Disclaimer: As awesome as I my be... I, unfortunately, do not own Fairy Tail.

Well, I decided to take a 100 Theme Challenge, in hopes of improving my writing skills... And cuz I wanted an excuse to write GajeelXLevy FF, my favorite couple in Fairy Tail!

I'm pretty sure Levy would find the light in dark things like storms... and Gajeel...

Comments? Criticisms? Improvements? Let me hear ya!

Cookies are also acceptable gifts ;p

100 Themes belong to ~Emo-ki


Even though she would never admit it to him, Levy had to say the best nights she had ever spent at the home of Gajeel Redfox were the nights when storms rolled through Magnolia. Those were the nights that she would cradle a frightened Pantherlily while the dragonslayer held the two of them in a tight embrace on the couch. The boys would always fall asleep first, causing the solid script mage to coo over the scene she was a part of. The trio looked like a family – a strange, dysfunctional family – but a family nonetheless.

Levy smiled at the ominous clouds in the distance as she walked towards her lover's house. Hugging her precious books closer, she sprinted the rest of the way, happiness trickling through her veins.

It was going to be a good night.

Thanks for reading, peoples!