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FAMILY FLUFF FOR THE NEW YEAR! Domesticated Gajeel and Levy are adorable! (Thanks to lexie loves anime for giving my GajeelXLevy spawn an enchanting first name~)

The clamor of banging pots and pans, high-pitched giggling, and gruff growling alerted a slightly sleepy Levy McGarden to the potential location of her missing husband, absent from their bed, when she arose one morning. Donning her orange robe and combing down her unruly blue hair, she walked into the kitchen to see what the commotion was all about.

Her hazel eyes were greeted by a fairly unusual sight. There stood Gajeel Redfox, furiously stirring batter in a large bowl at the counter, while, sited at his feet, their three-year-old daughter was whisking her own imaginary mixture in a metal basin. Judging by the collection of kitchenware scattered across the tiled floor, the girl must have gotten into the cupboards when her doting father was busy.


The woman's arms were suddenly filled with her little ball of energy, dressed in yellow pajamas. She laughed and pulled the child closer.

"Good morning Ana!"

The toddler placed a sloppy kiss on her mother's cheek, before she was put down to resume her "cooking". Levy met her husband's red eyes, cocking an eyebrow in a wordless question. The man blushed uncharacteristically, averting his gaze to return back to his task. She grinned and marched up to him, avoiding the surrounding cooking utensils. Wrapping an arm around his waist and placing a kiss on his exposed shoulder, she motioned to the contraption that Gajeel was currently pouring the batter he had been making into.

"Have we used that since Lucy gave it to us?"

"… Don't think so…" He mumbled.

She giggled, "Well, I guess she will be happy that we finally used her waffle-maker after four years!"

Levy looked up at her husband. He glared down at her.

"…Ya were supposed to stay in bed…"

She laughed a little, but apologized, reaching up to pull his lips to hers.


The couple separated to look down at their daughter, whose little face was twisted in a disgusted countenance. Gajeel turned back to the woman.

"We have to stop lettin' her hang out with Salamander's brat… She's pickin' up on all that lil' tyke's bad habits…"

Levy smiled as the machine beeped, announcing the completion of the family's breakfast. The dragonslayer shooed his wife and daughter to a prepared table, placing unleavened, patterned treats on each of their plates.

"Mommy? What's this?" The little girl asked from her booster seat (generously donated by Mirajane), pointing to the food in front of her.

"Ana, it's a waffle. It's like sweet bread. You can- " Levy started to explain, but Gajeel cut her off.

"Wait." He grabbed the bottle of syrup and poured a small amount on his daughter's meal, "A waffle is not a true waffle wit'out syrup."

He flashed his trademark grin, eliciting giggling from both of his girls.

The family continued to eat, making small conversation.

"Did Pantherlily leave early?" Levy questioned.

"He had a trainin' session with Happy this mornin'. He'll be back soon."

"Alright, I just wanted to make sure he will be here for the party later. I thought he was going to be gone all day visitin- Liliana Redfox-McGarden!" She shrieked, grabbing the bottle of syrup from the child, who now had the sticky condiment running through her black hair.

"Look Mommy!" The girl announced with glee, "I'm a waffle!"

Levy sent a glare at her husband, who was trying to hide his smirk behind the back of his hand. She sighed and began to rise, until a hand gently pushed on her shoulder. Looking up, she saw Gajeel standing at full height.

"Hey, I'll wash the kid, ya just sit tight and enjoy yer food."

She beamed and whispered a small thank you while he grabbed the child from her seat, leaning down to peck his wife on her lips.

"Don't mention it," he grinned as he began to walk down the hall, a giggling Liliana in tow, "It's yer birthday after all."

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