I didn't think the story was complete without this. Judy xoxoxo


"Every life deserves a certain amount of dignity, no matter how poor or damaged the shell that carries it." - Rick Bragg, All Over But the Shoutin'

They were all the same, these fucking women. You couldn't trust them. You couldn't believe in them. They would always let you down. My whore mother taught me that. She taught me these things when she went on her drunken binges and disappeared for two or three days, shacking up with any man who would have her. She was always so remorseful and ashamed when she came home and swore she would never do it again, but she never kept her promise. She always did it again. She always disappointed me and my dad. I remember him sitting at the window every night she was gone, waiting for her. He cried a lot, and when he did, I climbed in his lap and begged him to leave, just the two of us, and find us another home, a happy home where no one cried.

"I love your mom, Jake. We can't leave her. She's sick. She needs us. We can't leave her alone. Someday she'll get better, I promise. We just need to love her enough."

I saw what loving and believing in her did to him. It sucked the life out of him. It destroyed him, and I swore I would never be him. I would never let a fucking woman do to me what she did to him.


Jacob Black, age 37, was found dead after residents complained about the odor coming from his apartment. The coroner reported he was shot in the chest and was dead for at least a week before his body was discovered. Residents state Black was unfriendly, and no one knew his name or his live-in girlfriend's name. Black was incarcerated for attempted murder and had just completed a three-year parole. Police reports show a record of at least four domestic violence contacts at that address. Black's girlfriend denied there was any abuse or violence in the home, however, and there were no arrests. Police suspect that Black's girlfriend, name and age unknown, shot him, and is asking the public to call their hotline if they have any information on her. Black's ex-wife, Bella Cullen, who he almost murdered eight years before, was notified about his death. In a surprise twist to this case, she paid to have him cremated and asked that his ashes be dealt with appropriately and respectfully. When this reporter contacted her to find out why she would do that, she simply said it was the right thing to do, that everyone deserved to be treated with dignity and respect, even Mr. Black.