Fifty Shades Reversed


Nan Virden

"Tennis tomorrow Ana?"

"Certainly. 11:00. See you then." I wait until she's out the door to scowl. Crap! I hate tennis. But if it keeps my therapist, Teresa Miller happy then I suppose it's okay. She thinks it's healthy; a good way of releasing built up tension and stress by taking it out on a poor innocent tennis ball. She must think the racket is a substitute for what, a paddle? A whip? Whatever. She always wins anyway. And I could care less… But I must admit, I do feel better afterwards.

I stare out the window at the Seattle skyline. My mood is just like the weather: dismal. Nothing makes me happy anymore. Well, sending those cargo freighters to… Oh God I can't even remember where I sent them I'm so depressed! Not good for business but it pleased me at the time. Thank goodness for Calvin. He takes care of the numbers and logistics for me. Speaking of Cal he was suppose to be back here by now to show me them. Dammit, where is he?

I have every intention of calling to find out but the phone buzzes before I have a chance. "What is it Kim?" I snap.

"Sorry Miss Steele but your 2:00 appointment is here."

Oh Lord. I forgot about the interview. That pesky Kavanagh fellow with the WSU newspaper is relentless. Wouldn't stop until I agreed…and I detest giving interviews! All those stupid questions! How did I get into this mess? Because Anastasia Steele, You're a huge benefactor of the University that's why! And your name goes a long way. Plus it's a favor to his father the owner of Kavanagh Media. We've done business together. Nice guy. A smart, sensible person. Hell, might as well get it over with.

"Go ahead and send him in." I sigh, and turn back to stare out the window again. I hear the door creak open and someone stumble onto the floor. Oh great! An uncoordinated fool!

I turn to offer my help and can't believe my eyes. I gasp at the sight. The position! He's sitting there like a pro. I bet that Kavanagh would make a good sub. I've been looking for one ever since Donnie left and that's been a whole month ago. And look, his hair's the right color, a beautiful bronze. Ana stop that! Oh go away you hag! That conscience of mine is at it again. Trying to ruin my fun. "Are you okay?"

He finishes picking up his notes and retrieving whatever it was that rolled under the chair. "Yes Mam, I'm fine." He says then rises up.

Hmm, respectful! I reach out my hand for him to shake. "It nice to meet you Mr. Kavanagh."

"Uh, Sorry. I'm not Ethan. My name is Christian Grey. Ethan's my roommate. Unfortunately he's under the weather so I'm subbing for him. I do hope that's not an inconvenience"

Did you say subbing? How would you like to sub for me? ANA! There was something about him. His enchanting gray eyes and striking good looks took my breath away. And the electricity I felt from his handshake, well, I hope he felt it too. Does he realize just how gorgeous he is? "Come have a seat over here on the couch. Make yourself comfortable."

"Sure. Thank you Mam."

Ooo, obedient! "Would you care for anything to drink?"

"Oh thank you Mam. Water would be fine."

And grateful too! Very promising. Will you quit that! He stares at the photographs on the wall with great interest. "Their Jose Rodriguez."

"Yes I can tell. He's very famous."

"And a close personal friend."

"That's very impressive." He's fidgety, very uncomfortable. "Would you mind Miss Steele if I take my coat off? I'm not used to wearing one and I'd be more comfortable if I didn't."

Why stop there? Take it all off. I'd love to see you naked! Hey, are you even listening to me? "No, no. By all means." I almost died when he took his coat off. Those budging muscles under that black cotton shirt, Oh God! Good sign that he works out. He'd better. He'll need stamina for what I have planned for him. Ana! Shame on you!And his black denim pants hung onhis hips in such a provocative way. And boy is he tall!

"Did Ethan, I mean Mr. Kavanagh explain what the interview was for?"

"Yes he did. It's to appear in the graduation issue of the student newspaper. I suppose because I'll be handing the degrees out at the ceremony."

He looked surprised; uninformed of the news. Was he uninformed of this interview too? I felt sorry for him. Poor guy is so nervous he almost dropped the handheld recording device twice before taking his seat. "Do you mind if I record this interview Miss Steele?"

"There's no need to feel nervous Mr. Grey. I'm not going to bite." No I'll save that for the whip. Yeah! My conscience is growling at me now. "Okay, where would you like to begin?"

"Your quite young to have built up such an empire, Miss Steele. To what do you owe your success?"

Oh great. He begins with the most boring question in the world and the one I'm asked all the time. "I'm good at judging people. How they think, thrive, what motivates them, and more importantly what keeps them stimulated. Now I know some look at me and think how can a woman so young be in charge of a company as large and successful as Steele Holdings Well it's quit simple. I believe in order to achieve any kind of success you must first master every angle. Know every detail inside and out. That's what I do. My decisions are based on logistics and facts. It's second nature for me to locate and develop an idea that is solid and sound. The team I employ, well, they're extraordinary, the best of the best. And are very well rewarded. It all comes down to this. Good people equal good business. I owe it to the people."

"It could just be luck." He shrugs.

What? I'd like to spank you for that remark until you butt is nice and pink! Now Ana, enough! "Luck and chance, they're not part of the plan. True, it seems like the harder I work, and I work very hard, the more luck I acquire" Yes and I'll work very hard on you! "Having the right people on your team, directing their energies thusly is all it is. Period."

"You make it sound as if you always have to be in control. Dominate the situation."

Oh baby you have no idea! And I'd love to Domme on you. Ana for God sakes stop it! "Yes I do Mr. Grey. In order to attain infinite power you have to keep confirming deep in your soul that your place in life is to control. And mine is." Just ask any of my previous subs, they'll tell ya. Ana really!

"Do you feel you have infinite power?"

Would you like to find out? "Mr. Grey, I have over forty thousand people in my employment. That's a huge responsibility and one that gives me a sense of say, power. If I were to one day wake up and say, 'Hey, I'm tired of the telecommunications business' and sell, tens of thousands of people would be affected. After a month or longer, they'd have to struggle just to make ends meet." I'd love to see you struggled while handcuffed and suspended! ANA!

His mouth dropped open. "Don't you have to answer to a board first before making a decision that drastic?"

"Not when you own the company! Like me!" And I can't wait to own you!

"Do you have any interests outside of work?" He continues warily, realizing I'm somewhat riled up.

One in particular I'd like you to be a part of. The questions Ana, Stick to the questions. "Yes, I have a variety of interests."

"Do you ever get the chance to enjoy them? You work so hard. It sounds as if you never get an opportunity to just 'chill out'."

" 'Chill out?'" I laugh. " You mean to relax? Relieve one of their frustrations?" That's what my playroom is for baby! "I love to fly, collecting fine art. Several different kinds of physical activities such as jogging for lengths at a time." Speaking of lengths, I bet yours is impressive! Just right for fuc… Now, you're going too far!

"You invest in manufacturing. How come?"

These questions are so boring I'm about ready to fall asleep. "I like to build things. From the frame to the finished product. And how to take them apart. How the whole process works. Conception, erection, destruction." That's how it is in my lifestyle choice too. And I want to do it with you. All you have to worry about is the hard part. The erec…ANASTASIA STEELE!

"Sounds like you heart talking, not your mind."

What heart? How could I tell him my heart was trampled on and left to die ages ago. "Could be. But there are people who think I have no heart."

"Really? But why?"

"They know me." I want you to know me too. Inside and out! Uh oh. My obnoxious conscience is growling again. What eye candy he is.

"Would your friends say you're easy to know?"

Oh come on. Enough questions. "I'm a very private person. Mr. Grey. And I like to keep it that way. I do whatever I can to make sure my privacy remains private." Especially what goes on in the playroom! "That's why I rarely give interviews."

"Really?" he asks somewhat perturbed. "Then tell me, why did you agree to do this one?"

Ooo! A spark of attitude! We'll have to work on that. Must not disobey. Come on Ana, stop it already! "I'm a patron of the University, a large donor. Plus I couldn't get Mr. Kavanagh off my back. He drove my PR team crazy. I do admire his fortitude though."

"It says here you invest in farming technologies too? Is that an area your're particularly interested in?"

"There are too many people on this planet who are starving Mr. Grey. If I can help even in a minute way to alleviate the problem than it's worth it. You can't eat money but you can eat food." He's the yummy one!

"Sounds very philanthropic. You must be passionate about it then."

"Clever business sense." I sigh.

"Any philosophy you'd like to share?"

"There's one. And it refers to women too. 'A man who acquires the ability to take possession of his own mind may take possession of anything else to which he is justly entitled.' Carnegie said that."

"I'd say you want to possess things."

How utterly perceptive! And you for one! "You could say that. If I'm deserving to." God he's beautiful!

"Are you the ultimate consumer?"

"I suppose you can say that." Oh baby, I'd love to consume you. Ana, please quit this now! God, I hope this interview ends soon.

"Do you think that the fact you were adopted had any affect on the way you are today?"

Whoa. That's a little too personal and deserves a flogging. I know the perfect one to use. "I have no idea."

"At what age were you adopted?"

What? That one deserves a paddle! "That's public record, Mr. Grey."

"Has your obligation to your family life suffered as a result of your work?"

What the hell do I want with a family? "I have a very loving family. A brother and sister and parents I adore." And they know nothing about my lifestyle. "Other than that, my family life is of no consequence."

"Are you gay Miss Steele?"

What? How dare he! That deserves a caning! "No I am not Christian!"

He looks mortified for asking it. "Oh my God, I-I apologize! These are not my questions. There're Ethan's. I would never have asked you that!"

"Ethan's? You two aren't colleagues on the student paper?"

"No way! That's not my thing. Like I said, he's just my roommate and I was doing him a favor."

"Oh, I see." I am so glad you did him that favor because you are just what I've been looking for. You are one sexy fox. You're salivating, Ana!

There's a sudden knock on the door and it's my P.A. "Miss Steele your next meeting is in two minutes."

"I'm not finished with this interview yet. Cancel it, Kim!"

"Yes Miss Steele." Poor woman looks lost and exits in a daze.

I can't help it. I'm mysteriously drawn to him. "Where were we Mr. Grey?"

"Uh look. I have enough information and I don't want to hold you up so…"

"Wait! Tell me a little bit about yourself Mr. Grey." It's only fair I know everything about potential subs. Like you.

He shrugs and looks at me with those wide submissive eyes. "T-There's not much to tell really."

"Any plans after graduation?"

"N-No Miss Steele, none. Look, I just want to pass my final exams and I…"

He seems nervous again, intimidated. If I'm doing that to him it's a good sign. A submissive should be intimidated. I should mention about our intern program but that would spoil my plans if he were to accept. Selfish? Yes.

He picks up his coat and assorted other items. "Miss Steele, I really should leave now."

I don't want him to leave. I can't let him leave. There must be a way to stall him. "May I show you around first?"

"No but thank you Miss Steele. You're far too busy and I've got a long drive ahead of me."

"To Vancouver?" My heart is sinking because he's leaving. " You should drive carefully. It's started to rain. Do you have everything you need?"

"Yes Mam, I do and thank you again for the interview."

"It was my pleasure." It's too final. Why must it end like this. We walk toward the door "Here let me get that for you. I want to be sure you get out the door safely."

I don't think he appreciated my joke. He rolled his eyes. "That's not necessary Miss Steele."

Begrudgingly, I hold my hand out for him to shake and swallow hard, "Until we meet again Mr. Grey?" When he grabbed my hand the electricity was powerful. I could tell from his face he had felt it too. "Goodbye, Christian."

He smiled and nodded. "Goodbye, Anastasia."

My name never sounded so lyrical. No, no. this can't be the last. I'm not going to let it. "Kim, get Davis on the phone quick. I walk back into my office as the phone buzzes. "Hi Davis? I need a background check on a Christian Grey."