Fifty Shades Reversed

Chapter 8

Coffee Talk- Christian

Did I hear correctly? The big powerful CEO Anastasia Steele doesn't drink coffee? She wants tea. And not just any tea mind you Twinnings Breakfast tea. Like there's a big difference? Tea is tea in my book. Do they even carry that brand here? Hmm, looks like they do!

"Okay, one coffee black, and one tea, bag out." Could the young teenager behind the counter look any more disinterested? "Anything else?"

"Yes, you have any scones?" I try to ask without seeming too annoyed.

"Only the blueberry ones."

"Fine. I'll have a blueberry scone and that muffin right there."

"You mean the Morning Glory muffin?"

"If that's what it's called than yeah!"

"That will be $8.50."

Normally I don't think twice about leaving a tip but not today! Not to a person who's plain rude and couldn't care less about the customers. I don't understand it either. Usually the service at The Corner Hut Coffee Café go out of their way to be very obliging so what's her problem, wrong time of the month? Still that's no excuse for poor manners. I know CeCe would have canned my ass quick if I were surly and unhelpful at work.

Not my problem any longer. Getting this tray to the table where the beautiful Anastasia is waiting patiently for my return without spilling a single drop of the contents is. Can't help but think she looks like a love-struck teenager and not the hard–as-nails executive that is so her persona. "Here you go me lady," I say in the worst fake British accent ever, "One Twinnings Breakfast tea bag out just like you ordered and one blueberry scone that you didn't. My treat."

From the huge beam on her face I'd say she is pleased. "How charming and gal-launt of you. Thanks. And how did you know blueberry scones were my favorite?"

Now's your chance Grey! Impress her with your intuitiveness. Or you can tell the truth. Either way, please stop with the awful accent! "I didn't." I admit taking the seat across, "Not until now anyway. They were the only scones left. I took a chance. Looks like it paid off." I start unwrapping that Mormon Glomming I mean, Morning Gooey… er, carrot cake muffin and pour cream in my coffee. "So Anastasia Steele, CEO tell me something about yourself that I don't already know or isn't in print." Why do I feel like I caught her like a deer in the headlight? And what's with only dunking the tea bag in the hot water for a total of 10 seconds? I realize she likes weak tea but come on, that weak?

"Like what for instance?" she asked taking a sip of 'hot water with the tiniest hint of tea' tea.

Must I think of everything? "For starters your family. What are they like? What do they do? What are their names? Basic stuff like that."

She squirms in her seat uncomfortably; hesitates then takes a deep sigh. "My parents Ray and Carla are the two most wonderful parents in the world. If it weren't for them adopting me I'd probably been dead years ago."

Hold on Grey. Did she say… dead?

"He's a lawyer and she's a doctor, a pediatrician. Told me she was on duty the night the ambulance brought me, a little mal-nourished dehydrated bag of bones to the hospital."

I cringe when a sad picture of a little half-starved, brown haired girl comes to mind. It wasn't a very pretty image.

"My older sister Mia and younger brother Elliott are adopted too. She's into fashion design and he's part owner of a construction company. How's that?"

What she'd just told me was more than what I was expecting yet not nearly enough. "Unfulfilling! What do they look like? How would I know them if I met them on the street?"

She looks at me like I were crazy for suggesting such a thing. "There's little chance of that happening."

Oh, you're insinuating we peons good enough to associate with your family? "Humor me Anastasia!"

She looks irritated but at the same time aroused. "Fine! Okay. My dad Ray…" I listen intently as she describes her father, a good-looking, masculine individual over six feet tall with a receding hairline. Why does Richard Gere suddenly spring to mind? And her mother Carla, a gorgeous, elegant brunette who's kind and giving heart has never heard the word 'no'. "Both are in their late fifties and live in Seattle." Next, she describes her older sister Mia and boy, does that woman sound hot! Like a thirty-one year old Greek goddess right down to her dark black hair, deep green eyes and vivacious figure. Oh God, I think I'm in love! I stop mentally panting and continue listening as Anastasia expounds on her fair haired, blue eyed brother Elliott's sexual conquests; meaning half the female population of Seattle has left notches on the bedpost of that charismatic sounding twenty-one year ladies man. Grey, you must be doing something wrong! "I love all four members of my family unconditionally and they love me. Now what else would you like to know?"

About who, her or her family? I choose her. She looks nervous as I try to think up questions that won't be too personal but it's not easy since I want to know everything about the lovely Anastasia. "Tell me what was it like growing up with them? Then tell me about your scholastic achievements or pets or favorite movies or past relationships. Anything. I'm fascinated to learn everything about you Anastasia."

She looks down at her tea, "Growing up amongst a family…" I feel for her because she felt she never fit in. Naturally she'd drop out of a prestigious school such as Stanford. I understand about the relationship part. That's okay but now she's turning the tables on me. "It's your turn to tell me everything you can about Christian Grey. I'm very interested to know."

There is nothing; pales in comparison. "Not much to talk about" I shrug. "My life is relatively dull."

She won't quit. "Oh? Well how about we start off with your family you know, basic stuff like their names, what they look like, what they are like and what they do" She folds her arms across her chest looking very pleased. "You know, humor me."

Ah such irony. Fine, I'll play along. "Hmm, I get your mockery. Okay, first off is my dad Carrick…" I tell her about a lanky ex Marine who manages property. Has the same color hair and eyes as me, is in his forties, loves fishing, guns and taught me how to use one. Boring! About my mother Grace, an eight grade grammar school English teacher. Tall and thin, think Meryl Streep, almost thirty-three and gardens. Worst thing about the woman is her obsession with collecting chickens. Every time I visit I have the urge to cluck. "They reside in Redmond."

"And your siblings? Tell me about them."

Fine. "My sister Gail…" A twenty-five year old pregnant ER nurse who could pass as mom's twin, married to Jason Taylor and lives in Portland Oregon. Sells real estate. Big deal. And then Sawyer, my nineteen-year old gay college student brother living in San Francisco with his boyfriend Jack I have never met and who has taught my brother to love curry. "There you have it. That's my family, what do you think?"

"Loads more interesting than mine! Okay your turn to tell me all about your scholastics, pets, hobbies, fav movies and relationships. Come on Grey, spill the beans."

I sigh, look downward and begin to play with an empty cream container. "I was a jock in high school…" Yes, an athletic, intelligent, popular guy who girls lusted over. And still do. Nothing about me has changed in four years except college at WSU. "I don't know why either but I've always been a chick magnet."

She can't believe what I said. Rolls her eyes, smirks and says jokingly, "We women can be so incorrigible can't we?"

Well Duh! Okay here goes, "Pets…" Whiskers, that German shepherd who tried to bite me twice, Otto the turtle, An ant farm which Elliott almost broke that would've ended up a disastrous effect and then a 'Chia pet that never worked. "My hobbies…" are running, playing the piano and guitar. So very… ordinary! But motorcycles, yeah! Love the rush of speed! And as far as relationships, "Liberty Kelly." Ah yes. I remember like it was yesterday.

We were walking in the park. I was nine and she was seven. Her parents were very bohemian, naturalists, free spirits. "Christian, would you like to be my boyfriend?"

"Sure, okay. Why?"

"Because, if you're my boyfriend I can show you something of mine. My parents show theirs to their friends all the time. But I'd really like an ice cream cone first. Vanilla's my favorite. Please?"

"Okay." I shrugged. She ate that cone down with gusto then…

"Thank you Christian now here's what I want to show you. See?"

Oh my God! I couldn't believe what she did! I tried to look away, I really did but it was so cute. "Liberty, would you please pull your pants back up."

"I will but you have to feel it first." She grabbed my hand, stuck my finger in and…Ooo, soft and wet! I immediately pulled it back out. "Did you like it?"

I didn't want to admit it but yeah! "Just put your pants back on now, okay!"

"They're right you know. You never forget your first!"

Damn her beeping Blackberry! She'll probably want to leave now. "Oh God I'm sorry. I have to get back to work. I've an important meeting to attend and I'm going to be late as it is."

Sucks when you're right huh, Grey? "Hey, I lost track of time myself. I've got work in an hour too."

She looks antsy; like something's weighting heavily on her chest. I gather the trash from our table, rise from my seat to dispose it when a plea of desperation stops me in my tracks. "Christian, would you have dinner with me tonight?" I glance up to notice this powerful CEO biting her bottom lip anxious for my reply. "Well, would you?"

Me? She wants to have dinner with me? Sounds good but…I heave a heavy sigh and frown, " I don't know that I can. I-I don't get off work until six."

"Oh." She looks sad like her whole world going to collapse. "Will six thirty work? I could come pick you up?"

She's serious! Hmm, I guess I could if I can get CeCe to let me off early. It's worth a shot. "Sounds like that might work. But a gentleman always picks the lady up."

Thank God she relaxes and starts breathing again. What if I'd said no? "Okay, then I'll see you tonight at the Heathcliff, Christian."

Dinner tonight with Anastasia Steele! Way to go Grey, you Devil! "And I'll be right on time, Anastasia." At least I hope I will.

"Thanks CeCe. I owe you one."

"You're welcome but you have to promise to give me all the details about your dinner with Ms. Steele."

CeCe would have given me the afternoon off if I'd told her when I first walked in for work at 11:15 my plans for having dinner with Anastasia this evening instead of asking to get off early at my break two hours ago. I finish putting on my black leather jacket then give her a kiss on the right cheek. "I promise to tell you everything."

She stands behind the cash register and raises her eyebrows mischievously. "Everything? Even…"

"CeCe," I laugh, " You've got a dirty mind." Out the door into the cooling early night that is Vancouver I head toward my old green Subaru. A stark realization hits me that it is not a proper car in which to pick Anastasia up with but Ethan's BMW is. Maybe he'll let me borrow it again. It's a blessing that the apartment isn't far away from work; gives me plenty of time to shower, shave and look presentable to chow down with her ladyship. I walk up the one flight of stairs to our apartment and shake my head in disgust at the clutter that is Ethan. What a messy human being. I walk over to the beeping phone to check the messages (than God all three of them were for him) and find a yellow post-it stuck on the receiver. My imagination runs wild with the assumption the note is to inform me Elena phoned…and Ethan took the message. Mt fears were quelled when I read it.

Hey Chris, I'm with Josie over to her place. I might be back late (?)

Phew! It's from Ethan telling me he's with his fuckbuddy for the night. Hopefully he hasn't taken his car.

Maybe I should listen more carefully when CeCe reads me my daily horoscopes. Today for example: Gemini. 'You will be bestowed good fortune during the day but beware of the unexpected in the P. M'. There's been validity in that statement so far. The good fortune is evident; the unexpected came when I found Ethan's carkeys in the pocket of his kelly green hoody thrown haphazardly over the back of the couch. Sometimes it pays if your roommate is a pig. Not only am I borrowing his car tonight but one of his nice dark gray suit coats too. Even stuck a gray silk tie in one pocket incase there's a dresscode at the restaurant. Lookin' good Grey! Gotta try my best at least to make a good impression on Ms. Steele. I grab the keys to Ethan's citrus colored four-wheeled beauty (Whoever thought bright orange is a good color for a car?) and head over to the Heathman.

The second I walk into the Heathman's lobby I'm approached by a nice, tall, somewhat intimidating uniformed fellow. "Mr. Grey? If you'll follow me, Ms. Steele is waiting for you." Immediately my skepticism makes its appearance. I smile and follow him to an elevator leery as to what's in store for me when we finally reach our stop, the roof. "Ms. Steele, Mr. Grey's here now."

Holy Crap!

I'm still in shock. Though I'm standing on solid ground in the foyer of God knows where I'm as paralyzed as some statue pigeons feel quite at home eliminating on.

"Please say something Christian."

If I can think of three intelligible words to say without sounding like a complete and utter moron that yeah, I will! Be a gentleman Grey, Give it a shot. Be considerate for Anastasia's sake. "T-the helicopter. You own a helicopter! Y-you can fly it!" I manage to mumble.

I see relief flow through her body like water. "Yes. I call her Cherry Samba. And there's no need to worry, I've had my wings for years."

She named her helicopter? Like some pet poodle? Suddenly, I've regained enough composure to quell my curiosity as to where I'm standing frozen in time. "Uh, where are we?"

"We're at Escala, my penthouse in Seattle."

Excuse me, what did I hear? We're in… "Seattle?" I must look like an idiot with my mouth hanging open. "What the hell are we doing in Seattle? I thought all you did was invite me to dinner. Didn't you like any of the restaurants in Vancouver?"

Anastasia looks hurt like I've wounded her pride. "I did invite you to dinner. I just didn't tell you where."

Of all the myriad of emotions rambling inside disgust disguised as mild annoyance rises to the surface. "But in your penthouse? Why in your penthouse? Don't you like any of the restaurants in Seattle either?"

She appears more wounded than before. That's not what I meant to do. It's that I'm very confused. "Of course I do. I thought this would be quieter, more private so we could talk easier."

Her statement doesn't make sense to me but right now nothing much does. "Didn't we talk fine at the coffee shop earlier? And it was crowded?"

"Not for what I want to talk about. Please, won't you try and enjoy the evening? Come with me, I've got a table set up on the terrace. We can have dinner, look at the view. Seattle's quite lovely from up here."

God she looks so desperate and pathetic. Anastasia's gone to extremes to please me because this is the only way she knows how. I realize that now and hate myself for overreacting before. She's right, I should try and enjoy the evening; she's gone to all this trouble it's the least I can do. I sigh in acceptance and follow her lead. It's strange but she seems disturbed that I gave in so easily. I wish I knew what was going on in her mind.

The view of Seattle is amazing from up here just like she said it would be. I'm comfortable standing out here surveying all I can see. What I'm not comfortable with is what's inside. Champagne, soft music, candlelight, their not me but very Anastasia. I'm so deep in thought I don't notice until I hear her whisper that she's standing behind.

"Are you upset with me?"

"No, just overwhelmed. And you're right, it's beautiful from up here."

"See?" she giggles, "Told ya!"

The sound relaxes, calms me. "I love your giggle Anastasia, I could listen to it all day." Which I admit is no lie. She seems surprised to learn that though.

"You could?"

Hmm. What do you know, a powerful CEO such as her reduced to a squeaky child! I turn and look her in the eyes, "Yes." Oh God, that simple word's gotten her in a trance. What did I do? How do I release her? "So what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Oh. Yes." Thank goodness, that did the trick. But something's got to be done about her nerves. "Well um, that can wait until after we eat. Come, I hope you like lobster."

I do and I did. I took great joy in cracking the shells and delighting in every delicious morsel of a dinner that I get the pleasure of experiencing once in a blue moon. The evening has turned out wonderful, better than I had imagined. Mmm, this crème brulee is to die for! Now it's officially my favorite dessert. What a great meal this has been! Excellent! I'm curious though, "So Anastasia, you wanted to talk to me about something?"

She rises, walks off and returns shortly with a manila envelope in one hand. "Before I begin I have something I want you to sign. It's an NDA. That means you can't disclose to anyone what goes on here. It's for protection purposes only, that's all."

Oh boy Grey, what have you gotten yourself into? Without hesitation I take the envelope, read carefully the document that's inside which causes Anastasia great anxiety that I'm taking so long. I love that! I'm satisfied enough to sign on the dotted line and that brings color back to her face. "There. No worries, I won't divulge a thing." Oh crap! I forgot about CeCe. She's gonna kill me.

"Thank you. Uh, would you come with me please? I want to show you something."

What else is there to do? I follow her down a hall to a door that leads to a stairway that leads to the second floor where there are two rooms. The one on the left is I have no idea what. The one on the right I have a feeling I'm going to find out. Why all the secrecy though? Oh the wealthy and their eccentricities.

"Before I show you the contents of this room I want you to know the helicopter is on standby to take to back to Vancouver."

Whatever's behind that door has her trembling. She can hardly put the key in the lock. My mind starts to fantasize what might be behind it. Nah, no way! It couldn't be that. Not Anastasia. She closes her eyes and opens the dark wooden door.

My horoscope was right. Holy shit!

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