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"Oh God, oh God..." I muttered, pacing back and forth, my heels clicking back and forth across the ground. I stumbled, the heel tangling in the dress before righting myself and resuming my pacing. "What if he isn't there?"

"Max!" Nudge yelled, slapping me across the face. "Get it together! He is in complete and total love with you, why wouldn't he be there?" She trailed off. "Well, I guess he wouldn't be there if he was kidnapped by a group of ninja unicorns, or maybe had to save people that were in a bus and the driver fell asleep and drove into a lake. I think that would be a good excuse. I don't really like busses, but lakes are cool, I guess. Remember that time when Iggy, you, Ella and I all went to the lake back in Arizona and Iggy pushed me in and I fell into somebody's raft? That was hilarious until that six year old pushed off of the the raft and ruined my hair."

I didn't interrupt Nudge for once, instead just let her rant. It calmed me almost, hearing her voice rant on and on like old times.

"Alright, well here's your mom, I should get out there," Nudge stopped herself and fixed my long, mermaid style dress before leaving.

I studied my dress as she left, smiling slightly at the long trail, my lace covered arms, even the lace vail made me want to throw my hands in the air and do some stupid happy dance that would shame my family and children. My hair was up in some fancy bun my mom had somehow created out of the tangled mess upon my head, and little strands fell annoyingly into my eyes, but I guess that looked good. I had refused make-up, deciding to go with a natural look, knowing Fang would like that better.

Now that I am done explaining my clothing choices to you, let's get on with my wedding.

"Oh my goodness, Max," My mother exclaimed as she came up to me, wrapping me into a hug. "You're so beautiful." I swear I saw a rare tear leak down her face and onto the floor, but I can't be sure.

"Where do you think I got it from?" I joked weakly, hugging her back. The worries of Fang not being there still ran around my head, and I bit my lip as she pulled away.

"We don't have that much time until my little girl is completely grown up," My mother whispered and I felt like crying tears of happiness. Yes, it was sad that I was all grown up, but I'm getting married! To Fang, the guy I've known ever since I was two years old, the guy that has caused so many of my problems then solved them all, the guy I will love forever and always.

"Mom, I'm twenty three," I told her, as I've said so many times over the years.

"You said the same thing when you were seven and you wanted a Great Dane, two years later you got one and the first thing that happened was you being knocked over and almost fracturing your wrist," She pointed out, and I stuck my tongue out at her, pouting.

"I miss Tee," I said, remembering the childhood dog. We had given him to another family as soon as my father had died, he reminded us too much of the past.

My mother chuckled, then stopped abruptly when she. heard a tune drifting from behind the closed doors. "That's us."

Yes, my mother is walking me down the aisle because my father isn't present. I wiped a tear as I reminded myself that he would never be present.

That tear practically evaporated when I saw Fang standing a few yards ahead, with Iggy, Gazzy, and Daniel (Angel's boyfriend, he's a good friend) standing behind him.

I looked a few feet over and saw Nudge, Ella, J.J. and Angel all standing behind where I would soon be.

They all smiled and J.J. even looked at me and mouthed, "You gonna get some later?"

It took all of my restraint to not burst out laughing.

Then my focus was back at Fang, his perfectly tousled black hair that I've run my hands through so many times, his perfectly in shape body, with his black suit that fit perfectly.

I swear my heart stopped.

He smiled, but I saw annoyance behind it. I gave him a look of confusion and he mouthed, "Walk faster."

Again, I wanted to laugh, but held it back.

Then, suddenly, there was no more aisle to walk down, just three stairs. My mom let go of my elbow and let my finally join Fang.

I couldn't control the smile that lit up my face, and Fang's was practically a mirror.

The guy-ya know, the one that marries us, I don't have to remember his name-was talking but I didn't hear nor care what he was saying, until he said, "And Nicholas 'Fang'" He stopped to look funnily at Fang, "Martinez wishes to keep the name Ride in the family somehow. Perhaps Maximum Ride Martinez?"

I nodded immediately. I don't need my middle name anyways. Who needs Rose?

"Now you may say your vows," The guy-Carl! His name is Carl! I knew I'd remember-said.

I spoke first. "Fang, I promise to love you through all your stupid mistakes, I already have through some of them, all of your stupid decisions, like jumping off my roof into the pool, and through all of our problems caused by others. With friends like ours, you know they'll happen," I heard everybody standing behind Fang and I snicker.

Iggy mouthed, "We're not the bad!"

"I will love you, hold you, and be by your side for the rest of my life. I love you, forever and always."

I was crying tears of joy now, the giant smile still covering my face.

"Maximum Ride, almost Maximum Ride Martinez, I have already loved you as long as I can remember, I just didn't figure it out when I should have. Now I know that I could never let you go, I will die before I do so. I promise to hold you, unless you punch me in the face like you usually do when you're pissed, whether it's at me or somebody else, then I will fall back and chase you until you calm down," I stuck my tongue out at him. "I think I just said more than I have in the past week, so I'm just going to ask this guy-"

"Carl," I interrupted him, "His name is Carl." More laughs sounded out, not just from behind us this time.

"Carl," Fang corrected himself, "To marry us already so I can kiss you."

Carl stepped forward. "Repeat after me, I, say your name, take you, say the other's name, to be my lawfully wedded husband/wife."

"I, Maximum Ride, take you, Fang, to be my lawfully wedded husband." I repeated.

"And I, Fang, take you, Maximum Ride, to be my lawfully wedded wife." Fang followed.

"To have and to hold," Carl continued.

"To have and to hold." We said together.

"From this day forward." He recited.

"From this day forward." We repeated.

"For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer." He declared.

"For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer." We restated.

"In sickness and in health." He chanted.

"In sickness and in health." We followed.

"Until death do us apart." He finished.

"Until death do us apart." We vowed.

"And now by the power invested in me, I declare you husband and wife. Nicholas," Carl began to say, only for Fang to interrupt him.


"Fang, you may now kiss your bride." He declared.

Then Fang's lips were on mine, and it took all of my restraint not to go into full make out mode. Instead I kept it PG and sweet, wrapping my arms around his neck. I smiled into the kiss when his went around my waist.

"Well, they're married folks!" J.J. shouted at the top of her lungs, pulling us apart. "You don't need to chew each other's faces off!"

I gave her a playful glare before pecking Fang on the cheek and we walked down the aisle.

As we left I looked at Fang and he looked at me. At the same time we whispered, "Forever and always."