Stereo Hearts

'If I was just another dusty record on the shelf,

would you blow me off and play me like everybody else?

If I asked you to scratch my back could you manage that?

Like yea fucked up, check it Travie, I can handle that'

Quinn turned up the sound on her car radio as she drove down the road. The sound of her high definition base booming as she bobbed her head to the music.

'If I could only find a note to make you understand,

I'd sing it softly in your ear and grab you by the hand'

Quinn continued down the road until she came to her large two story house and pulled her car into the driveway, parking next to an unknown black luxury sports car. Cutting off the engine, Quinn grabbed her duffle bag that sat in the passenger seat next to her. She walked to the front door and let herself in, enjoying the coolness of that shot from the air condition.

"Quinn is that you?" Brittany's voice called from the top of the stairs.

"Yeah sis it's me." Quinn calls out. soon foot steps are heard and down comes Brittany clutching a rifle.

"The hell are you doing with my BB gun?" Quinn asks her sister as Brittany comes further down the stairs.

"I thought you were a robber," Brittany says innocently. "You scared Lord Tubbington and I so I grabbed your BB gun."

Quinn smiled in attempt prevent her from laughing at her sister's innocence.

"Don't worry it's just me." Quinn assured with a smile. "Whose car is in the driveway?" Quinn asked as she walked further into the large living room.

"Rachel's" Brittany answers making Quinn freeze and go wide eyed. "What?" Brittany asked not fully understanding as to why her sister was acting as such.

"Rachel's here?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah she's in my room using the bathroom why?"

"Britt why didn't you text me and let me know?" Quinn asked with her eyes still wide.

"Why did I need to?" Brittany asked. She looked at her sister who stood at the end of the stairs. Brittany tried her hardest to try and figure out exactly why her sister was acting as such.

'Think Brittany, what was it Quinn said a few weeks ago?' Brittany thought for a while, she squinted her eyes in deep thought until she remembered why Quinn was acting how she was.

"You have a crush on Rachel." Brittany finally spoke.

"No shit" Quinn spoke sarcastically. "I need to shower, I can't let her catch me all sweaty and… icky." Brittany moved out the way just as Quinn rushed up the stairs, blowing right past her. Brittany cringed as she caught a whiff of her sister's musky scent.

"Wait I still have your gun." Brittany called out as her sister rushed into her own bedroom and shut the door, it didn't take long for Brittany to hear the sound of Quinn's shower running.

"Who was that?" Rachel asked when Brittany walked back into her own bedroom still holding the BB gun.

"Quinn, she just got back from foot ball practice." Brittany sat down on the bed next to Rachel who was petting Lord Tubbington, otherwise known as Fatty- Mc fat- fat as Quinn referred to the cat as.

"On a Saturday?" Rachel raised an eyebrow.

"Well they do have that big game tomorrow," Brittany reminds. "The coach wants them to be in tip top shape." She picks up a magazine.

"Why didn't you tell me there was football practice?" Rachel pouted and folded her arms.

"Why would I tell you that?" Brittany asked.

"Britt, you know how much I enjoy watching Quinn's sweat glisten in the hot sun."

"Oh, sorry." Brittany mumbles.

A moment of silence passes, Brittany reads her magazine while Rachel played with Fatty Mc Fat Fat.

"Does Quinn ever talk about me?" Rachel questioned nonchalantly.

"Only if I say that you're coming over, or if she asks if you're coming over." Brittany says with her eyes fixed on the magazine which Rachel noticed is the same page that she's been on for the past hour.

"So what does she usually say when you tell her I'm coming over?" Rachel asked.

"She says, 'Really?' and then runs upstairs to like, get dressed or something."

"Really?" Rachel felt her cheeks warm up as she began to blush.

"Yeah, that's actually why she went to shower; she doesn't want you to see her all sweaty."

"Seriously?" Brittany nodded her head while keeping her eyes fixated on the magazine, on the same page.

"Which shocks me because she usually lounges around before taking a shower" Brittany tells.

"Mmm" Rachel grins at the thought of Quinn's sweaty body lounging around the house, with that charming smile plastered on her face as she plays a few games on the Playstation 3 that Quinn loved so much. She pictured Quinn playing with the stud lip piercing that sat right below her lower lip and in the center, something Quinn would do when she was completely focused.

"Hey Rach, what's this word?" Brittany sweetly asks while showing the magazine page to Rachel.

"Extremely" Rachel reads for Brittany.

"Oh" Rachel bites her lip when she realizes that this was why Brittany was staring at the same page for over an hour.

"I'm gonna go get some more juice." Rachel says as she pushes the fat cat off of her lap and grabs her cup from Brittany's nightstand.

Quinn had finished her shower, being sure not to take as long as she usually does but certain that it was long enough to be clean. She pulled on her boxers over her long and thick penis, then she pulled on a pair of jeans that hung loosely off her hips. After putting on a bra and her white tank top she pulled on a solid black short sleeve button down, leaving it unbuttoned.

"I'm gonna go get some more juice" Quinn heard Rachel say. Quinn quickly pulled on her ankle socks and sprayed a little bit of Axe Anarchy for her before rushing out of her bedroom where she ended up colliding with Rachel, almost knocking her over.

"Oh shit" Quinn cursed as she grabbed Rachel by the waist to prevent her from falling over. "I'm sorry Rachel."

"It's okay." Rachel assures as her hands fall on Quinn's strapping bicep in order to stable herself and not fall over. Quinn soon let go of Rachel after realizing that she was still holding onto her waist. Rachel also let go of Quinn's biceps and brushed a few strands of hair behind her ear.

Quinn took a moment to look at Rachel's choice of clothing, fitted boot cut jeans with open toed heels and a tight black v-neck. The scent that drifted from her skin was intoxicating, Quinn found herself silent begging for it to suffocate her.

"So, what's going on? I haven't seen you in a while." Rachel spoke as they made their way down the stairs and to the kitchen.

"You see me every day at school and during football practice." Quinn pulled out a slice of left over pizza from the fridge and put it the microwave while Rachel poured some juice into her cup.

"Well yeah but after all that it's like you disappear." She leaned against the counter while drinking some of the juice.

"Yeah I have been very busy lately, especially with this football tournament coming up." Quinn says calmly as she pulls the warmed up pizza from the microwave and begins eating. "We have to do something about that, we've gotta hang out."

"How about tonight?" Rachel calmly suggested.

"Tonight?" Quinn asks after swallowing the pizza.

"There's a banquet at where my dad's work, and I wouldn't mind having company."

"You want me to be your date?" Quinn questions.

"Well I don't see anyone else here charming enough." She smiles as Quinn's cheeks go bright red. "So how about it?"

"What's exactly happening at this banquet?" Quinn asked as she and Rachel take a seat at the table, sitting across from each other.

"Music, cheap wine, snails of platters, classical music and dancing." Rachel breathes out as if she was already annoyed with the banquet.

"You really sound excited to go to this thing." Quinn points out after devouring her slice of pizza all except the crust.

"Ah yeah I can't wait to be surrounded by dancing old people whose dentures are covered in what smells like spoiled cheese." Rachel says with a sarcastic smile and voice. Quinn looks at Rachel with a raised eyebrow.

"Damn girl." Rachel giggles as Quinn lets out a subtle chuckle. Rachel cocks her head to the side and watches as Quinn begins to play with chin stud piercing with her tongue, Rachel gently bites down on her lip and seductively narrows her chocolate brown eyes.

"Why Ms. Berry, I do believe you're making sex eyes with me." Quinn partially jokes.

"And if I am?" Rachel challenged with her flirty smirk. Quinn who couldn't come up with a counter just smiles and pushes her tongue against her chin ring.

Rachel's eyes stayed fixated on Quinn who grinning like a horny teenager that wanted to pounce across the table and do so much R rated things right there on the table. Rachel shuddered at the thought of Quinn gently kissing her neck and sucking on her plump lower lip until it became swollen and puffy.

"I don't have to wear a dress do I?" Quinn's sly and sluggish voice pushed through Rachel's thoughts.

"No, just something… courtroom- like." Quinn raised her studded eyebrow at Rachel's choice of words.

"Courtroom like? Really Rae that's how I should dress?" Quinn teased with a sly grin.

"What, that's what I usually say when I tell someone to dress formally but not too much." Rachel blushed and lowered her head to her cup of juice.

"Don't worry I know exactly what I'm going to wear." Quinn lied. She had absolutely no idea as to what she wanted to wear, she wanted to impress Rachel but she didn't want to look like a fool while doing so. "What time is this little gathering?"

"It starts at 7 but just pick me up at 8." She stood from the table and put her cup in the sink.

"Why eight?"

"Well no one shows up to these banquets on time, not even the people hosting it show up on time."

"Uh," Quinn folded her arms while watching Rachel lean against the counter. "am I gonna have to take out my piercings?"

"I don't think so." Rachel answers.


"Rachel what's taking so long?" Brittany's voice grows louder as she makes her way down stairs while carrying her cat. "I thought you were getting juice."

"I did I was just talking to Quinn." Brittany came into the kitchen still holding Lord Tubbington who hissed violently at Quinn.

"Keep Fatty Mc Fat Fat away from me." Quinn orders as she pushes the cat that just scratches at her.

"Lord Tubbington is not fat." Brittany defends her pet as she snuggle with the furry animal.

"You're right… he's morbidly obese." Rachel lets out a hearty laugh at Quinn's choice of words.

"This is why Lord Tubbington doesn't like you." Quinn just throws her hands up in defeat and stands from the table.

Rachel continues to laugh as Quinn walks into the living room and turns on her Playstation 3 and slips in the latest Modern warfare game.