.J.

She was more than just a friend though. She stuck with me, even when they started to torture me. She was the one thing I'd miss when I'd leave this hellhole that we call high school.

Yes, I, Maximum Ride, had to switch high schools because of bullying. You over that fact now? Yeah? Good.

I once had many friends, was popular, and had the it factor.

I had everything that I could possibly need, given to me by my daddy. Until the accident happened. That awful accident.

"Daddy, I'm home!" I shouted, sitting on the couch so that I could pull my cleats off. "We won the entire tournament, daddy! We're number one!"

"Of course you are, sweetie. I wouldn't expect anything less from you, Maximum," He told me, pretending to take a whiff of my cleats. "Whoo! These are stinky!"

I giggled, then threw them into the garage where the smell couldn't reach us.

Then my mom walked in and sat on the couch next to us. "Did she tell you, Jeb? Lighting is the top team now! We should really send Coach Barger a gift," She said, smiling at me.

"Of course they're the top team! They wouldn't settle for anything less!" He had said, standing up. "Now, I'm going to get some pizza, what do you want on yours, Max?" He already had one foot out the door, and his jacket on.

"Everything!" I shouted back, oblivious to the fact that he was six feet behind me, at the door.

He walked out of the door smiling and muttering, "Typical Max."

What I didn't know was that he wouldn't make it back.

About twenty minutes later, the phone rang, loud and shrill.

I didn't know what was going on, I thought everything was going to be okay, because mom was just nodding and muttering, "Yes," and "Alright." That was, until I heard the words, "Car accident."

It was the hospital calling, and they were saying that Jeb Batchelder had been in an accident where an eighteen wheeler had hit his little Toyota head on. They said that he was in the hospital, but that it didn't look good.

So mom and I drove to the place that I hate the most. Antiseptic smell, bleached everything, and everybody wore white lab coats. It was creepy.

We had entered the room, and a nurse asked, "Are you Valencia and Maximum Batchelder?" That had earned nods from the both of us.

Then she had led us past a light yellow curtain to a hospital bed.

I gasped.

The man lying on the bed was definitely my father, but he was covered in gauze, and IV's were everywhere. He had a broken arm, leg, and two cracked ribs. They said that would heal. The bad part was the skull fracture and the internal bleeding. Apparently, he had almost died on impact, but they had gotten there in time. By the time I was done zoning out, I heard the nurse say, "Surgery is an opti" She was cut off by the flat lining of the heart monitor.

All I got out was, "Daddy?" Before everything went black.

Yes, that was the accident. Almost a month after the accident I changed my last name legally to Ride, Batchelder reminded me too much of my father. Also, after he passed away, my life was the maximum ride.

My mother didn't come home often, she drank too much, and when she did come home, there was always a new guy with her, until we were almost out of money. Then she went into a working frenzy. Now she is still never home, but now it's because she works. She is a veterinarian.

That was when I was twelve. I had friends to help me get through the initial shock. J.J being my best friend.

Until I turned thirteen. That was when a new girl came to our school.

Amazing, beautiful, know it all, Bridged took California by storm. (Not really all of California, just the middle school.)

She was a natural beauty, with (Dyed) red hair and emerald green eyes.

She was immediately popular and people stuck to her like glue. That was okay at first, until we were all fourteen. Then she found out about my dad, and my mom, and how my life is still pretty messed up. She preyed on that, bullying me nearly everyday.

Her main posse was made up of her, Maya Fields, Dylan Gunther-Haggen, Star and Kate Morgans, Omega Jones, and Nicholas 'Fang' Martinez.

They were all awful to me, the most nasty being Bridged and the least cruel being Fang.

Ironically, Fang and I were really great friends before that. It was J.J, him and I. Then Bridged came and he started dating her, so he had no choice but to bully me, and it all went downhill from there. It lessened slightly when Fang moved to Arizona, but not enough to make me feel better.

Now I'm fifteen and going to be a Sophomore at Red Fern High School.

So now that you know practically my life story, I'm going to sleep so that I can get ready for my final day at California High School..