Fifty Shades Reversed

Chapter 17

There's a party going on tonight – Christian

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Her presence startles the shit out of me. What is a breathless, panting Anastasia Steele doing leaning against our doorjamb begging for Chinese food? "Anastasia? What are you doing here? I thought you didn't want any?" Quit acting like a deer caught in the headlights Grey go ahead and invite her in! Besides she looks like she's about to faint on you!

"Yeah, well," she heaves, "I'm a woman. We're notorious for changing our minds."

"You tell em sister!" encourages Ethan's sister Kate, "Come on in, we've got plenty. We always order way too much thanks to my brother and his insatiable need for leftovers."

In she walks to view of an apartment abundant with stacks upon stacks of different size cardboard boxes but as yet very little furniture. Our makeshift table is well, the hardwood floor where Ethan is already sitting impatiently waiting to dive into the chow mein. Kate rolls her eyes, hands Ana a plate and chopsticks and I one of only two wooden back chairs in the place. She frowns, "Jeez Christian, I'm not that old where I can't sit on the floor with the rest of you!"

I'm pretty sure my face is beet red! She kicks off her high heels (Damn, how did she run in those things?) and gracefully sits down. I follow suit (But not as gracefully) next to her. Ethan's wild with anticipation, leans over to grab an eggroll but Kate slaps his hand. "Ladies first you uncouth pig. Ana gets to take hers, then me, then Christian, then you."

Ethan's childishly pout proves he's not a big fan of her plan. He hates having to wait for anyone so when his turn comes around and he voraciously fills his plate to the brim. Lord, my roomie can be so disgusting when it comes to food!

It's good to see Ana so relaxed and enjoying herself (other than the times we have hot passionate sex that is Oh God, I'm getting a hard-on just thinking about that!). Must be because of our desirable company and humble surroundings. See, not every place she eats at has to be a five star dining establishment!

"Okay fortune cookie time!" Kate excitedly reaches over to hand her one wanting desperately to find out Ana's fate. "Come on, let's see what your fortune is."

She obediently, without haste cracks the cookie in two. "Patience through wisdom will guide you in love. Hmm, I think I've gotten Christian's fortune by mistake."

What the hell does she mean Grey? Go ahead and ask her. You know you're dying to find out. "And why is that?"

"Because you know when the time is right to make a slow entrance. And it's always worth the wait."

Oh God. My cheeks are on fire. Kate looks puzzled as to what she was referring. She gasps when Ethan bursts out, "Whoa dude! That is one sexual innuendo! Way to go roomie!" Now she gets it.

"God my brother can be such a horny pig at times!"

Tell me something about him I don't already know! I love him like he was my own brother but, she couldn't be more right.

"Oh God, I'm sorry but I've got to leave now."

My heart pangs with disappointment as Anastasia makes her announcement to leave. I help her up off the floor and pull her close to my chest hoping she'll reconsider. "Are you sure you have to go? I'm willing to give you a demonstration of my patience." You know you're just kidding right Grey? And you also know why?

Hmm, I can tell she like that idea. "As tempting as that sounds it'll have to wait until tomorrow night's after-party."

Whew! Lucky for you she rejected my offer. "Oh yeah well, I need to talk to you about that. But now's not the perfect time."

I wait for a reply until she ends the call on her blackberry. She smirks suspiciously and asks me to come outside with her so we can talk. Like a submissive I obey and follow her downstairs into the night. Yes Mistress. "Okay, now talk."

Anastasia's in her CEO mode…or is that her Dominant mode…or both? Whatever, I still don't know how to begin. "It has to do with Elena."

Somehow she doesn't look surprised.

"And my contract. And me getting out of it. Turns out I have two months left on my contract. She's making it only two weeks because she's feeling 'charitable' which is a first for Elena." I pause to take a deep breath, "So now I'm stuck being her slave for those fourteen days starting on Wednesday. That means no sex tomorrow night."

From her reaction I can't tell whether Anastasia is disgusted, angry or amused…or all three. "Christian, I don't know what kind of contract you and Elena have had for these past six years but you're her submissive aren't you not her slave?" Feeing a touch intimidated I nod and let her continue relating points that stupid me had ignored or never knew of. "I'm surprised she never told you this! She sounds more of a dictator than a Dominatrix."

Now that I think about it she does. But admit it Grey, you liked it. You looked forward to it. You craved it. That's why you put up with her beatings. …well, until recently.

"Tell me Christian, do you even trust Elena anymore?'

What? You've always had your trust in Elena…well until recently. "Not as much as I used to."

Somehow she doesn't look surprised.

Not only is she smirking now but rolling her eyes and shaking her head. Oh boy this is not good. Feels like lecture time from my mother. Stop right there! Get a hold of yourself Grey. It's Ana you're fucking not your mother! "You know as well as I do the main element in a BDSM relationship is trust. You don't trust your Domme than what's the point? Just run. Tell her adios. Simply ignore her demands and don't go on Wednesday. Or better yet maybe you should."

Ah, the ever-indecisive woman approach. This ought to be good!

"And if she doesn't want to go fuck herself like you demand her to do then tell her to go to hell and let the devil fuck her! It's your choice. Sex with me tomorrow night or torture the next with czar bitch."

Wow! I've heard Elena referred to as many things but never czar bitch. How genuinely fitting. "Not a bad plan. Using that contract as a butt plug and shoving it up her ass."

"Then do it. They aren't legally binding and main purpose is for your safety. And it sounds like Elena could care shit about that." Dud! Her ride pulls up right on cue. "Goodnight Christian," the vixen says before stepping one foot inside, "I promise fun and much, much more tomorrow night!"

Ooo, I like that! Come here you! I pull her back and kiss her hard. And her reaction is just like I intended: she melts in my arms and I can hear a soft moan escape her lips. "Goodnight baby." I whisper, "I like the idea of getting much, much more!"

Ana looks dizzy and disoriented. It's a wonder she's able to get back to her car without falling down. I wait until she's safely in the backseat before turning around and walking inside the building. Oh Anastasia, if you only knew what you do to me!

6:45 Tuesday morning and the sight of those packing boxes staring back at me is more than a little depressing. Ugh! Bad news is that inside one of them marked 'KITCHEN' is the coffee maker, dammit! Good news is I'm dressed to go for a run. Starbucks anyone?

I love to go running in the early hours. The cold Seattle wind nips at my face, my blood starts pumping and my mind clears to crystal perfection. Coffee is the stimuli. "Coffee black, one cream." And I'm good to go. An hour later I'm heading back to the apartment panting, feeling all sweaty and energized to the max! Yes, and I haven't even had sex with Anastasia yet! The shiny brass doorknob feels cold to the touch as I turn it ever so gently hoping to hear something other than silence, a clear indication that Ethan has yet to stir. I heave a sigh. Am I crazy? Just because we've moved to Seattle had I expected some kind of magical change out of him? No, not really. He is who he is nothing more take it or leave it. I smile thinking he'll just be his disgusting self but in a much bigger area. Shower time!

After a breakfast of leftover Chinese food Ethan and I tackle the chore of unpacking, clearing some space before the moving van comes with the rest of our furniture (I used a sleeping bag last night for lack of a bed). Boxes marked KITCHEN in big red letters are of first priority. Kate shows up just in time to help (thank God!). Her expertise will come in handy. I'm taking care of the box filled with dried and canned goods placing them neatly in the space she suggested while Ethan's dealing with items such as pots, pans, the much needed coffeemaker and teakettle (Yay!) etc. Kate's in charge of putting utensils, dishes and glasses where they'll be the 'easiest for us to find'. Sorry to disappoint you Kate but your brother and I are not imbeciles!

An hour later the moving van arrives. At last, the much awaited furniture: tables, chairs, the couch, beds, dressers. (Ah, my cozy bed!) The movers finish quicker than I'd expected. As soon as they left Kate goes into decorator mode. "Move this here; move that there; hang that picture on this wall, no it looks better over there, yamma, yamma, yamma!

I feel my Blackberry vibrate, pull it from my back jeans pocket and cringe at the caller ID. Instead of hanging up like I should I walk into my bedroom and shut the door. "Elena, what the hell do you want?"

"I just wanted to make sure you were coming tomorrow." She purred.

"I said I was didn't I?"

"I was just checking. Because you seemed so upset after we talked."

"Really? I did?" I answer quite irate, "Hmm, I wonder why."

"Christian, I'm just concerned about you. That's what a Domme does!"

"Fine, whatever. Well, you got your answer so now I'm hanging up."

"Christian…" Click

Grr, I am so furious at her, I'm fuming! I feel like punching a hole in the wall. Damn czar bitch! The phone rings again. Oh what the hell does she what now? I calm down once I read the ID. It's my beautiful Anastasia. "Hi Anastasia. Is everything okay baby? We still on for tonight?"

"Of course. That's why I called. I'll be coming to pick you up at quarter past six sharp. So be ready."

From the tense sound of her voice I'm positive she's hiding something. Yeah like you have room to talk Grey. A few seconds ago you were ready to ram your fist into drywall. "Don't worry, I will. Are you sure you're okay? You sound stressed."

"Yes. Everything's fine! Just had one hell of a day at the office and can't wait to see you."

Jeez there's no reason to shout if you're not stressed! "Same here. And really looking forward to much, much more."

"Umm. Me too. I wish we could skip dinner and go right to the playroom."

Excellent suggestion! I'm all for that baby.

"But my parents will be crushed if I cancel."

Oh. Rats! "Grin and bare it baby, grin and bare it. See you in a bit." Click

Oh, God! She's got my cock as hard as a rock! How can I go back to unpacking this crap now? I can't stand it! What am I going to do? Six o'clock feels like a lifetime away. Grin and bare it Grey. Grin and bare it!

I gotta admit I look pretty damn good in this designer jacket. Navy blue is certainly my color. Not bad Grey, not bad. Breath deep. It's showtime!

"Hey Chris," Ethan yells, (I really wish he wouldn't call me that) "I think your ride's here. Whoa!" His eyes grow wide as I step out of my bedroom. "You look like you just stepped out of a perfume ad!"

"I take it that's a complement?" I ask adjusting my tie. 'Uh, don't bother waiting up for me 'cause I'm not coming home."

"Ah ha! Gonna get lucky huh?"

"Oh you have no idea! See ya later bud." I exit the building and what do you know. There's oh, what's his name, O'Neal I think, holding the car door open for me. I slide inside and next to me sits a vision of loveliness dressed in black.

"Mr. Grey, may I say how handsome you look?"

Yeah, go right ahead. I don't mind. "Not half as lovely as you do." Mmm, does she smell heavenly: light and breezy, one whiff and you're standing in a meadow. Her hair is pulled up in the back exposing her graceful neck, a neck that just longs to be kissed. Unable to resist temptation I start planting soft gentle kisses at that special spot behind her ear and work downward toward her shoulder causing her to moan with pleasure. Ana reaches over to loosen my tie and unbutton my shirt. Lord, I must have aroused her more than I thought! I whisper that we've just arrived at her parents' house thus putting a stop to any clothing removal. I help my lusty vixen to exit the car and notice her change into a jittery beauty. Instinct alerts me to the cause of her fretting. "Relax Anastasia, they'll love me."

Her eyes are pools of unnecessary worry. "And you know this because?"

"Because I've been told people think I'm charming. CeCe's told me, my parents have told me…Elena's told me. Yes the bitch troll has told me many times. And so have you. Call it a gift."

Anastasia loosens up and smirks, "Okay Mister Confidence." She loops her arm through mine and we enter the palatial mansion together. The lilt of soft music playing in the background catches my ear first. A beautiful statuesque brunette comes to greet us. She smiles and I get a royal introduction. "Mom I'd like you to meet Christian Grey. Christian, this is my mother Carla."

Time to turn the old charm on Grey. "A pleasure to meet you Mrs. Steele."

She's completely entranced. "Please, call me Carla."

Whatever you say! "Carla" I let her name drip off my tongue like pearls and kiss her hand. That did it Grey. Pays to be a gentleman.

A gorgeous raven-haired knockout dressed in a dark purple gown comes sashaying over to join us. She eyes me up and down as if she wants to devour me like a canape. Ana's voice sounds intimidated, "Mia, meet Christian, Christian this is my older sister Mia."

"Don't you mean better sister?" She starts to giggle flirtatiously. "So you're him huh? It's about time I got to meet you seeing as you're all she ever talks about." Oh really? "And even more handsome than she says!"

My poor baby looks mortified. Fifty shades of blush. I smile and chuckle at her sister's complement, "Well thank you. I'm glad I can live up to expectation." Ana lets out the breath she didn't realize she'd been holding and suggests a trip to the bar might be nice; that a drink would be handy right about now. I couldn't agree with her more.

"Looks like your charm appeal is in overdrive. You've really done a job with my mother and sister. Now I'm going to put you to the test." She points to a small group of three men at the bar talking. One being her father, one her brother and the last being Mia's date du jour, Nick. "Come, let me introduce you. Then we can figure out some excuse to leave. I'm looking so forward to the other party."

Again, I couldn't agree more.

"I have an idea but first things first." We head over to a part of the living room that looks like you just stepped into the T.V. series 'Cheers'. (saw it on the TVLand channel and got hooked).

"You must be Christian." A tall, friendly, good-looking guy reaches over to shake my hand and makes introductions. Ana leaves and I'm left alone with the wolf pack. Nick's nice enough but Elliot, hmm, looks my age and is leery of my relationship with his sister. Evidently my charm doesn't work on everybody. We three get to talking light chit-chat when I hear Ana walk back into the room with cell phone pressed against one ear.

"Are you sure? That could mean trouble…"

Ah, deception! Mean yes. But I hope it works.

My savior breaths a woeful sigh, "Mom, Dad, Christian and I have to leave."

Kisses, rainchecks, regretful goodbyes and were out of there! Thank God for O'Neal. I can see he's already waiting for us with the car. Ana and I hurry and climb inside then we're off like a bullet. And a good thing too. I'm getting hard just thinking about our own little party. Damn, I've got to learn to be patient. I can't help but stick my fingers in her pussy now. Ah, I can tell she adores the feel. Any chance we can get to Escala faster?

Ana looked like an anxious puppy, She said she needed to go up to the apartment first. That was ten minutes ago. I'm on my way up now and the elevator to her apartment is moving at a snail's pace. Too slow for a person like me whose curiosity has the better of them. What the hell is she planning? Finally the doors open. "Ana! Where are you?" I call out but get no reply. I search around still calling her name until I find her naked, waiting in front of the playroom door. Talk about being shocked. "Ana? What's going on? Why on earth are you sitting in a submissive position?"

"It's the surprise sir." She answers head bent down refusing to look at me. "Are you displeased sir? If so I need to be punished sir."

So, this is what she wants. Domination. By me. The Dom that's been hiding deep within is released. "And so you shall be. Look at me."

Her head rises and I gaze into those soulful pools of blue. "Yes, sir."

I turn off the Dom and gently ask "Ana what is this all about?"

"You're playing the Dom tonight sir."

Oh. Well this ought to be fun then Grey! Let the mighty Dom return! "Fine. Then don't you dare move until I come back." I race off to find those soft raggy jeans I brought last time but never got the chance to wear. Hmm, where did I put them? Ah, now I remember. They feel like velvet; I rush to slip them on sans boxers. It's the only way: nice and comfortable and no hindrance when I let my erection springs free. I return to find my obedient Anastasia hasn't moved a muscle. "You may rise."

"Thank you, sir." She squeaks.

"Come." I find this forceful me very addictive. We enter the playroom and walk toward the spanking table. I laugh at her muscles cringe. "Here, I want you to lean over this. I'm going to spank you then fuck you hard."

Her mood seems brighter now, "Yes sir!"

"But first, what size plug are you used to?"

A fearful silence ensues between the two of us. It's broken with a stuttering "A-All sizes sir, you choose." Hmm, you can lots of fun with this Grey. Yes I've found the right size prize. I'm back with it in my hand and the tube of lubricating gel, a must have before you stick anything up your ass.. She hisses from the coolness of the gel in her anus then grits her teeth when I insert the big plug. Now another surprise for her! Elena showed me this. I cuff her ankles to the table legs thus spreading her adorable buttcheeks far apart. Good for easy access.

"Good girl. Now hands above your head." She obeys but with hesitation not realizing they're about to be tied together. "Now, I'm going to spank you twelve times. You may count if you want." What? No immediate answer? That deserves a tug of her hair.

"Uh, y-yes sir."

Whack! "One." Not too hard a slap at the beginning, save that for later. The buttplug will be causing the real sensation. I gently rub my hand against the smooth pink flesh of her buttock, "Two." then continue on with the spanking, rubbing of her now dark rose color skin and the occasional twist of the plug. Creates such a stimuli. I know from experience it does. The last and final spank, "Twelve." and her cheeks are a beautiful beet red. Thank goodness for arnica cream, helps to sooth away the sting.

Ana's held up rather well: no safewording, hasn't complained any. Hope she's ready for the next part. "I'm going to fuck you now. And hard! With the buttplug in." Her body quivers at my words; I reach down and massage her clit nice and slow helping her body to climb. Yeah, baby! I let my erection free and slam right into her over and over fully aware the plug is doing its job. The harder and deeper I thrust the more Ana shakes and her legs are tremble. I can see her building higher and higher, getting tighter around my cock. She's almost at the edge…"Come for me, Ana!" I growl.

That's all the coaxing she needed to scream my name and her orgasm to rip through her body like lightning. I climax and pour into her; we're sweaty, panting, weak and collapsed on the wood floor. I stroke and kiss her hair then reach down and slowly pull the plug from her tender ass. When I do a moan of relief escapes her lips. I carefully move her weary body off mine, stand and remove the cuffs from her ankles making sure to kiss and rub the red bruises. Untying her hands first I lean down and scoop her in my arms, carry her over, lay her down on the bed and cover her with the maroon silk sheet. It's Christian, not the Dom who crawls in next to her, wraps his arms around and pulls her close against me. "Sleep now my sweet Anastasia." I whisper in her ear. Deep sleep takes over immediately.

I'll have to make sure and ask her what kind of a Dominant I was: good, bad; sever like Elena. I'll stray away from that kind thank you. If she asks me or even if she doesn't, I'll be sure and tell her what a great submissive she was and will be.